The Ghost Fuggerer

Nov 30, 2006 by Heather at 1:58 PM
J.Lo.Hew is sort of growing on me lately, in part because I cannot get enough of her spectacular hair… Read More »

Fugeron Diaz

Nov 30, 2006 by Heather at 12:05 PM
"Just stay cool, Diaz. Keep it together. I know Justin SWORE that it's not Britney who's been… Read More »

The Talented Mr Fugly

Nov 30, 2006 by Jessica at 10:19 AM
I was watching a commercial for The Holiday last night -- you know, the movie where Cameron Diaz and… Read More »


Nov 30, 2006 by Heather at 8:49 AM
Truly, I should just be thrilled that Hayden Panetierre of Heroes is dressing in classy, grown-up clothes… Read More »

Celebrity Skeeve Watch: Billy Crudup

Nov 29, 2006 by Heather at 11:29 AM
This has been brewing for a long time at GFY HQ, but today, the Terror Watch squad would like… Read More »

Fug the Cover: Nicole Kidman

Nov 29, 2006 by Jessica at 8:27 AM
So, I have a long and tortured history with Nicole Kidman.  Or, more accurately, with her hair. See, I… Read More »

Paulina Fuggio

Nov 28, 2006 by Heather at 10:02 PM
The first time I saw this photo, I thought that Virginia Madsen had suddenly and tragically fallen on very… Read More »

Amy Fugling

Nov 28, 2006 by Jessica at 11:15 AM
Oh, no! It appears that Amy Irving -- bored on a slow, chilly Tuesday -- decided… Read More »

Fuggis and Fugney

Nov 28, 2006 by Heather at 8:22 AM
Dear Diary, So, I totally have a new friend to tell you about today! It didn't really work… Read More »

AMA Fug Carpet: Sarah Silverman

Nov 27, 2006 by Jessica at 2:34 PM
Okay, Sarah Silverman: Just as long as you don't start aping Paula Poundstone's ACT, too. Read More »

Kate Fugler

Nov 27, 2006 by Heather at 11:27 AM
I should probably just relax and be grateful that it's former Big Brother UK winner Kate Lawler… Read More »

A Whole New Fug

Nov 27, 2006 by Jessica at 10:02 AM
Let's face it:  if there would be one item that we would lash out against, unilaterally, it would obviously… Read More »

Nov 24, 2006 by H and J at 9:20 AM
Periodically, as their busy spa and Spider Club schedules allow, celebrity experts will join us to answer… Read More »

Happy Thanksfugging!

Nov 23, 2006 by H and J at 8:22 AM
Although most of our time here at GFY HQ is spent thinking of synonyms for "ew" and playing drinking games,… Read More »

AMA Fug Carpet Scrolldown: Chris Brown

Nov 22, 2006 by Heather at 1:39 PM
Chris Brown seems like a nice kid, even if he did show up wearing the exact same thing the… Read More »
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