"SPEAKING OF COMEDY, y'all, can we talk about Demi Lovato? Jamie Lynn told me yesterday that she thinks Demi Lovato is going to dress cracked out-er and cracked out-er as a way to make sure people pay attention to her and not to YO, like my friend and co-host J Lo would say -- which reminds me, when does J Lo show up for work, you guys? I haven't even met her yet and every time I ask Simon he gets this look of terror in his face and starts talking about The X-Files again and then I stop listening. But I mean, COME ON Y'ALL. Bra top and fringed jacket? PLEASE. Call me when Demi dances with a boa constrictor in a Bedazzled unitard, right? I mean, right? I'm right, right? I am still the superstar here."
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