I’ve decided that, sometime around the Grammys, Rihanna turned to someone (a stylist, a friend, Drake), and was all like, “I’m really into ROBES right now,” and that person just nodded and ate another Dorito.

I have spent a great portion of the Dorito-eating time of this day, in fact, trying to figure out what this is. I thought she had a bra-top on, and then I remembered that is just her tattoo — I am kind of secretly amused by a tattoo that fools judgmental bloggers into thinking you’re wearing more undergarments than you are; it’s totally practical in that sense. So I think we’ve got, from head to toe: wig, parka, leather trench, wrap skirt, great shoes? Now is the moment where you do the opposite of Coco Chanel and put just one more thing on (a shirt) and we are in hot sexy business. So close!



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