X Factor Letter of Truth Part: IV

“Y’ALL. SERIOUSLY. I can’t believe y’all are complaining about me wearing a bandage dress again:

When Demi Moore or whatever her name is showed up today with a Pillsbury Crescent roll on her head.

I just wanna butter her head and stick it right into my mouth.”

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Comments (47):

  1. em

    Britney, that dress makes you look my size. You are certainly not my size, trust me!

  2. Stefanie

    I dont mind Brit’s dress, but I do wish it was size larger. But her head isn’t looking so great this time.

    • Francesca

      Exactly what I was going to say. There is a certain mindset of many female celebs that equates “sexy” with tight dresses, that if they aren’t in something too tight, then they aren’t attractive or won’t turn heads.

  3. Annie E

    I saw that photo of Britney in a bikini with her kids – this is not a flattering dress. But I do kind of like Demi’s hair, though I don’t think it would work on my own head.

    • Claire L1

      She didn’t do it right….it’s too puffy in front and the rest of her hair is too straight. I do a similar curl all the time.

  4. Helen

    I think Spears looks nice here. Sadly, not very happy, as is all too often the case, but I like the outfit and hair. Actually I’m kind of coveting the hair! Makeup still needs work, but it’s better than last time I saw her featured here just because there’s less of it.

    Lovato, on the other hand… well, that’s just a straight-up fug in every way. Nothing has gone right there.

    • The Fugger

      At least one thing’s gone right: Although she borrowed the jacket from Adrienne Bailon, she didn’t borrow the rest of the outfit. (And to be honest, the jacket was the only tolerable part of it.)

  5. Stefanie

    I totally forgot to comment on Demi: I think she has hired Kim Kardashian’s makeup team. That shit had to have been applied with a paint roller.

    • glee

      Um, so Demi is still only 19 – if you look at the close-up, you’ll see that most of it is actually her still totally unlined skin and some eye make-up. And she is totally going for the retro look with jacket/eye make-up/hair. I like.

      • kickassmomnyc

        Lots and lots and lots of eye makeup, plus nasty Kardashian brows. I’d appreciate her retro look more if she looked like a retro 19-year-old, not a 30-year-old. Think Sandra Dee — softer, younger.

  6. Jamie

    Okay, so now that Britney’s back to some level of functionality in day to day life, can we begin to address the finer points? Like… maybe getting some lowlights, and a more flattering photo pose than “about to start her next tumbling pass”?

  7. glee

    Demi actually looks very cute and age-appropriate. And I just realized that one of the earworms on the radio (that I like) was her song – nobody ever said here she was talented… Oops.

    But Britney… It’s way better than the red bandage dress (when she had awesome hair), so at least she is moving in the right direction (or her stylist is). What I wouldn’t give to find out why she is still being “conserved.”

    • Carrie

      I’m fairly obsessed with her song “Give Your Heart a Break.” And I love that she got help for her problems and told her haters to suck it. Basically, I think she’s adorable and hope she acquits herself well on X Factor.

      I seriously don’t like her as a blond, though.

  8. qwertygirl

    Perhaps it’s just these pictures, but they both look incredibly uncomfortable. Not that I wouldn’t be incredibly uncomfortable if thousands of people were staring at me in an unflattering dress and/or with an unflattering hairdo (which description covers both of their outfits, as well as both of their hairstyles), but these ladies should be used to it by now.

  9. Alaurable

    Ooof could she look more uncomfortable? As much as I hate the one-arm on hip and head-tilt, I feel like a better pose could’ve improved the look by elngating her a bit.

  10. Linda

    I used to watch Demi Lovato on “Sonny with a Chance” on Disney with my daughter and she looked 10,000 times better styled by Disney. She had her natural brown hair, much less makeup and they put her in a lot of skirt/ cardigan combos that looked great on her figure. I wish she would go back to that look.
    Britney looks frightened – kind of scared for her.

  11. Sarah

    Does anyone else think that Britney looks exceedingly like Anna Faris in this picture?

  12. deee

    Demi is just wth? Those brows! That head thing! Again – wth?

    Britney’s look would be fine if she was a soccer Mom who rarely dresses up and wasn’t sure what to wear to the cocktail party and went to a new hairdresser who messed up her color. But, Britney is a gazillionaire celebrity so she needs to step it up.

  13. Fat Desdemona

    Britney is not chunky, but she’s dressing like she is. Also, are those open slats (or whatever) on the waist. I’m confused.

  14. witjunkie

    I think what Britney needs here is eyebrows. I know she’s a blond, and they don’t need to be dark, but they need to show.

    • Poppy

      I blew up the photo and you’re right about the eye-brows, but the worst offender seems to be that god-awful silver/grey eye-shadow. I spent years in my late teens trying to make it work on me until I grew wiser and promised myself never to do a grey-toned smokey eye again. I used to do pretty much this EXACT eye make-up when I was a 17-year-old goth! *shudder* Britney(‘s stylist) should know better.

  15. Rina

    Demi is adorable and her openness about her problems has led to some great conversations with my preteen and her friends. However, I can’t get behind that extremely unattractive hair. Flat in color and style, and wholly unbecoming. Why, oh, why does every actress/singer/personality feel the need to go blonde? Don’t they know that their natural beauty is often the reason they are so appealing? Are TPTB still pushing ‘blonde is better?’

