You The Jury: Anne Hathaway Oscars Edition

Sunday night may have been the longest of Anne Hathaway’s career, and I am including any future gigs in that statement. It was, as E! said, THAT bad. But were her clothes? Reportedly Rachel Zoe was charging a fortune to handle the styling, and judging by the fact that most of the gowns were custom-made, she probably earned it — she really should name this kid Oscar, since this show basically bankrolled her maternity leave. Put on your judgment pants and take a tour through Exhibits A through H of Hathaway’s eight costume changes, and then decide whether you think Rachel did right by her client.

And, also, whether ANYONE did right by Anne, by allowing her to participate in this epic shitshow. I mean, it reduced her to being a Woo Girl. Did you notice that? Every time she introduced anyone, five seconds later, the exact same epic “WOOOOOOO!” emanated from Anne’s half of the stage. I half expected the camera to cut to her doing body shots off Hugh Jackman, before trying to roll up Giuliana Rancic and smoke her.

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  1. Julia

    I think the Franco/Hathaway pairing is going to go down as the worst hosting job ever at the Oscars. Just, no.

    Also, could the producers PLEASE stop trying to pander to what they think is “young” and “hip” like that bizarre auto-tuned musical number?

  2. Sara L.

    Well, I think Anne looked amazing all night, and worked her ass off. James Franco might as well have been a cardboard cutout. I think, if she had had a better cohost, and if they had left out the AUTOTUNE OMG THE AUTOTUNE I would feel a lot better about defending the telecast. And that second red dress she wore made me gasp out loud.

  3. Kayla

    The final dress made me feel really icky inside. Her boobs looked positively alien-like and the whole thing made me think she was some sort medical experiment gone awry. I am seriously disturbed by it and cannot even fathom what she and Rachel Zoe were thinking. The rest of the dresses were just eh.

  4. Sara L.

    Ha! Jinx you owe me a coke, Julia.

  5. Annabeth

    I thought Anne Hathaway’s dresses were pretty much spectacular. Like, there were a couple that were merely attractive, and the rest were knockouts. Pity the same can’t be said for the rest of the telecast … though personally I thought Franco’s phoning it in was a much bigger problem than her game efforts.

    Also, people love to pile on the hosts — and a good host helps a lot — but the basic scripting/production/timing of the broadcast is really the make-or-break element, and that has been sadly lacking at the Oscars for years now. Yes, they need other/better hosts, but they DESPERATELY need a new producer. (For instance, when will they stop treating the Oscars as primarily a stage show for the amusement of those in attendance, and start treating it like the multimedia experience for millions of home viewers that it actually is?)

  6. Dinah

    With the exception of her red carpet dress and her last dress, Anne looked like a million bucks most of the night. Or at least, like, 600 grand. As for the telecast, perhaps if I were as stoned as James “I can’t hold my eyelids open” Franco, I may have enjoyed it more. Thank goodness I was hosting a party that was way more fun than the show itself.

  7. sarrible

    I think Anne did a pretty amazing job. I was very anti-The King’s Speech, and how game she was redeemed the whole night for me. She seemed to respect the gravity of the occasion, but also looked like she was having fun. Personally, I really hate when people are all OMG THE SHOW MUST BE 20 MINUTES LONG and rush through everything. It’s the fucking Oscars, man. It’s a long show. It supposed to be. Try and enjoy it.

    I am also desperately in love with the Versace and the fringey Oscar de la Renta. And kind of want to slap James Franco.

  8. VicksieDo

    I thought Anne did a great job considering the horrible writing and lump of co-host she had to deal with. The Versace red, the cream Givenchy and blue Prive were gasp-worthy and amazing for me.

    What I love about Anne is that she really adores the Oscars. Remember when she was nominated and just glowed in the first row, taking it in, appreciating it all? She gave her all last night, I feel so sorry for her.

  9. Julia

    *presents Coke to Sara L*

    But in all seriousness, if I had been Christopher Nolan watching that hot mess go down on stage, I’d be thinking “this one with the overcompensating manic cheer is my Catwoman? I’ve made a huge mistake.” As unfair as it seems, I suspect her reputation is going to take a bigger hit after this mess than Franco’s.

  10. Genevieve

    I think she would have done much better with a cohost who had at least some of the spark and liveliness she brought to it. Award shows require some perkiness and/or snarkiness to get the viewers through 3 hours of it, and James Franco looked so bored and/or stoned through the whole proceeding, the burden for spark fell on Anne. I can empathize with her mania (or desperation) of wanting to save this tanking show. I thought she did well under the circumstances.

