Happy Fugging Holidays: Letter of Fug III

Dec 19, 2004 by Jessica at 1:58 PM
Oh my God, you guys, merry Christmas! Happy Ch -- Han --- Chaan -- yeah, I totally can't spell… Read More »

Meet The Fuggers

Dec 17, 2004 by Jessica at 11:46 AM
Dear Teri Polo, [Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb] You have a choice: eat a sandwich,… Read More »

Pretty In Fug

Dec 15, 2004 by Jessica at 6:51 PM
Oh, Molly, why? Do you really think Jake Ryan is going to want to go out… Read More »

Jacinda Fuggett

Dec 15, 2004 by Heather at 2:51 PM
It's always nice to see someone in Hollywood trying to go the tasteful route with her clothing -- which… Read More »

Pieces of Fug: Part INFINITY

Dec 15, 2004 by Jessica at 1:35 PM
It's official: Ashlee Simpson simply can not dress herself. Forget all the hoopla surrouding the issue of… Read More »

Fugly Potter

Dec 14, 2004 by Jessica at 1:34 PM
Why Puberty Is Hard, as overheard at a recent Harry Potter function: Rupert Grint: Cripes, how can I… Read More »

crazy/fugliful II: uncapitalized fug boogaloo

Dec 13, 2004 by Heather at 12:06 PM
We knew Kirsten Dunst was making a scary transition into a geriatric, but we didn't realize it was going… Read More »

Saint Fug

Dec 13, 2004 by Jessica at 11:04 AM
Okay, there's no time for introductory chit chat when it comes to a case of fug this henious:… Read More »

Billboard Awards: Letter of Fug Part II

Dec 10, 2004 by Jessica at 11:34 AM
Hi y'all! It's Britney again! I know we just talked and all, but I totally wanted to show… Read More »

Fug You, Mom

Dec 10, 2004 by Heather at 10:18 AM
[Photo by Daily Celeb.] What does one wear to a party honoring one's mother, and her charitable foundation? Read More »

Billboard Music Awards: Backstage Fug

Dec 9, 2004 by Heather at 10:21 AM
When did Kanye West become Mr. Rogers? One piece of bling and some ill-advised oversized shades do not undo… Read More »

The Fug Code

Dec 9, 2004 by Heather at 10:16 AM
"I pledge allegiance to the Fug of the United States of America. And to the fugpublic for which… Read More »

Welcome To The Fug Blog, Bitch, II: The Fuggening

Dec 8, 2004 by Jessica at 4:24 PM
Thanks to the efforts of one our helpful -- and, in this case, extremely brave -- readers, we can now… Read More »

You Live, You Fug

Dec 8, 2004 by Heather at 10:54 AM
[Photo by Daily Celeb.] Oh, Alanis. You look so happy these days, generally, and that's nice to see,… Read More »

Fug Doe

Dec 8, 2004 by Heather at 10:41 AM
It's so nice to see actor Dominic Purcell dressing to impress at a Hollywood premiere: [Photo by Daily… Read More »
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