This may not be true, but it FEELS like every time I write about Christina Hendricks, I make it a Fug or Fab piece. Although, I just peeked back at our archives, and that’s totally not the case at all. I suspect my mistaken memories suggest that I WANT to see the silver lining in her outfits but in the end the darker recesses of my soul win out and I abandon optimism for aaaaarghtimism (translation: the tendency to beat one’s head against the wall and then douse the bruise in rum while eating a lime with one eye closed, and asking a parrot how it feels).

Premiere Of AMC's
So you tell me: Is this cute? Because I love her face, and I like the little black dress angle; I’m just not sure if being choked by a fabric swatch from Madonna’s abandoned 1989 Glove Of Love handwear collection is the best move. What’s to be done, Fug Nation? Denude her arms and chest of the lace, but keep the bottom? Keep the underlying LBD and just accessorize the hell out of it? Touch nothing but your own cheeks as you wipe tears of joy from your loving eyes? Go back to the beginning, like Inigo in The Princess Bride, but without getting so drunk that you wake up to a giant dousing your head in a bucket of cold water? Make more random, barely applicable movie references? Who do you favor in the Virginia Slims tournament? WHAT?