WTF: Ashley Benson

Kudos to the handsome stone-faced dude for remaining so stoic in the face of such roiling eye-trauma:

The only scenario in which these pants are acceptable are if you’ve just recovered from being dragged behind a train.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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  1. Jenz

    So wait.. they’re.. ripped… pegged….. MOM JEANS??? I think I’m going to put tin foil on my head and sit in my closet.

    • Bottle Ginger

      Sometimes all you can say is “Well, it got her picture in the media”.

    • Lori

      I don’t think they’re pegged; I think they are cut off. Ew.

  2. Mina

    Why do these jeans with square, gaping holes in the knees keep appearing on people? They are awful.

    • Jenz

      You know how we say “look into pants!”? I think if they’re wearing jeans like these, we need to say “LOOK INTO SHORTS! You’re already half way there!”

  3. Kate

    Looks like A finally got to her…

    • Kassidy

      haha that was my thought too “well, if A got her, chances are she DID get dragged by a train ..”

  4.  Alyssa

    Man those must be good pants that they got totally ripped up and yet her legs didn’t get all scraped. One day I’d like to hear the story of how she got attacked by a bear and her jeans saved her life.

  5. Susan

    Oh you’re too charitable. I’ve seen people who have been dragged behind trains whose garments held up better!

  6.  julyol1972

    After I came across a pic of Khloe K wearing them, I knew it was going to be all downhill from there.

    The fact that women are allowing themselves to be talked into shelling out hundreds of dollars for, and ultimately wearing denim leg-windows is utterly crazy to me.

    Don’t these people have any “get-a-f-cking-grip” friends???

  7.  Daenerys

    Run for your lives! The attack of the giant killer moth has begun!

  8.  kz.

    this just shows how very shoe-centric I am, because I somehow managed to look past the ridiculous outfit and immediately started wondering if I could find those cute booties somewhere cheap.

  9. Joanie

    Girl, no. Just. No.

    Go home and put on some real pants. Or wear shorts. Make up your mind!

  10.  Louise

    This outfit is the ugliest thing I’ve seen all week AND I just looked at Kim K’s outfit.

  11.  Fawn

    Clearly the pants are horrific. Can we talk about the fact that she’s paired them with a leather jacket and what appears to be a bra. Look into shirts! Look into (real) pants!

  12. Suzy Q

    Surely, Kanye “designed” these.

  13. C. Mak

    I wonder what they are doing with all of the patches of jeans that have been cut out of the pant legs … perhaps stitched together in a giant jeans crazy quilt?

  14.  HelenBackAgain

    I can explain this, I think!

    She (or her stylist) has had the ’80s verbally described to her, but never looked at any pictures taken during the era.

  15. Elizabeth

    That’s some extreme rug-burn…

  16. Tamara

    She’s actually handcuffed and is being escorted to the fashion drunk tank where she can sleep it off and reflect on her bad choices.

  17.  Linda_AZ

    It’s STUPID. I have such an issue with stupid fashion. It makes me even more ragey than Kim K’s nipplefest. Ugh.

  18.  Hannah

    For a second I thought she was wearing shorts and calf compression socks, like the kind I went running in this afternoon. Then I realized that’s just how big the rip in the knee is. Then I shook my head in despair.

  19. gryt

    Trying way too hard.

  20. sylvie

    The pants are some kind of Japanese street fashion deal.

  21.  Tamburlaine

    Was anyone else reminded of that bit in ‘Get Smart’ where Steve Carell’s character has his trousers abraded by actually being dragged from a train…?

  22. Lori

    A funny commenter in the Lucy Hale Cosmo cover post suggested LH looked like she had been mauled by a werewolf.

    Maybe AB is doing the walk of shame after participating in shenanigans with werewolf and LH.

  23. Abbie R.

    Pretty sure these pants are the sad, confused cousin of the hi-lo skirt. They’re about 8 inches of fabric away from being shorts in the front and pants in the back.

  24. Marnie

    “Look into pants” is right. You can literally look “into” her pants…