Who Fugged It More? Jada Pinkett Smith v. Kristen Wiig

Remember this?

Jada Pinkett Smith does. AND LOOK WHAT SHE DID WITH IT:

That is not an improvement. This is a cigarette girl’s uniform.

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  1. Willow

    I actually might like Jada’s.

    Just on someone younger, I can see Emma Roberts wearing it and possibly pulling it off.

  2. maryse

    it’s not as sad looking on jada.

    • Annie S.

      See, I think it looks WORSE on her. Her bust-to-waist-to-hips ratio is about 1:1:1.

    • Lils

      That’s only because she’s smiling, though…

    • francesca

      Yes, sad! That’s the best description of it. Kristen’s floal enhancement just gives her wonky boob. But over all, I hate Kristen’s version of that disaster the least (notice how I didn’t say “like it the best”).

  3. Evalyn

    I can’t believe two (2) – seriously, two? – grown women went out in public dressed in that. Long or short, it’s really sad.

  4. JanetP

    Best poll ever!

  5. Jasmine

    I like Jada’s version better, but definitely not on her. On like.. Abigail Breslin or something. Someone wee. Not a grown-ass woman.

  6. Anita

    Kristen always looks so damn droopy (better posture and a bra wouldn’t hurt), and Jada needs to learn that just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  7. Rosa

    HAHAHAHA! Best. Poll. EVER!
    I agree Evalyn. They’re both awful. Jada’s might be even more awful but my retinae are burning so it’s tough for me to tell.

  8. Kate

    I love a one-option poll. To hell with democracy! ;)

  9. Kara

    Jada’s body is smoking hot, but: no. Said it before, say it again: onesies are for janitors, mechanics, prisoners, and children under two. And is Jada’s riding up her legs?

  10. gladly

    They cut off the pant legs, but there’s still no way to pee without taking the whole damn thing down? Torture!

  11. Sajorina

    Two FUGS down, like way down… Let’s make them underground as in buried, so I don’t have to see them anymore!!!

  12. Lilywise

    Jada looks happy and confident; Kristen looks slightly terrified and droopy. I think Jada just might be working this travesty of a garment.

  13. Laucie

    Kudos for mid-day hilarity !

  14. Gigi

    That’s an improvement. It looks like a fun summer romper in a 1940s style, appropriate for a poolside party. Kristen looks like a sad clown in hers.

  15. ErinS

    Dare I say jada’s version is not THAT bad?? I would have loved it if she was wearing flat sandals…I just don’t like shorts with heels.

  16. sarah

    HAhahahaha. I love that there is only one option in this poll. Truth.

  17. Stubenville

    Needs arm cuffs. And a cape.

  18. AM

    A million x ditto on the shorts with high heels. It just says 1970s-1980s cop show hooker to me. I suppose if that’s the look you’re going for. . .As for the outfit, it’s a pretty color on both women, but that’s my only positive. Wait, a little shorter, different material on Jada, and we’ve got a great bathing suit! See Esther Williams reference.

  19. kickassmomnyc

    FUG squared.
    Great poll.

  20. Barbara

    I’m almost to embarassed to say.. I might like Jada’s. I would probably wear it in the safety of my own home, while watching tv and dreaming of skinny legs.

  21. kelsey

    Favorite. Poll. Ever.

  22. Claire L1

    I’m sorry…it is so NOT a cigarette girl’s uniform….because I would wear a cigarette girl’s uniform.

  23. CJ

    That might be cute… on someone half her age.

  24. Hailey

    I usually think that Kristen Wiig could not look more flat chested if she tried. She tried and proved me wrong.

  25. Aria

    Both hideous, but Jada’s is less hideous. Fits her bust better and seems to have more of flat front whereas Kristin’s either has pleats or fits her funny. And I hate her matchy-matchy shoes. But really, both outfits should be burned.

  26. Bevvie Hedstrom

    “HAHAHAHAH I can’t believe you’re even asking.”

    Did not see that coming. So funny. :D

  27. vandalfan

    Wee Wonkus Knockers. Bitsy Boobs Akimbo.

  28. Shiitake

    They both look like idiots.

  29. The Fugger

    …and that was STILL the most difficult poll in a while.

    I mean, yes, we last saw Jada’s outfit on a Playboy Bunny in 1963. (Or on the title character of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, depending on your mileage.) But UGH WIIG’S VERSION. At least Jada is attempting to work it. Kristen just looks sad.

  30. corrie

    Best. Poll. Ever.

  31. terri

    Current Poll results: 100%, 2,979 votes. Total voters: 2,982. Hmmm. SOMEONE (3 people) have managed to vote…for nothing? I smell VOTER FRAUD! ALARM!!

  32. Mongerel


    scroll, scroll, scroll…


    Warn a dog, won’t you, Jessica?!

  33. cc

    They’re both equally terrible! TIE!

  34. Natalie

    So Jessica. I notice there is only one poll option, yet 3,408 people voted “HAHAHAHAH I can’t believe you’re even asking,” while there are 3.411 voters. Also, are you trying to pull off a single minded world or did you really just forget to put the other poll option on there?

    A devoted reader.

  35. TaraMisu

    You guys… I have been in meetings ALL DAY. I come home and this is the fuggery that greets me PLUS that amazing poll…. thank you LOLOLOL! :D

  36. Kyasarin

    I dunno. It doesn’t make me quite as sad on Jada.

  37. Stephanie

    Jada’s version maybe….. on a THREE year old!

    • The Fugger

      Jada’s version WAS worn by a three-year-old.

      On Toddlers and Tiaras.

  38. Andrew S.

    interestingly enough, this was worn the Kristen Way on the ‘Basketball Wives’ reunion this week & last week by Jennifer…Williams, was it? Jada’s is better but it only make me wish it were a dress instead that was slightly longer. heh.

    and best poll EVER XD

  39. Jolene

    When I saw Jada’s version, I actually gasped in horror and clutched my pearls! Then I realised my pearls were GONE! Where is Dirk Venom when you need him?

  40. Trace

    How could Jada ever SIT in that thing??? Its pulled so tight that there is no way the top would stay up if she sat down.
    Ladies, you both deserve better.

  41. Hester

    For some twisted reason I don’t want to explore, the first two things that popped into my head on seeing Jada were ‘Esther Williams’ and then ‘Shirley Temple’.

  42. Ms. A.

    That jumpsuit is horrid.
    BURY IT!

  43. gryt

    That’s a 1940′s playsuit ( a swimsuit not to be swum in). To be worn on the beach.

  44. uschi

    OMG!! I love that jumpsuit on Kristen! You all suck.