Dear Feist,

We have to talk.


I have to tell you something. I once declared on this website that you were “underwhelming” in concert. And I think that you’re wearing a dress here that was inspired by a macramé/sea shell wall-hanging that was a project of my grandmother’s in the 50s that I seriously wish I had now, albeit not to wear. However, in that self-same post, I also vowed never to rest in my quest to post grotesque pictures of Kiki Dunst and ever since The Incidence of the Glasses, I have posted said photos with more LOVE and less GLEE, which I guess is kind of like a version of resting.  I’m resting the glee. Sort of. Sometimes. And now I must confess to you, Feist, that while I stand firm in my review of your past underwhelming performance, I BOUGHT YOUR DANG ALBUM WHEN IT CAME OUT AND I REALLY LIKE IT. FINE. There you go! I ADMITTED IT. Are you happy? Probably not, as I just compared you to kitschy living room accoutrement, but at least you got the $9.99.

Tags: fringe