WTF-ly Played, Natalia Tena

My dirty little secret about Harry Potter is that I totally don’t care about Tonks. I REALLY don’t care about her in the movies — where she is, it’s true, sort of sidelined anyway, so there’s really no THERE there — but I am kind of meh about her in the books as well. I mean, I’m not actively wishing for her to get avada kedavra’ed or anything, and I enjoy hearing about whatever new color her hair is, but listen: She is no Ron Weasley.  HOWEVER, I have to give it up to the actress who plays her in the flicks, Natalia Tena, for deciding to go out with, er, a bang. I mean….well. Just look.

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  1. Carolyn

    no pic….

  2. KB


  3. Jane

    I would love to look. Unfortunately… something has gone amiss here.


    … still no.

  4. Scobes

    Er…. donde esta picture?

  5. Eliza Bennett

    GIRLS. Get it together.

  6. Nicole
  7. AP

    So about Tonks… Heather posted before too about how a lot of people probably don’t like her (the character, not the actress). I don’t have much of a preference regarding Tonks, but I do care for her because (spoiler alert?? i dunno) she is Lupin’s gf/wife (god I’m such a nerd).

    I kind of don’t get why a lot of people are supposed to dislike her though? Like, what is the overall beef?

  8. Erin

    Oh my gosh, I would’ve died for that dress in 9th grade (apparently I’m a year older than you, Jessica). I can imagine Julia Roberts wearing this with the boots in “Pretty Woman.” So… I am imagining seeing this back then, and my 14-year old self LOVES it.

  9. eee

    Wow, that’s… That’s a look.

    I really don’t have anything else to say, other than that I’ve been waiting for this since it was teased about yesterday. It was worth waiting for.

  10. Kristen

    I think I would care about Movie Tonks a lot more if they had gone ahead and cast David Thewlis’s real life GF at the time Anna Friel instead of crazy pants Nat Tena (who is fine and all, but Lonely Traveler Charlotte Charles!). It would have made the whole thing so much more fun.

  11. Jasmine

    I… like the shoulders. But it’s wackadoo and the boots with the feather only serve to confuse the hell out of me.

    I also only like Tonks because Lupin loves her, and I really don’t know why it is that I am not particularly enamored with her. I can’t quite put my finger on it in the books, but in the movies it’s because she’s just such a small character– that and she has a fricking MULLET when her and Moony finally get together. That’s your happiness hair? A MULLET?!

  12. Kim

    look at what?

  13. Kim

    from the comments, how is it that some of you can see the picture and some of us cannot?

  14. Peggy

    Like Tonks in the books, have no use for her in the movies and not just because they sidelined her. A good actress could have made her smaller moments shine. This outfit? Just hideous.

  15. Chicklet

    So her fashion idols are Laura Ashley, Texas, and the Indian From The Village People? Accio, taste!

  16. Marianna

    I do not understand the cowboy boots obsession. MAKE IT STOP.

  17. Annie E

    WOW. I like the pattern on the dress but obviously, the execution is all wrong. I find Tonks in the books vaguely annoying, and I think her prolonged moping about Lupin and Lupin getting all moody about her is distracting and rather unnecessary.

  18. Sandra

    Um, wow. A floral-print mini-mullet dress. That certainly is a whole lotta look. And being that I’m about ten years old than Jessica, I wore that sort of flowery thing to my college graduation and a whole bunch of weddings back in the day. and i still kinda like it.

  19. Stefanie

    She looks like a cracked out saloon girl. And not the good kind of cracked out saloon girl.

  20. silly philly
    0 works on her? For as crazy as it is, I can’t hate it, or her for wearing it.

    Then again, I loved her as Ellie in About A Boy so always picture her in that, not HP, and this look is sooooooooooooooo not-Ellie.

  21. vandalfan

    Not a bad dress, if the mullet was reworked to a normal hemline, mini, knee length, ballerina, whichever. The fabric is pretty. The cowboy boots are as silly to me (from Idaho) as her showing up in steel-toed boots or swim fins.

    Nymphadora is fine! One must use one’s imagination to fill in her life story. Pity about her parents. And poor orphaned Teddy!

  22. Alice

    I know I’m supposed to hate it, but I actually like the dress a whole lot. The rest of the styling, not so much, but the dress itself is fun. It’s pretty HBC reminiscent, which might be why I like it so much…

  23. alecto

    Yeah, I’m in the ‘she’s working it’ camp. Possibly ‘camp’ is correct terminology here. But book Tonks was a bit OTT and clearly nuts over Lupin so I’m liking both Tonks and Natalia.

    Also I went through an 80s phase of sewing up little vests and whatnot for my high school pre-fug friends, out of fancy sheets and I’m pretty sure I used that fabric at some point.


  24. SunnyK

    Um…is that a falttened shuttlecock in her hair?

  25. LoriK

    That is indeed a whole lotta look. It’s also quite short in the front. Like, my little old lady self is a bit concerned short. My elderly self also wants to tell her to brush her hair. In short, WTF-ly played pretty well sums it up.

  26. avidbeader

    I like Tonks and think she could have been much better used in the books.

    Natalia is definitely selling this for me, except for the boots. If she’d worn a cute pair of heels I would have been all over it.

  27. Emily

    I just have to share my amusement that the ad on the side of this entry, from Banana Republic, reads: “Trends We Love: Fresh Floral.” So appropriate…

  28. momo

    I liked it except for those boots – they’re jarring to look at with the rest of her outfit.

  29. Jenn S.

    I don’t really care about Tonks either (books or movie). I feel like she was definitely a throw-away character.


