Who Fugged It More (Or Less): Isabel Lucas vs Angela Lindvall

We are becoming pedi-centric here at GFY this week: First Chloe Sevigny’s shoes were in the leadoff spot in a post about her, and now we have this pair, worn slightly differently but to the same event by — respectively — Isabel Lucas and Angela Lindvall.

Isabel Lucas at the 'Somewhere' premiere in Hollywood
Angela Lindvall at the premiere of "Somewhere"

And yes, you’re not mistaken: The heel is modeled after a deer leg**. They’re Louis Vuitton, hot off the Spring 2011 runway,  but unfortunately I don’t find them graceful and sprightly (a la that professional frolicker Bambi) so much as wonkus and terribly uncomfortable-looking. It draws my attention, too, to the level of foot squish we’re seeing in this minimalist shoe, and then I start to wonder about blisters and chafing, and THAT is some sexy imagery, let me tell you.  ** Apparently it’s actually a giraffe leg, which does at least explain why they don’t evoke Bambi for me, and also, makes me lament the lack of famous giraffes.

Let’s look at what each woman paired them with, beginning with Lindvall:

Angela Lindvall at the "Somewhere" premiere

This is so Disco Pool Party, although I don’t think people in the ’70s clipped hair extensions to their wraps. Then again, I didn’t think people in the ’10s did that either, yet here we are staring at a hirsuite shawl and wondering whether Louis Vuitton is newly sponsored by Rogaine.

Enter Isabel:

Isabel Lucas at the 'Somewhere' premiere

It’s… better? But still odd, like her torso is getting ready to shoot an ad for a late-night party line where you can call breathy people for “good conversation,” while her bottom half heads off to… I don’t even know. The town square dance? Throw in a Stetson and some boots and I could totally see that outfit on somebody doing the do-si-do with every eligible cowpoke on the reputable side of the Chow Hut.

To be sure, it’s a nice life to get head-to-toe Louis Vuitton for an event, although I’m not sure THIS is quite the LV I would have chosen. What about y’all? Would you have worn the shoes? Would you have done it with these outfits? Or would you have sent it all back with a politely worded refusal and then gone out to buy some Oscar de la Renta?

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Comments (35):

  1. The Other Molly

    Vuitton was clearly having an off day when he designed that shoe.
    It’s awful.

  2. Rayna

    Yes, while the outfits ARE cracked out, it’s the shoe that concerns me. It’s pretty to look at, but I wouldn’t want to stand or walk in it for more than 5 minutes. While my tootsies are not quite (ahem!) as dainty as these ladies’, I don’t think the shoes are good for them either.

    It’s a podiatrist’s nightmare waiting to happen.

  3. Katharine

    Nothing wins here. The outfits both suck, and the shoes may be triumphs of design pr0n, but they do not look as though any amount of carefully applied protective cushion tape could make them even marginally walkable.

    I like a crazy shoe myself, but I will not sacrifice foot-flesh to wear them. I hate nothing more than watching a woman teeter along in obvious pain in stupid footwear. (Look at those cramped, agonised toes!)

  4. Jill

    Those shoes look like torture! The only way I could spend time in them is if I was sitting down the entire night. Like, not even get up to go to the bathroom.

    I think the skirts on both girls have the potential to be awesome, but still needs some work. Other than that, they are both cracked out from head to poor little tortured toe.

  5. Amanda

    It looks like the bands would break on those shoes within about 3 minutes of walking, especially with how the foot would be sliding around. In addition, they’re just plain ugly. Paired with the outfits, exceptionally awkward all around.

  6. Juju

    For me, the most crazy-making facet of those shoes is that they’re probably $3,000 a pair.

  7. Kathleen

    The shoes are nice to look at, the outfits are as cracked as the shoes. My question is why are people wearing this shoe two weeks into December, in the North America region. Do thier feet have invisable insulation that mine are lacking. Indoors my feet are more covered than thiers are. I’m in New England and wearing that shoe would get me a visit in the local 3 square a day padded room party. In fact seeing them made my feet so cold I have to go get some nice wool socks.

  8. steph

    I first thought the heel was broken-like it snapped off at the base & was barely hanging on. Very cracked out & probaly a cracked out price (most $$$$$$$$$…. duds are cracked out)

  9. Mary

    Shoes like these trigger my inner radical feminist. I understand that it must be hard to come up with fresh, new shoe designs year after year, but these are simply a modern version of foot binding.

    Ok, stepping down from my soap box now.

  10. P

    Thought the heels were giraffe? Not deer! Small difference, more hideous?

  11. Caroline

    The shoe is cool in theory but would have worked better with a big platform in a Vivienne Westwood/McQueen way. Isabel’s top might have worked better with Angela’s skirt but I think I’m just clutching at straws here.

  12. Heather

    Oh, maybe. The photo caption said deer. I will investigate…

  13. Heather

    Okay, edited the post to reflect that it is indeed a giraffe leg. Well-spotted, P!