  16. Shiitake

    Brit is still bringing it.

    Demi should have left it on the rack.

  17. Hannah

    gee can we talk about how Britney’s body language exudes tension while Demi radiates confidence? IT’S THE BAND AID DRESS’S FAULT.

  18. fritanga

    They both look terrible, but at least Britney can be excused – she’s not dressing herself these days. I do think she tried to pick the dress off of herself, though – the midriff looks slightly shredded.

    However, Lovato must take the hit for this outfit and hairdo all by herself. She may be back on drugs, which could account for the heinousness of the hair, the mall dress and the Payless shoes, but I don’t think so (her gaze, unlike Britney’s, is totally clear and focused).

  19. Willow

    This show is trying to ruin Demi Lovato.

  20. annie

    Oh, these poor girls. Do they have Yang for a stylist? I think they both just look a mess and the worst part is that they seem to be trying to hide their natural beauty with what someone or the industry has told them they should look like.

  21. Linda

    Darn it! I thought it going to be Demi Moore and she’d gotten into the bath salts again.

    Is she standing in a shadow or is that faux tan overkill?

  22. eva

    I don’t think Britney’s dress is that bad. It’s more about her expression and pose: she looks like a robot, an unhappy one at that, with really bad hair and makeup and a vacant stare. It’s kind of sad. Demi, on the other hand, has pretty bad styling but somehow looks better I think because of her attitude.

  23. Squirrel!

    Is Demi Lovato wearing a Halloween mask?

  24. Squirrel!

    No, wait! It’s a Barbie doll head!

  25. CJG

    Britney’s outfit isn’t all that terrible. She could stand to go up a size. And, darn, she looks uncomfortable! Her stance reminds me of a friend who used to tell her little rambunctious nephews “Toy Soldiers!” when they walked into a store, so they would walk like this and not touch anything or knock anything over.

    Better makeup for Britney. Much more natural, though I think more defined eyebrows would help to make her face look not so sad.

  26. vandalfan

    Demi- or Snookie? The dress and jacket I could see on any high school girl, but the makeup belongs on some 60 year old gypsy palm reader. Brit is … improving. She could really shine with more natural hair color and a wider option of outfits.

  27. Mahastee

    Britney’s shoes should never be seen outside of a DWTS rehearsal.

    The other girl should go home, have a hot shower and start again.

  28. dee cee

    Britney’s cute as a button but the stylist just gives up and makes her dress ‘cough’ somewhat edgy and Britney’s really not up to caring to argue tight from top to bottom is her fave, after all Britney’s really done well in keeping a waist.. curves in the right places, but she loves shoes that make her feet look oddly stubby? Please make the skirt longer..or go for a full skirt once in a while.. Demi.. your lips need color.. you look so washed out but over done .. I think it is flattering to actually have a mouth in your face… please?

  29. Eris

    Brit looks like hell, the dress isn’t flattering and her face/hair/attitude look beat, girl needs a break. Meanwhile I am oddly LOVING Demi’s whole look, except for the blonde, I think she would look even better as a brunette with that hair.

  30. Veronica

    While I do think putting an extra half inch into the dress would have smoothed it out better, it’s not tight enough where I’m having Blake Lively flashbacks. It’s okay, quite cute even. Not a fan of the shoes, though. She also looks miserable, which is a shame. I was kind of hoping this would be a good gig for her, but more and more I feel like she’s really somebody who would benefit from retiring from the business altogether. (Not that I think she’ll ever be allowed to – she brings in too much money.)

    Demi Lovato’s outfit is a mess. The leather jacket is cute, though.

  31. Clarence Beeks

    she has the neck of a linebacker. she looks like crap here.

    I used to think she was so pretty, she has just lost her looks, IMO. She peaked at age 22, looks-wise. It happens. Some people improve with age, she is not one of them.

    • Cranky Old Batt

      Holy crap, you nailed it. Her neck makes her head look freakishly small.

  32. Ms. A.

    Fug the rut britbrit. No more bandage dresses!
    Demi. Snooki’s look should never be coveted.

  33. openroses

    Now I know why that hairdo is called a “suicide roll.”

  34. Darren Tate

    She has dead eyes. I notice that about her in a lot of photos. Her dress is too tight and the gaps in the fabric maker her look like she’s busting out of it.

  35. KC

    I was actually at this taping and off camera Britney’s dress didn’t look too tight. It looked great on her actually and she’s actually much skinnier in person. I hate Demi’s hair and makeup. WTF. I’m disappointed in Brit’s makeup, her makeup was amazing in that red dress from a little while ago….

  36. Havoc68

    Brit has the thickest neck….it is not good!

  37. esther

    i think demi looks fierce. britney looks uncomfortable.

  38. Rubee

    I wonder who’s the creative suit in charge of marketing these girls. They are dressing Britney as if she still had the “Baby, one more time” ‘s body and personality. And as for Demi, I guess they are trying to turn her sassy, young beauty as a dubious latina pre- JLo cliche in order to make Ms Spears’s robotic behaviour more appealing to audiences.