Well Played, Laura Linney/OH HONEY NO, Lecy Goranson

In fairness, Laura Linney almost always looks lovely:

Therefore, I can’t really be surprised when she shows up somewhere in a simple, flattering little red number: no bells and whistles, never trying too hard. She just looks GOOD.

I truly wish I could say the same for Lecy “Original Becky” Goranson:

OH MY GOD SWEET CHILD WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? You did know this event was going to be occurring IN PUBLIC, correct? Because I think you’re wearing a tablecloth transformed into a nightshirt. Not to mention the clodhoppers, of course — I know clogs are BACK, but this is what I imagine every time I read a CLOGS ARE BACK-type article. WHY would you bring THESE back, Fashion Gods? What’s next? Wait, don’t answer that. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know.