  30. Jenn S.

    Oops! That should have said “Pics are hilarious though!”

  31. amy

    She is strikingly gorgeous in the second photo.

  32. KB

    I kind of think she is pulling it off, the whole look and her facial expressions are hilarious. Oh, and she looks WAY prettier here than she does in the movies. Also, I don’t get the dislike of book Tonks – I think she is kind of endearing!

  33. Paloma Pigeon

    Maybe she’s trying to be in character, as the fun-loving Tonks.

    Look on the bright side. She could have come as Osha from Game of Thrones:

  34. Kellyellyoxenfree

    That dress is eerily similar to the bridesmaids dresses from my wedding, except they were tea length all the way around. Bear in mind I got married in the early 90′s. Now I feel old. I think this is the part where I yell, “GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU HOOLIGANS!”

  35. Keeley

    I secretly love this. Secretly. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone. I know, I’m ashamed of myself, too.

    I also adore Tonks and will cry like a baby when the movie comes out. But that’s probably just because I read too much fanfic (again, shhhh! Don’t tell anyone) and have this whole back story for her in my head that probably never happened. Well, I mean, technically none of it actually HAPPENED, but you know what I mean. Anyway.

  36. Challis

    It is astonishing how she is actually PULLING THIS OFF!

  37. JK

    I imagine that this is what it would look like if an elderly lady’s couch could get drunk.

    Also, the character started out strong in the books before fizzling into the needy/weepy female stereotype, and that was no good. By the time she appeared in the films, I actually felt sorry for Ms Tena.

  38. VicksieDo

    I like it, it’s got pizzazz! I even love the boots.

  39. aac

    i love tonks. but i don’t like the actress. i think because there’s an extra on one of the harry potter dvds where she’s all flippy and playing guitar and i think she’d be really annoying to hang out with. cool, at first… but then, just annoying. maybe i’m wrong. maybe she was putting on a show for the “special feature”, i don’t know. but i digress.

    without the boots, she’d be lovely.

  40. islandgirl1

    WTF-ly played indeed. I kind of love it because she is totally working it. Actually, this makes me want to see more Tonks in the movie. I’m ambivalent about Tonks in both books and movie. I loved Lupin getting a SPOILER family, especially because he lost all his friends. But I never smiled with glee like when Ron Weasley was a part of the scene.

  41. Lesley

    Crazy, for sure.

    But look at her face in picture 2, being all normal. She is gorgeous!

  42. Wade

    Tonks was forgotten about in the books. And I’m surprised she even made it into the movie. But- this actress has got some appeal and is precisely the sort of gal you _don’t_ bring home to mother.

  43. Anna D.

    You know, I actually LIKE the dress. It fits her really nicely, and it’s cheery. The rest…okay, a bit much. But still, at least she’s having fun!

  44. Babs

    Tonks barely registered, but her offing led to my very favorite Molly Weasley moment. I LOVE Mollywobbles Weasley and I love her yelling profanity at Bellatrix Lastrange!

  45. Rachel

    It’s crazy, sure…but I just can’t hate on her because she looks like she is having SO MUCH FUN. Let’s invite her out for drinks.

  46. Boomer

    Those red feathers look EXACTLY like tail feathers from an African Grey parrot. Turning a pet’s discards into ornaments is great if you can pull it off (kind of like making a sweater from your dog’s shed fur).

  47. OMG-GFY

    I’m sincerely disappointed that you did not title this post Nymfugdora Tonks. Regardless, Natalia Tena is crazy and ridiculous and yet somehow she owns it. Impressive!

  48. Rose

    I should hate this, but I have 3 words that describe my true feelings: like a boss.

  49. Aimee

    Tonks is my favorite character in the books. I get why people don’t care much about her the way she was portrayed in the movies. She was hardly there at all. Sad.

    I agree also with Jasmine in regards to Tonks’ hair in HBP. I FREAKED OUT WHEN I SAW THAT AWFUL HAIRCUT. And brown? Really!?!?? She has her man, and she has BROWN hair?

    That being said, I love Natalia Tena and her strangeness. It doesn’t terrify me. I like it.

  50. Genesis P. Olenta

    I sincerely think she looks great. This is cute and funny, the dress is flattering on her body, her hairstyle is cindy-lauper’s-girls-just-wanna reminiscent, and I even like the shoes.

    This is refreshing and enthusiastic, without an ounce of vulgarity.

  51. Christina

    Just weighing in on the Tonks debate … I loved her in the books, and was so happy when she and Lupin got together (*sniff* =() … in fact, my cat is actually called Tonks (although, that’s because when we got him, he’d been previously named “Tom”, ergh. so a geeky but similar-sounding name-change was in order. and Tonks is a surname so it doesn’t matter he’s a boy cat, and anyway shapeshifter, right? /digression) In the movies, agreed she’s kind of “meh”, which is a shame as I’m not sure it’s Tena’s fault.

    This outfit, however, is all kinds of crazy (though the fabric is admittedly nice). It’s the cowboy boots that finish it off for me. That said, however, there is something hard to resist about someone having such a blast in their crazy outfit of choice! =)

  52. heather

    I don’t care about Harry Potter, but I hope this woman is active for a while. That’s the kind of cracked out outfitting that could see her as a contender for Fug Madness!

  53. Ann


  54. Ann

    All I can think about is how hot and sweaty her feet would be in those boots. Yuck!

  55. Mary

    Is she from Dallas? She sure does look like she’s from Dallas (the city, not the show).