  11. Nina

    Dress-wise, I liked the next to last one. Looked like vinyl, but her body was smoking in it.

    As for hosting…dear Lord, what a mess. However, I don’t think Anne’s constant cheering would have been so bad if her co-host actually did something besides stand there and look blitzed. Lousy at it was, Anne carried the show. James gave her nothing to work with. They had a decent start in the opening “Inception” bit, but once the show went live, it went downhill and never recovered.

    That said, Anne and James are fine actors, who usually have better comedic timing. Whoever did the writing this year needs a pay-cut, because these had to be some of the weakest, blandest jokes in the history of the Oscars. You know you’re having problems when people give [i]Billy Crystal[/i] a standing ovation in hopes that he’ll rescue this show from drowning. As a whole, the show wasn’t just bad, it was boring. No controversy, no real surprise wins, just vanilla from start to finish.

  12. Cindy

    Heather & Jesica you guys are hysterical. Thank you again for intelligent & witty writing that makes this site a total pleasure to read. Agree with almost everything you said about Anne’s dresses, tho have to say I thought they were all spectacular in their own unique way. Much more exciting than the actual show itself!

  13. M.Amanda

    Truthfully, I did not actually watch the show because it always seems boring to me. I just look at the pictures of the pretty (and not-so-pretty) gowns the next morning. I loved the first red dress until I saw the back shot. The only one I really disliked was the Tom Ford, which really did do unflattering things to Anne’s chest area. Initially, I wasn’t fond of the white or blue dresses, but on second glance they are at least interesting.

    So disappointed that James Franco is getting bad reviews. I so like both of them and was hoping to hear things like “Franco was so cool and funny” and “Hathaway was a breath of fresh air.” Guess I’m glad I missed hours of cringeing for them.

  14. Lina

    This whole thing just screams high school theater awards show. The hosts need to be able to do GOOD improv and/or stand-up — not rely on teleprompted idiocy that has no connection with the audience. Doing live, onstage emceeing like this is more akin to vaudeville than anything. It’s completely different from acting for the screen — which is why Billy Crystal was so great at it. He had exactly the right kind of stand-up spark and storyteller’s magic that created a great show.

    Please gods next year let there be totally different production design!

  15. Lisa

    Anne has officially hit overexposed. She was clearly compensating for lack of chemistry between her and JF, but I’m pretty sure the producers didn’t ask her to act like a giggling, manic idiot. Woo girl indeed.

    The fashions? Meh. Rachel Zoe B-

  16. Emily

    God, the WOOing drove me INSANE. Stay classy, Anne!

  17. :paula

    I NEVER thought I would have much sympathy for Anne Hathaway, but last night I thought maybe Franco was doing a performance piece of ‘sucker a nice girl into going somewhere with you and then completely humiliate her by never looking at her or smiling all night.’

    I totally flashed back to having a stupid sullen boyfriend that I would have to drag to family events, or his own office party, and try to smile real big and twirl my dress and essentially go “WOOO!” to make up for his lack of animation. Also, when he showed up in the pink dress, I thought he was Macaulay Culkin for about a solid minute.

  18. Ines

    why the hate over james franco? to me he seemed relaxed

    the show was boring somethimes, because
    1. the acadamy didnt take any risks for the nominations itself and in her
    2. choice of winners and
    3. the often boring speeches by the winners
    4. and by the presenters (except s.bullock and j.bridges for example)

    and the dresses from a.hathaway are mostly gorgeous.

  19. Adrienne

    For he love of God take those bethany ever after rolling down from the top ad things off your site! It makes viewing your hilarious content maddening. You are better than this fug girls

  20. T

    I am just so excited that you said “Woo Girl,” because I totally wrote my friend an email this morning entitled “America’s Best-Known Woo Girl” about Anne and that ridiculous showing. Politely clapping is a completely acceptable way to show enthusiasm at the Oscars! Especially when you are heavily miked at all times!

  21. Adriana

    What I could get to watch of the show was painful. I like this girl, as an actress and a fashion plate. I loved her little bit with Hugh Jackman for last year’s ceremony opening. I was almost hoping that the miserable Rachel Berry moment would be interrupted by Jackman himself.

  22. val.

    I think Anne Hathaway always looks stunning… but I was embarrassed for her last night. She did seem rather desperate to draw something– anything– out of Franco. She needed to tone it down a bit though!

  23. Steph

    Speaking solely about the fashion, I thought Anne looked fabulous all night. But why did her lovely manicure on the red carpet suddenly disappear during the show itself? It’s a little thing, but that bugged me. They took her nail polish off backstage??

