Your Afternoon Man: Harry Shum, Jr

In case you were wondering what Harry Shum is up to, now that Glee is over:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny Premiere in Universal City

He’s still fine. FOINE, even.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. filmcricket

    Happysigh Cute smile, washboard abs, can dance like a dream. I’ll take one, thanks.

    Not sure how I feel about the double-breasted waistcoat (Lord Peter Wimsey would NOT approve) but he looks so sharp otherwise I kind of don’t care.

    •  Barb

      I agree that he is an incredible dancer. I was so frustrated during what was my favorite Glee number, “ABC 123″, how they kept cutting away/slow-motioning his dancing during it, because he was terrific (yea, I get it, cut to Daddy, “take that”, yada yada.)

      •  insrtbrain

        If you are a fan of his dancing, he’s in The LXD web series (which is pretty rad in general). But the first Shum centric episode can be found here:

        •  Barb

          Holy mother of pearl, that was amazing! I’ve honestly never seen anything like that kind of muscle control/isolation. The way he makes it look like he’s being taken for a ride (and he likes it!) by his own feet is absolutely astonishing.

  2. Little Bow Wow

    I’m okay with the waistcoat, IF he’s paired it with French cuffs.

  3.  theboss

    Yes! He was my fave on that show.

  4. pomme de terre

    He’s adorable and should be in everything. If Idris Elba isn’t going to be the first non-white Bond, can it please be him?

    • filmcricket

      I believe I’ve mentioned this here before, but I SO want him and John Cho to do an action thriller together.

      • Erika


        • filmcricket 

          I have got it entirely cast in my head. They’re the leads, and rush around in fine suits and gorgeous cars and whatnot. Darren Criss and Jenna Ushkowitz are the brainy nerds who work in the office and invent things (I was imaginary casting this when my Glee fever was at its height). Jenna is bright and capable and Darren’s the Nerd Who Is Madly In Love With Her, But Can’t Say Anything Because Workplace Decorum. Lucy Liu is the M character. I don’t have the Big Bad or the Romantic Interest cast, but the leads in good suits is of prime importance.

    • snorgler

      I’ll second that!

      • Jessica

        YES. I WANT THIS.

        H and I always said that if SPOILED got made into a movie, we wanted him to be Teddy, who is the dreamy guitar-playing love interest. (He’s too old now, and that’s not on the table, but I stand by it. He’s soooo good for that part.)

      •  Steph

        ME TOO! I sat through the awful Harold and Kumar II (and somewhat iffy, but kinda funny III) just for Harold. *sigh*

  5. Emster

    I feel like he might actually be working the double-breasted waistcoat. Good posture (even with the lean), long torso, fit but not bulging, well tailored (you’re not going to pull off that straight bottom without a meticulous measurement). He kinda feels like he’s in costume as a banker in The Great Gatsby, but I’m not mad about it like I normally am.

    Wait a minute. The more I look at it, it looks like a jumpsuit made to look like a three-piece. But it’s the bottom I hate. Not the lapels.

    I’m excited to see him in the new Crouching Tiger thing.

  6. Sandra

    An attractive man in possession of the services of a good tailor is a truth universally desired.

    • JO

      I’ll add that a good tailor and suit takes even the marginal man to second-look status.

  7. jensa

    He’s on Shadowhunters on ABC Family (or whatever it thinks it is now) and he is literally the best thing on it. His character is some sort of Omnisexual warlock. The show itself is laughably terrible, but he gives it LIFE!

  8. Carrie

    It is sad that Shadowhunters is so bad I can’t even watch it to enjoy him as a bisexual warlock.

    • Jessica

      I was just going to say “Omnisexual Warlock” sounded ENTICING.

      •  T S

        Those books are my guilty pleasure. That is a GREAT character.

      • Tamarin

        His character in the books is the best one imo and he’s rather enjoyable in the tv show. Unfortunately the rest of the show is borderline unwatchable. I still maintain they should have gotten Jane Levy to play the lead.

      • mags

        I binged watched episodes 3-7 yesterday while I was home sick, and watching it in one lump sum was way better than spreading it out. It makes you numb to the terrible parts and highlights the good ones, like Magnus here.

        • Lindsay

          A lot of my problems with the show have to do with casting, but Harry as Magnus is pretty much perfect. I love him.

    • Sarah

      Yep, I had to pull the plug on it. I watched the first 3 or 4 episodes (I was one of the, apparently few, who really enjoyed the movie so was pretty excited for the show), but the acting is so SO bad.

  9. Amy

    That is one talented man. And it just so happens that I find talent attractive. Remember when he and Matthew Morrison did “Make ‘Em Laugh” from Singin’ In the Rain? And Joseph Gordon Levitt did it for Saturday Night Live? (I think) Good times… My friend Bobby would be angry if I did not also mention him with the League of Extraordinary Dancers available on youtube. Harry Shum – may you have a long and fruitful career!

  10. Jnell

    It should be noted that he is buttoning/unbuttoning his suit *swoon*

  11. Buffy

    Nice. Hard to beat a man in a suit.

  12. Lori

    I’m on day 2 of feeling like I gargled with razor blades. I needed this in my life right now. *swoon*

  13.  Dionne

    I so wish he could get on a good show, or that his movie career would explode, because he’s sooooo good looking, and so talented, and so delightful. He deserves to be a huge star. Even before they gave him lines on Glee (I think his speaking lines in season 1 could be counted on one hand), his reaction shots were the best of the whole cast. He made an entire character without saying anything. That’s talent.

    • bee

      Everything right there, repeat that for me.

      I really need to at least watch *his* Shadowhunters scenes; that is a great character.

    •  Third March Sister

      YES.THIS. Why didn’t they do more with him on Glee?

  14.  TaraMisu

    Well, this is a nice way to spend an afternoon <3

  15. Suzy Q

    I feel like having Asian tonight. GIMME.

  16. Ashley R.

    Dayum, boy. That is all.

  17. Salome

    Oh. My. Check his birth certificate, it should read ‘Harry Swoon’.
    And that suit — notice how the plaid is actually continuous between pants and waistcoat? That’s what I call attention to detail.

  18. Julie

    Oh god DAMN DAMN DAMN. He is lovely.

  19. Eli

    He’s working the waistcoat. I like.

    Can I put in a request to have Justin Trudeau as our afternoon man some day? I am not ashamed to admit that I follow him on Facebook even though I am an American just because there are SO MANY HOT PICTURES of him. Like a picture of him with rolled up shirtsleeves (swoon) making a heart with his hands because he is going to be the first PM to march in Pride. On second thought, having him as the afternoon man may cause me to have a heatstroke at work.

  20. Christy

    Wrap me in the vest and then take me into your arms, Harry.

  21. Machiamellie

    Hmm who is this fine drink of water … Ah, Glee, never watched it … may have to rectify that if this is the cast offering.

  22. marcia

    Every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man

  23. Veritas

    Tell us who made the suit!

    Interesting that the jacket is longer than what most of the fashion houses have been showing, and the lapels wider. In any case, he looks great.