Who Fugged It More: Cheryl Cole vs Zooey Deschanel

This might be a case of Hey, Look Who Fugged It Equally, but let’s get jiggy with it anyway. You might recall Zooey Deschanel sporting a version of this at the premiere of My Idiot Brother, and now booted X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole — or should I say Ex Factor, HA HA HA, sigh, Friday is never my best mental day — popped by the musical version of Shrek in the West End wearing it:

Something about the pelvic ruffles seems different — less elaborate — and Cheryl’s shoes are a bit cutesier. On the one hand, Zooey’s preponderance of crotch flaps gives her groin a Venus Flytrap flavor, as if her ladycage is going as the Little Shop of Horrors this Halloween and was just testing its costume. On the other, the half-hearted ruffle Cheryl is sporting looks kind of discount, like she couldn’t afford the full flytrap, so instead she just looks like she’s been cheaply cross-bred with a French maid. I’m thinking my answer is going to be, “Sigh, both of them are serving up their heads on a clown platter,” but for fun, let’s aim for optimism. SOMEONE has to have done it better, right?

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[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Comments (19):

  1. blah

    Its the same dress. Zooey is wearing it wrong. The skirt’s slit should be on the side.

    • Jamie

      That’s exactly what I was thinking – but then it must be separates, not a dress, right? Or did someone pull it apart and completely remake it with the skirt rotated 90 degrees? I’m so confused.

      • GFY Heather

        I knew it was the same dress, but clearly something had been done to it — thanks for sussing it out! Never thought you could wear it sideways.

  2. vandalfan

    You can’t make me chose either one. They are both clown collar peplum nightmares. The shoes here are particularly clown like.

  3. Sajorina

    I actually LOVED Zooey’s version of the dress and thought she looked BEAUTIFUL in a whimsy, yet elegant kind of way! But, Cheryl’s looks awfully clown-y… Ew!

  4. Pouncer

    Cheryl in this dress still has a figure — curves at waist and bosom and hips — while Zooey becomes a shapeless sack. And I like Cheryl’s shoes better. She makes this look sexy and interesting, somehow.

    • Eliza Bennett

      That’s exactly why I voted for Cheryl. The hair is less crazy-clown-trying-to-make-it-as-french-maid and the shoes are more fun. But if my friend came out of the dressing room in either outfit, I would probably cackle and point.

  5. Erin

    Zooey wins it for me because of her makeup. I can’t get behind hot pink lipstick my 8 year old self would have loved.

  6. Anne B

    Where are my third and fourth voting options?

    * For Sexy-Waitress at the Sad Clown Cafe, neither Zoe nor Cheryl is wearing ENOUGH makeup.
    * Also, what does it take to get a Bozo Sidecar in a place like this?

  7. Evalyn

    Zooey looks like she’s playing dress-up. Cheryl is wearing the dress. The dress is wearing Zooey, or perhaps inhaling her.

  8. LoriK

    I can’t figure out why one person wore this clown costume masquerading as a dress, let alone two. This vote definitely needed a 3rd option of the “Oh hell no” variety.

  9. Carolina Girl

    I must be getting really old, because when I look at either dress all I can think of is “God, getting makeup off that clown collar/Elizabethan ruff thingy is going to be a bitch!”

  10. Dazie

    Hated both, but Cheryl’s shoes won the vote.

    Ruffles = bad, unless you’re a potato chip or the guest of honor at a quinceañera.

  11. Andrew S.

    Cheeza just totally sells this for me.

  12. NYCGirl

    If forced to pick, I’d say Cheryl’s is slightly less fug, because it’s simpler.

  13. helena

    cheryl fugged it less. but only because zooey is obnoxious and i wasted 20something minutes of my life watching that fug of a show New Girl last night.

  14. bridgette

    Zoey is naturally so darn cute. I thunk her version is stylish ad modern. Cheryl’s look is contrived and stiff. I’m really not feeling it,


  15. SamBarge

    I voted for Cheryl Cole because Noel Fielding calls her “Geordie Chocolate-eyes” and that’s good enough for me.