    And while I can appreciate Franco’s dubious charms, he was woefully low-energy, and they were a mismatched pair. I would rather have seen Anne with Jude Law, that might have been fun.

  24. mom

    I posted this elsewhere as well. But this was an epic career fail for Anne. I really wanted to feel sorry for her, but she was just so very rude with the “WOOOO!” bit. This was not a sports bar. This is an event watched the world over. And BTW, I loved the blue dress on her. In a sea of drab lack of color, I loved having that visual pop on the screen.

  25. Nathalie

    @Annabeth — You hit the nail on the head, this show needs a new producer. And you know what, while Franco may have been low key, I still found him charming — particularly in his Twitter videos and pictures (see someone understood what the audience at home is doing while watching). Anne, on the other hand, seemed like one of those obnoxious high school theater kids who runs around shouting let’s-put-on-a-shoooow. I wouldn’t have been too enthusiastic standing next to that pile of awkward handyness if I were Franco either. Team Franco!

  26. fritanga

    I agree completely with Michael K from Dlisted: “Anne Hathaway is that annoying girl in drama class who takes the “invisible ball” exercise way too seriously, calls the theater teacher by their first name, chants “UN-IQUE NEW YORK” in the hallways and cries when you say that you thought Mary Poppins was dumb and boring. Anne is like Lea Michele’s Glee character on Dexatrim and uppers that give you a manufactured form of peppiness. Annoying as fuck, but at least the ho tried. James Franco on the other hand….”

    I think she looked awful on the red carpet (the Liza Minelli of her generation!). This was the only part I watched because Hathaway is that awful. I wouldn’t pin it entirely on the material or direction either. She’s like this in everything she does. The only person who almost matched her in insufferability last night was Paltrow, and mercifully she wasn’t on the carpet that long. Bleh.

  27. Annie

    Does anybody really think Anne Hathaway’s career is going to take a hit from this? Give me a break.

  28. Jenny

    Oh my lord, the woo-hoo-ing. I was so tickled just imagining the reactions of the people in the control room to a) Kirk Douglas’ second, agonizing “you know…” b) Anne’s relentless rock concert hooting at EVERY SINGLE person who took the stage. It might actually have been the funniest part of the show by the time she was screeching at the PS 22 kids at the end there. And PS, I love the Versace. And PPS, Franco wasn’t bad at all…he just needed a much cooler partner in crime. Heck, I’d take Russell Brand and Helen Mirren as hosts any day.

  29. Kerry

    Admittedly, you ladies don’t like her for some reason. I thought she looked great in every dress and was fun and adorable the whole night. I mean, if whoever puts together the actual award show was going for young and fun, they could have gone farther and fared worse.

  30. Cecily

    They wanted her because she already IS a woo girl. I really think the producers did it all on purpose. The wooing. Jame’s Franco’s dead-eyed stare. All of it. It was exactly the opposite of the horribly unfunny train wreck that was the Steve Martin/Alec Baldwin fiasco of last year and I have to say, it was refreshing. Sure, they were both nervous and some stuff fell a bit flat, but I thought she was fabulous. I love that she showed her enthusiasm.

    Oh, and, to the actual point of this post, she looked FANTASTIC all night. Even the last weird black dress was nifty in a strange ‘I’m ready for my closeup’ kind of way. Actually, my most unfavorite of her looks was her red carpet dress.

  31. witjunkie

    The WOOing was KILLING ME and then afterwards she’s high-fiving the kids at the end like it’s the end of her SNL gig. I like Anne Hathaway in general but I want my Oscars to be clever and sophisticated, and she, although beautiful and looks great in couture, ruins it as soon as she opens her mouth. I kept waiting for her to say, “Shut UP!” Bless her, she really did try her best but I am still baffled why she and Franco were even asked.

  32. Rayna

    I liked most of the dresses, the red carpet red being the notable exception. Seriously, the fanny pack taken to absurdity.

    Mainly, I watched and counted Anne’s dress changes last night and thought, hope H&J do a slideshow on this.

    Thank you for allowing me to say that.

  33. Maral

    I loved pretty much all her dresses; the last one is merely okay, and I wish the red carpet one had been a little more interesting up top (I actually liked the crazy bustle), but all the others were gorgeous IMO.

  34. Nathalie

    fritanga will you marry me? Thank you for sharing those perfect quotes.

  35. Janice Second

    She had great hair.

