Feb 28, 2006 by Heather at 2:14 PM
Cathy Rigby, watch out. There's a new Pan in town. The boots are fine. I… Read More »

Fugly of the Month

Feb 28, 2006 by Jessica at 8:40 AM
People. I thought we had an AGREEMENT. I thought we were going to pretend that Jessica Simpson DIDN'T EXIST. Read More »

Random Fug

Feb 27, 2006 by Heather at 12:27 PM
This outfit feels like an incredibly poorly executed homage to the one Halle Berry wore when she won her… Read More »

Hello Again, Fug: Bai Ling

Feb 27, 2006 by Jessica at 11:50 AM
Well, Bai Ling is now on record as having the World's Shortest Unfugging. She's… Read More »

Well Played, Bai Ling (No, Really)

Feb 24, 2006 by Jessica at 1:37 PM
So, something is going on with Bai Ling. My suspicion is that the actual Bai Ling has been abducted… Read More »

National Lampoon’s Fug This

Feb 23, 2006 by Heather at 12:23 PM
From the diary of Paris Hilton: Deer diary, So, it was my birthday. I… Read More »

Thandie Fugton II

Feb 23, 2006 by Heather at 11:20 AM
In a rare consecutive GFY appearance, Thandie Newton -- she of the most vexingly lovely complexion -- proves that… Read More »

Thandie Fugton

Feb 23, 2006 by Jessica at 6:28 AM
Sigh. Thandie Newton is so pretty. And yet.... And yet she is wearing what appears to… Read More »

Cynthia Fugley

Feb 22, 2006 by Heather at 4:53 PM
The madness will never stop if the people who actually MAKE the clothes don't snap out of it:… Read More »

Jasmine Fug

Feb 22, 2006 by Heather at 10:43 AM
Sigh. Whitley, Whitley, Whitley... What would Dwayne Wayne say? I reckon he'd be a… Read More »

Dita von Fug

Feb 21, 2006 by Heather at 11:43 AM
I would have rather liked this dress without its bizarre knee-belt. Although maybe that's a protective measure… Read More »

Tara Fugger-Tomkinson

Feb 21, 2006 by Heather at 10:40 AM
Doesn't this look like a hammered seamstress tried sewing Tara Palmer-Tomkinson into this thing? She was drunk-driving… Read More »

Fugane Krufug

Feb 21, 2006 by Jessica at 7:49 AM
Oh my GOD, DIANE KRUGER. Why do you want to be CHLOE SEVIGNY? Read More »

The Ghost Fug

Feb 17, 2006 by Jessica at 12:40 PM
Because it's Friday, I'm going to pull back the veil of secrecy, and let you, my readers, in on… Read More »

Gold Fugger

Feb 16, 2006 by Jessica at 11:27 AM
Oh, Kanye. You are hilarious: I secretly rather enjoy the Shiny Preppy Drum Leader outfit, and… Read More »
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