Who Fugged It More: Ashley Greene vs Dakota Johnson

No, you’re not seeing things. We JUST fugged Kristen Stewart in the Liza Minnelli version of this outfit, and now we’ve got two more ladies offering a variation. Can we cut it out with the lace for a while? It’s getting chilly. Let’s all eat carbohydrates and refined sugars and prepare for the Mayan apocalypse, instead of trying to look like a madam’s light fixtures.

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[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]

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  1. regina

    Ashley and Kristen were at the same party wearing these sheer overalls? I wonder if they coordinated, or were like “damn, I thought I could be sure to be the only one in this” when they saw each other? So many questions, so much lace and fugginess.

    • Jessica

      Ashley was at a CDFA event, not the Twilight premiere. But I had the same thought.

  2. Kimmy

    Now that I know who Dakota is, or more importantly, who her parents are, I am so distracted by how she really kind of takes after both of them that she is almost becoming a disembodied head.

  3. Carrie

    Gah, this is a trend I can’t wait to die.

    Ben and Kate is so delightful. Dakota Johnson’s character is what an actual adorkable woman is like, not whatever Zooey Deschanel is doing on New Girl.

  4. pidget

    Ladies – STOP IT. That is all.

  5. Chasmosaur

    Okay, I owned a lace bodysuit in the 90′s. I even had the body to wear it at the time ;)

    Did I wear it like this? NO. Aside from the fact it was more opaquely tatted, I wore a really substantial bra underneath…and then I threw a blazer over it. It was a HINT of lace and cleavage with jeans and riding boots. It worked because there was a *suggestion* that I was half-naked from the waist up, even though the blazer covered almost everything. My boyfriend at the time loved that outfit.

    Lesson learned? Sometimes, ladies (and designers), it’s sexier to conceal, rather than reveal.

  6. lori

    Ashley’s belly-out pose coupled with the lace parting over her navel makes me fear an impending Alien moment.
    And yet both of them look as if they’ve been rolled up ready for some spider’s late night snack – I think it’s the rigid arms that do that.

  7. jerkygirl

    I love black lace, really I do, but this is getting out of hand and I hate it. EVERYONE IS WEARING LACE AS A FREAKING SHIRT AND IT’S AWFUL!!! People are going to get (even more) tired of it and then no one will use it in anything. I lament this. Black lace is gorgeous when used as an OVERLAY (thank you, Keira Knightley a few days ago) but this bedroom-wear-as-outerwear crap. . .

  8. Pooja

    I would 100% wear this outfit! Dream outfits for sure man.

  9. Jenna

    Ashley’s torso looks marginally better than Dakota’s bra, but I Dakota’s sleeves look so much better (and she makes up for outfit failings with loads of Ben and Kate charm). In the end, both outfits suck to the point where it’s no longer worth comparing them.

  10. Stefanie

    Okay so the lace is actually really beautiful but the execution is completely cracked out. I guess if I had to pick I’d take the original version with the underboob. At least the pattern of the lace isn’t all f’ed up but tube tops and ugly sensible bras. That said, CRACKED OUT.

  11. Tamburlaine

    Ashley’s working the outfit more than Dakota (the astronaut quilted trousers are a big no-no), and I think the bandeau-type strapless bra works quite well under the lace. But why does it fasten like that at the back? And the whole thing looks so fragile, it looks like it would rip if she gave a nice deep breath or flexed her biceps while lifting a glass of wine to her lips.

    • Stefanie

      I think my issue with the bandeau thingy is that it seems like it’s sitting too low. Maybe if it hit the middle of the lace pattern it would be okay-ish? As it is it looks like her boobs are sagging and they so are not.

      • Shelby

        My issue with the bandeau thingy is that it’s obscuring the beautiful lace pattern of the top. I actually think the top looks best on the model wearing nothing underneath it, but probably only because I have not seen a version that is fully lined and would therefore not distract the eye from the lace pattern with jiggly bits – while not obscuring the lace pattern, the underboob vision definitely competes.

        • jenny

          I agree. The original version — with mint pants and no bra — makes the lace look absolutely gorgeous. This with the tube top and black pants just ruins everything. But let’s be honest, that shirt was never meant to be worn by mere mortals in real situations.

  12. KellyG

    Ahhh bahahahahaha self heated astronaut food pants. This killed me.

  13. Jessica

    “Friends don’t let friends turn their groins into space-ovens”. Fug Girls, I love you.

  14. Joan

    Space ovens! You’re slaying me over here – at least Dakota doesn’t have the hand shrouds the other one has – hideous all around.

  15. mary lou bethune

    I had no idea that Dakota is so pretty. She looks like Tippi Hedren, her nana.. just beautiful. But she needs another outfit. AShley is also beautiful…. why do they ruin their great beauty with a silly “dress”?

  16. Willa W

    These outfits might just work… if it was halloween in a really warm country.

  17. Helen

    Both outfits are terrible. But it’s kind of nice to have found out that Don Johnson and Antonio Banderas’ kid grew up to be just as glowingly beautiful as one might expect!

    My apologies to Melanie. I had to do that.

    I also couldn’t resist voting, “STOMACH!”

  18. Beth

    I was looking at the last photo of Dakota, and my two-year-old daughter glanced at the screen and said, “What happened to her?” I think that says it all.

  19. fritanga

    This makes me sad, because I too love Dakota Johnson and this outfit is awful. I’d expect it from someone like Greene (who has no discernible talent or taste) but Dakota is my personal antidote when Zooey Deschanel goes off the rails in her “adorkableness.” Johnson is just genuinely cute – she doesn’t have to strain for it.

    I think her mother bought her this outfit. Sad.

  20. Sajorina

    I’ll take bra over tube top any day! And, did you know that Melanie married Don when she was 14? Her mother just signed the papers and let her go live with him… Crazy, huh? I would never!

  21. Vandalfan

    Ashley’s been digging in her navel because her lace is torn there.

  22. Rachael

    Gross. Who thought this was a good idea? Someone needs to have a stern talking to with that person. And all these women need to buy full lenth mirrors, into which they actually look before they leave their homes (or wherever they happen to dress for these events). I know your stylist may be dressing you, but seriously. Just stop.

  23. Rachael

    Also, is it me, or does Dakota Johson look a heck of a lot like Gillian Anderson?