Work of Fug

This reminds me that I have like two weeks of Work of Art to look at; I’ve been neglecting it, and you….

Or perhaps — HOLY MAI TAIS — I am just trying to SAVE US ALL.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (26):

  1. vandalfan

    What. The. HELL. It’s a cape with matching formal shorts. And if you look at the blue water pattern on her abdomen long enough, you’ll see a cross between Bozo and the Shroud of Turin.

  2. Simone

    Am speechless. WHAT IS THAT??

  3. Caroleena Stantonova

    Shame someone didn’t save HER from this unspeakable ICK…and the shoes to boot!

  4. Katie

    Anyone else seeing an otter floating around on her abdomen?

  5. Terry

    The tide appears to be arising from her crotch.

  6. Sajorina

    This outfit has hidden & not-so-hidden sexual images that are creeping me out! Eeewww!!!

  7. Lina

    Oh, China. This is both ghastly and BRILLIANT. Brilliant marketing, since you do host an art show and a lot of good art tends to have variously subtle sexual elements. But the nipple-tipped mountains right at the bust is just a wee on the, well, not ‘nose’, per sé, but you get what I mean. To say nothing of all the orchids and womb-waters imagery. But way to promote your show!

  8. Bambi Anne Dear

    You know, for something outdoorsy this is quite gorgeous. But with those shoes, meh. And don’t you think clutches/bags are often mismatched in terms of size? This one’s way too big for shorts. Or a mini.

    BTW, where’s Bai Ling? In acting school?

  9. Infoqueen

    Is she wearing a Chanel No. 5 ad–as a poncho?

    • Elle

      No, I think she just took a painting off her living room wall, cut two slits in it for armholes, and hung it from her shoulders.

  10. amys

    Whatever China wears, it’ll definitely be cracked out and interesting at least. Gotta give credit. Sidenote, I miss Mr. Sucklord already, and I didn’t want to like him.

  11. Geemee

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but if this had jeans instead of shorts, I think it might look OK. Even with the nipple-tipped mountaintops that I now cannot unsee.

  12. Sonya

    I was on public transportation when I saw this the first time and the “bozo and the shroud of Turin” comment made me burst out laughing. Thank you for that, vandalfan.
    This outfit is ridiculous.

  13. Blanche

    Aloha oy.

  14. Mahastee

    It’s cute. I have no idea what it IS, or even who the lady in the picture is, but that’s ok, my cabana boy will be along soon to wipe the white sand off my feet and reassure me that no innocent pythons were REALLY harmed to make those shoes.

    Anyway. I ALSO like pina coladas and taking walks in the rain.

  15. Liz

    I like it. There, I said it.

    But the shoes do not go with the outfit.

  16. Sam

    It’s another Stella McCartney atrocity. Who would’ve thought, lol.

  17. Carol

    It’s a sandwich board advertisement for the Oahu Tourist Council.

  18. Cora

    @Lina: for real. Boob Mountains and Vagina Lake, I mean, come ON…. and why the hell couldn’t she have worn this with an electric-blue pencil skirt?

  19. Loren

    The last time I saw photos of CChow she was topless in France with a bizarrely disinterested Keanu Reeves. In comparison, I love this look.

  20. Caroleena Stantonova

    I would have to be 8 or 9 sheets to the wind before I could wear this ensemble.

  21. ChaChaHeels

    @Cora: as if the shorts are the problem here.
    There is definitely something familial and characteristic about things with that McCartney name, gotta say.