  14. Soapstef

    Where did this Lucas girl come from & why does she look medicated in every picture?!

  15. Gina

    Ouch! Why would anyone wear shoes that makes them look like they have hammertoes? (And will probably GIVE them hammertoes!)

  16. Chasmosaur
  17. Janice Second

    Those shoes are hein. At least Angela’s toes look nice (for toes) and aren’t mangled. I like Isabel’s top. Angela’s looks huge on her. Both of them have fug skirts. I think of the two though, Isabel’s is better. If she had worn maybe like, a high waist black pencil skirt (non metallic, around or above the knee) I think I would have dug it.

  18. Chasmosaur

    Other famous giraffe:


    I’d comment on something else, but man, those outfits just defy reason. Anything I could say would be superfluous.

  19. Winona (not Ryder)

    Those are barely a shoe, and probably cost more than my monthly rent.

  20. gerri

    I actually owned a pair of shoes very similar to these in the 80′s except they were blue snakeskin. And yes, they killed after wearing them for 5 minutes but I wish I still had them. Not for wearing, just to remind myself why my knees always hurt.

  21. vandalfan

    I love the idea of the shoes, but not the execution. I’d wear them if the little leg was a life sized deer hoof, good and stable, and in beige or… fawn (sorry).

    The rest of the items don’t fit. #1′s top gives her torpedo boobs; it’s just too big, her hair is too tight and frankly seems like she was too lazy to do anything more than a ponytail. #2′s skirt is too small; I’m sure she does not have thunder thighs as the photo appears to show, and her hair is also I’m Too Lazy to Try. The square shoulders on the lace overlay are so stiff they don’t look like sleeves. To summarize, each piece is nice individually but they don’t go together at all.

  22. I.K.

    what the flying fuck… I have no words for this.

  23. Belinda

    If you have to wear those shoes, you MUST have a pedicure, so Isabel, whoever she is, fails!

  24. Kate

    No. Just no. These shoes are not interesting or design pr0n… They have a weird/slightly interesting heel, and the rest looks like the cheap shoes I picked up off of ebay in college for like $15 and always tore off by the end of the night in a drunken fury due to their supreme discomfort… I don’t even think they’d look all that good sitting on a shelf. You have to consider the whole shoe – these have a slightly interesting heel, then the rest is completely boring, not to mention severely uncomfortable. Fail.

    Seriously, remove the heel, and these shoes are just your run of the mill cheap and dated-looking shoe from Payless. Boring.

    And yes, way too much foot being shown for heels like this. And, Isabel, pedicure… Seriously. Your feet are pretty attractive unadorned (for feet), but you gotta get some polish on those toes.

  25. Quentin

    Isabel Lucas could be so pretty if she just TRIED. At least the hair or the make-up or the clothes or the shoes or the posture. Pick one, for the sake of sandwiches! Baby steps, you know?

  26. Jules

    Ouch. Broken ankle waiting to happen.

    Angela wore them better, but it worked nicer overall with Isabel’s outfit.

    Point: Izzy.

  27. Rebecca Bryan

    EEEEEEWWWWW! Those shoes are a monstrosity to man kind! Note: You should not wear shoes that your toes hang off the edge of!

    There is absolutely nothing nice about those shoes. They should be burned.. with the rest of the outfits these lovely ladies are wearing!

  28. Dusk

    Nelly’s Folly…the title sums it up for me..

  29. atz

    Somehow, the clothes and shoes seem boring to me, even though they are, objectively speaking, fairly “out there”. There’s a lot of nothing going on here.

    Uninspired, and not too flattering, even on those beautiful models.

  30. AJ

    Do these folks just never look in a mirror? Can’t anybody pick a shoe that makes their foot look beautiful? And while I am on the soapbox — if you buy a pair of shoes like this, the law ought require that you take a class on how to walk in them so you don’t look awkward or in imminent danger of a broken hip.

  31. Susan

    The whacked outfits are just ugly and ill-fitting, the shoes though are down right creepy!! Ewww……

  32. Elizabeth

    Lack of famous giraffes?! How about Melman from Madagascar!

    And to “The Other Molly”: “Vuitton was clearly having an off day when he designed that shoe.
    It’s awful.”

    Vuitton? It’s Marc Jacobs. Do you even know what you’re talking about?

  33. Geotpf

    Kathleen-Um, you are in New England. These folks are in Los Angeles, I assume (it’s a movie premire). The high temperture in LA today was 68 degrees. Predicted to be 79 degrees on Saturday!

  34. Annabeth

    I loathe that shoe. It doesn’t flatter, it doesn’t support, it doesn’t match, it doesn’t disappear (thanks to freaky animal appendages) — essentially, it does NOTHING for the wearer but put stress on her knees. It makes Thomas Jane’s footwear choices look sane, and you know I did not say that lightly.

  35. Annabeth

    also, am I crazy, or would Angela’s skirt look a whole lot better with Isabel’s top? I don’t know about good, but better?

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