  36. Kathy

    No matter the drabness of the event last night, Anne’s vanilla dress was OMG amazing! I didn’t care what else she wore after that, because that was, IMHO, the best dress ever.

  37. Alma

    @Adrienne – haha YES! I know somebody’s got to pay the bills, but this is pretty obnoxious.

    Give Franco a break, he was probably just tired from simultaneously going to school and preparing for this thing. And as somebody who is also a slow speaker/mumbler, that is just how we speak, so relax. It’s tough enough being an introvert in an extroverted world.

  38. Kristan

    Put me in the LOVED THE AUTOTUNE camp. As did most of my young and hip friends…

    Franco was bad and (I’m pretty sure) stoned. Anne did her best and I still love her. Colin Firth saves the day. (Wish he had just danced!!) Hopper was pretty good with his mom story too — why can’t more folks give speeches like that? I mean, can we just take it as a given that they thank their crew and their fellow nominees?

  39. Gretchen

    I think Kirk Douglas should have been her co-host the whole night. It would have been awesome.

  40. Shnaggi

    I wish Hugh Jackman could’ve jumped up on stage and given her a hand. She was desperately carrying the show by herself and doing the best she could and looked fantastic doing it.
    Franco should not have had that extra strength Valium. Dude made me wish they had kept the Bob Hope TV on instead of you.

  41. Jen

    Anybody who didn’t notice that Franco was as baked as a pie has to be blind(hell half of the celebrities on twitter were saying he was out of his gourd stoned). The guy was a mess in a preshow interview that made even Hathaway and the interviewer uncomfortable. I think the way he acted last night was just rude and ridiculous, anyone who criticizes that girl for being a bit high strung has to be nuts, she had to carry that show herself seeing as he more or less screwed them. I’m fairly certain they had to axe some skits due to his state of mind. I feel sorry for her, you could tell she was a bit off by her nervous giggling every time he was onstage with her. I feel sorry for her. The guy was a jerk last night.

    And as for her dresses the high necked blue one and the white with the sequiny middle were the only two I didn’t like.

  42. vandalfan

    She wore the tar out of each and every dress, even the red carpet fanny balloon number, and her hair looked so nice. I clicked back and forth between the Oscars and HGTV, so was not put off by much of what annoyed folks about her- the rah-rah woo-wooing. But whoever thought Franco could handle this job neds their head examined.

  43. marcia

    Poor Anne.

    You know, if you think you’re too cool for the job, don’t take it, JAMES FRANCO.

  44. Vanessa

    Franco should be the first to pay for his laziness last night and it should be carried out by Anne with a bat.

  45. rosita

    the woo. THE WOO. i could not believe she woo’d every time she introduced someone.

    and, franco looked strung out or doped up, what with his dark eye circles and all.

  46. megan

    Franco applied to the grad school at which I’m a student – which isn’t Yale. So may I just say: Thank you Yale, for taking him.

    And I covet Anne Hathaway’s hair.

  47. Jilly

    The dude looked exhausted (and yes, probably stoned – he was High Times’ Stoner of the Year a few years back) and if I were him working on MY PhD and teaching a class, I wouldn’t have much energy for hosting the Oscars, either. I read that he said he’d only been able to rehearse on the weekends due to his heavy caseload at Yale. Cut the man some slack. He probably shouldn’t have even accepted the gig to begin with. I feel bad for him.

    Anne looked A-MAZING 90% of the night – I didn’t really care for the red carpet dress, but the rest of the night, OMG…I would gladly take any one of those dresses off her hands. Even the last one. As far as her hosting abilities, she truly did work her ass off. It was like she was making up for the fact that Franco could probably sleep standing up during several moments of the show. I had to just turn my head and ignore the “woo-ing” and just chalk it up to the fact that she was probably excited/nervous as hell to be up on that stage. I honestly think she was hoping that some of her enthusiasm would seep into Franco, perk him up a bit maybe?

  48. hedy

    My god the ads are annoying on here. I can’t even make it through the slideshow because of the drop down ad at the top…sigh

  49. anner

    The thing is, those jokes written for the Oscars are always awful; they’re totally old-fashioned and vaudevillian. Nobody as youthful as those two pull them off. Franco gave up early, left his body (perhaps with some chemical assistance), and became expressionless. Anne, who has been hilarious on SNL, overcompensated by being too dorkily perky. Poor kids.

    I actually everything she wore looked fabulous on her and fit really well. The red ass-bag dress did fit beautifully and looked good in motion, if a little bridal. And to be fair, the bag was low enough to not be very ass-related. The white one with all the glitzy armor was cool, but for some reason she kept putting her hands on her belly while wearing it. When she came out in the tux, my husband went nuts over how cute she looked. And that clingy number she ended the show in was difficult to pull off bur she did it. What a figure!

