Zac Fugfron

I’m not sure if this is fugly, or just cheesy.

He looks like he just got kicked out of The Oneders, and is about to busk outside the Urth Cafe with his new scat band, Pajama Mike and the Cuffs.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Chasmosaur

    This recently-read FB post from reddit springs to mind when looking at this outfit:

    For all the guys wearing skinny jeans…You took the phrase “getting into her pants” the wrong way. ;)

    I cannot stand this as a men’s fashion trend. They all look fugly/cheesy for the most part.

  2. Sarah

    Sometimes I think with your snarky comments on young people’s clothing, you are really showing your age. Are you 80 year old grandma’s or something?

    • GFY Heather

      We’re just having fun, dude. Also, I personally think he looks stupid. I’m allowed to have that opinion and not be 80. It’s not even the outfit — it’s the outfit on HIM. Put them on someone else, and/or swap out one or two of the pieces, and maybe it’s fine. But all TOGETHER and on him it’s not working for me.

  3. Josephine

    Yeah, I think what wrecks this for me is the overwhelmingly trendy cut/styling of the trousers. If they were more classic, this could be sort of charmingly casual and fresh, because Maude knows I dig gentlemen’s shoes in potentially obnoxious colors, and these blue ones are lovely.

  4. Lina

    Dear god. I didn’t think this boy could get any douchier-looking. Shows me.

  5. Claire L1

    Someday he’ll look back at those ill fitting skinny pants like I look back at acid wash jeans and permed hair….with a little bemusement and a A LOT of embarrassment.

  6. Katharine

    I do really love those shoes. I think I… don’t actually hate the outfit, either. On somebody else, somebody whose hair isn’t — feathered? Do dudes still feather their freaking hair? and who isn’t wearing those particular Lord of the Douche sunglasses and that particular punchable expression. He’s not indie enough to dress that indie.

  7. Philippa

    He’s wearing Prince Harry’s shoes. Harry wore them better. That is all.

  8. Jules

    I love the shoes and I don’t mind the pants. Not loving the shirt.

  9. TaraMisu

    I like all of the pieces, just not together.

  10. Lilywise

    I don’t hate it, but I find it more amusing than, say, really great-looking.

  11. Halo

    I also love the shoes, and I like the whole outfit. The skinnier pant on men trend is really refreshing to me, especially when worn at the waist. I was way over the saggy-assed thing!

  12. CJ

    Dude looks like he’s about to crush a Tecate at Union Pool in Williamsburg.

  13. Jessica

    I totally said O-nee-ders and then realized what it was from. Love that movie!

  14. Shiitake

    Find that outfit on the floor of the laundryroom?

  15. Chasmosaur

    Here’s a far more successful execution of blue shoes. Zac Efron needs to give Ben Aaron a call.

    • Claire L1

      O M G!!! Oh he’s so adorable!!! I am so happy that you introduced us to the Ben cuteness!

      • Chasmosaur

        I just discovered him recently. He is far more adorable than Zac Efron, I find ;)

  16. Helen

    I think this would be very cute on Emma Watson.

  17. Orange Clouds

    What label are these shoes from? Just wondering.

    • Katharine

      I was wondering if they were Fluevogs, from the Radio series, but now that I have gazed upon the Fluevog lineup, I don’t think so.

  18. Chad. Who's Chad?

    I agree with Heather’s comment above- put this on Thomas Jane and we might be especially thrilled with the shoes.

  19. Amy

    Fugly. And now I want to go see Cap’n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.

    • witjunkie

      Haaaa I was just coming on to say that at least he kept his shoes from his gig with Cap’n Geetch and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.

  20. Eli

    He looks like a hobo. That is all.

  21. Suzie

    It’s not a bad going to brunch (after that wicked party last night) and stopping on the way to pick up the dry cleaning outfit.

  22. Emily

    You just referenced “That Thing You Do!” be still my beating heart! The Oneders are one of my all time favorite fictional bands.
    I would say this is more cheesy, although something about the size of the shirt and the size of the pants and the rolled up cuff… makes the lower half of Efron’s body look stunted

  23. maryse

    i don’t think it’s that bad. the pants make his legs look short but i like the shirt and love the shoes.

  24. jasmine

    I just wish he’d shower. The combination of the grease and the wrinkliness of this outfit is making him looking so much worse.

  25. BrownEyedBetty

    And *this* is why I have pledged my eternal devotion to the Fug Girls. I will chuckle about this for the rest of the day. Love you guys. XD

  26. vandalfan

    The shoes are neat, but call for socks. The shirt is fine, but calls for bowling. The clothes are typical for a Hollywood guy of his age, from what I can tell; it would look slightly odd on anyone in any decade.

    But his hair- Le Coif Extreme’- is the feature that pushes this into WTF territory for me.

  27. Mahastee

    I don’t understand pants that have a dropped crotch and are slim through the legs – aren’t they difficult to walk in? It seems like they would chafe. Or ride up. Or at least cause weird bunching.

    Otherwise, with better pants, I am fine with this look, it reminds me of Europe.

  28. Andrew S.

    There’s a word for that top of his – ‘pajama’.

  29. AinsleyJay

    I am going to sheepishly put my hand up and say he still looks hot.
    I’m potentially fangirling…

  30. What what

    The first five times I looked at this photo, I thought that the little highlight on the rock right above his shoulder was actually the outline of a mullet. If you squint and see the mullet with the outfit, it’s kind of hilarious.

  31. Anne B

    Somebody needs to tell this kid: if your girlfriend looks cuter in an outfit than you do, don’t wear it.

    It’s still got anything we wore in the 1980′s stone cold beat, though.

  32. Patrick

    Each item individually is great, but I’m not sure about the ensemble as a whole. The shirt is too loose to flow into the close-fitted chinos, and the shoes with this outfit would work better without laces. I’m also not convinced this was the right outfit for a premiere……

    But despite all of this, it still works on him. Or, at least, I’m not immediately clawing my eyes out.

  33. Ms. A.

    Those pants make his legs look really short.
    I’m loving those shoes though!

  34. witjunkie

    The pants are what kill it for me. I don’t think these dudes realize how completely testosterone sapping this style is.

  35. Neil

    Half the guys in London dress like this (minus the shades, given the awful June weather we’ve had so far), especially the trousers. I don’t love the look, but Zac’s really hot since he scruffed up a bit, so he think he can get away with it.

  36. Cranky Old Batt

    At the risk of sounding like a 80 year old grandma or something, this guy looks like a total loser bum who still lives with mommie and daddy.

  37. Arianna McGregor

    I totally read that as the “oh-need-ers”. That happened in the movie too.