Well Played, Amy Adams


Sigh. The holidays are so awesome, but it has been a sloooooow reboot. The worst thing about trying to run a fashion blog this time of year is that celebrities ALSO want to avoid going back to work by holing up in their homes, drinking egg nog/playing with their kids/making absurd Miis on the Wii (a sentence that, if you are not familiar with game systems, may make you wonder if I am deploying a new and poorly spelled euphemism). The only people doing much of anything right now are the ones using this lull to remind you they exist — like, half the photos out there are, “Kate Beckinsale Goes To Staples,” or, “Jackie Chan Goes To Brookstone,” or, “Breckin Meyer Takes His Child For A Walk,” or “Robin Thicke Grocery Shops At Bristol Farms,” or, “Kate Beckinsale Shops At Whole Foods.” And while there is plenty to wonder about with these pictures — what does Jackie Chan want at Brookstone? Does Kate Beckinsale subsist only on yogurt and three-hole-punched printer paper? — they do not provide much fashion fun. Yes, Kate is wearing huge shades; yes, Robin Thicke is wearing a v-neck t-shirt; no, Breckin Meyer’s toddler is not taller than he is yet; etc. But those are entries for another blog. Let’s call it Go Plug Yourself, and it’ll be all about self-promotion through errands.

Anyhoo: That’s why I’m doing a whole entry on Amy Adams’ coat.
Not that I don’t sincerely like this coat. I do. It’s really cute. And it makes me nostalgic for the days when I lived in cities that required outerwear and had real seasons. Big ups to whomever is doing Amy’s maternity shopping; bonus points if it actually is Amy. But on a regular week, we might not bother with it because of PLENTY of other content. Then again, it’s kind of nice to have a break from the exploits of Boobs Legsly, Paris Hilton, and Taylor Momsen. So maybe if I’d stumbled upon this photo on a normal, busy day, I’d have seen it as an oasis in the I Am Running Out Of Ways To Create A Fug-Based Headline For This Person desert. Regardless, that thing is adorable, and it’s inspired me to go knock down my air-conditioning to Defcon 1 levels of frigid, and put on one of my own coats and play Indoor Winter. Childish? Yes. But a great procrastinatory tool? Even YESSER.