The sleeves, with cuffs that flop over her entire hand, are a little absurd to me -- it recalls how much my mother (and many like her, I'm sure) hated it when I would pull sweater sleeves down over my hands and clutch at them. Also, there's no way that wasn't hella irritating all night -- when drinking, eating, purse-rummaging, flushing, etc. In my experience, wrists don't need veils.

    But to understand TRULY why I suddenly find this outfit hilarious, you need to see the originally designed version. The shirt did not have that giant black bar across the chest, so you can clearly see underboob on the model; in that context, is it not hugely amusing that Ashley's version effectively and symbolically censors her subcleav from making an appearance? She looks like when Glamour protects the innocent on its Fashion Don't pages.

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