Our girl Posh may NEVER get a solo American Vogue cover — I have to think she looked at the Kim and Kanye cover, then went outside under the new moon and poured fresh blood and the hair of a rabid dog into an empty wig box full of photos of Anna Wintour’s bob and then placed a curse on her circulation numbers — but damned if she didn’t get TWO from British Vogue. Let’s look at them!

Number Uno:

That dog is wholly unmoved by this photoshoot. Maybe he just isn’t into Posh’s neckerchief? I don’t dislike this cover, but I wish I could see her full face. AND MY WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED. Behold:

I prefer this one, I think: it totally made me think, “ooh, I need a tweedy coat that I can wear as I ramble around my estate in the cool morning fog as my husband, David Beckham, makes pancakes.” Never mind that that (a) I don’t have an estate, (b) it’s not cool in the least, because (c) I live in Los Angeles, where (d) I am markedly not married to Becks. DETAILS.

Which one do you like better? WEIGH IN.

[Photos: British Vogue]