    The dark red was the standout though. Amazing fit, gorgeous color, and dazzling art-deco-ish beading. So beautiful I could even overlook the glittely loin cloth detail.

  50. Soapstef

    Bring Anne back next year with….Sandra Bullock! No men needed. The ladies can work it alone!

  51. Sajorina

    I thought she did a great job as a host… I enjoyed the show! And, I liked all of her dresses!

  52. NYCGirl

    I wouldn’t say I out-and-out hated any of the dresses, but the blue one was the only one I really liked. And I can’t fault Anne for her enthusiasm– she had to make up for the absence of her co-host somehow.

    Also, I wish my glee club had been invited to the Oscars when I was a NYC public school kid!

  53. rigmarole

    I…think I liked the first one best. Pretty sure I must be the only one.

  54. gryt

    She is so EFFING annoying that I can’t even care about what she’s wearing.

  55. Lea

    I thought the show could have been better but it was not terrible. Anne at times seemed
    way to awkward but she got better as the show progressed. I though James was funny! the academy needed to lighten up anyways. Anyways I though Anne looked beautiful. My personal favorite is the red Valentino, but i love the Versace too. I was not too crazy about the blue Armani Prive one though, it didn’t translate well on camera :(

  56. corriner

    I was second-hand awkward for Anne ALL night and it made watching that more unbearable. Oscars is one of my favourite nights of the entertainment year, and she ruined it with her fake “i’m SO peppy, you LOVE me, you know you do!” act. The second red dress was FAB, should have been the red carpet one, not the bum poof.

  57. mairimairi

    Some people should be seen and not heard unless under a severe edit- yes, I mean you Mr F, you huge twerp.
    Miss H. – you are gorgeous and elegant in the face of such buffoonery. But if I am being picky I would say that , for me, the boddice of the dress could have been up a couple of inches- I am not a fan of evn the most uber-poised and stylish armpit or side boob area of the body and the cut of the bodice on this frock was , to me, sailing a bit close to the wind on that score.

  58. lauren

    Didn’t watch it but sounds like I didn’t miss much.

    The second red dress is so, so, so, SO amazing! <3

  59. kimmy

    the only one of the dresses i wasn’t really into was the Tom Ford. i do wish she had worn the blue Armani Prive or the silvery Oscar on the red carpet though….those were AMAZING. that red carpet dress was my other least favorite.

    as for the hosting….she had a craptacular co-host who looked stoned. i genuinely felt bad for the girl b/c she is a people pleaser and actually CARES about doing a good job. i think the Woo-ness was just her overcompensating. if they wanted a young, good looking co-host, they could have asked jake gylenhaal. he is also a people pleaser, and at least those two have chemistry and can do the witty banter!!

  60. kimmy

    i also couldn’t stop staring at her eyelashes all night. they were sooooo thick and pretty.

  61. justme

    Ok….. Hmmmmmmmm Rachel Zoe seriously that shit was a mess all of it, im sorry. Somebody needs to cancel that check asap!!! So not worth the ridiculous amout you supposedly charged..

  62. Melissa

    I have been a reader for years and years (I really really feel the love for all things Aaron Spelling) and have never laughed as hard as I did when I read the “Woooo girl” part of the post. Well, maybe once before – when I read an old post with a still from a 90210 episode with Brandon, Donna, and David had your fabulous dialogue that included David saying how Donna was precious to him, was he precious to her too? Hell, I’m laughing again just thinking about it. But I digress. YES – that WOOOOOOOOing drove me insane, and to make matters worse, no one I spoke to the next day had even noticed it. That, or they had been knocked unconscious by the sheer boringness of the event…..for me, it was like a train wreck: couldn’t turn my head away from the carnage. THANK GOD you two noticed it because honestly, all I could think was “THIS ISN’T SPRING BREAK, ANNE!” What the hell happened to the classy?????

  63. Sam

    I don’t understand why everyone is hating on Anne Hathaway. I liked the wooing, because I thought she seemed really excited for everyone. Maybe I liked it because that’s how I would be/am. I also think she seemed to really try to work with the material she was given, even though it was horrible, and she put in an effort, which is more than I can say for James Franco, who I only enjoy when he is playing a stoner in movies because I think those are the only roles he can act well. If this affects Anne’s career negatively, I would be sad.

    That being said, I thought she looked gorgeous in almost every outfit.