Well Replayed, Kate Middleton


JOAN COLLINS IS INVOLVED. I’m pretty sure you guys understand what this means to me. It’s the best thing ever. Kate appears to be having a really good time, too. I can only imagine she asked her for tips in case there comes a time when she needs to throw a drink in William’s face.

[Photos: Splash]

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  1.  Heather

    OMG what was this event and why wasn’t I invited?

  2. Miriam

    This question requires an answer I think: how old is the indomitable mz. Collins? She looks terrific. What’s her secret?

  3. Amanda in Austin

    I can’t believe you didn’t comment on Joan’s coat! It’s FABULOUS, and perfectly suits her.

  4. Lynne

    I love that Kate recycles the wardrobe but I notice she’s been doing it a lot lately. Does anyone else think maybe she’s trapped in that new mom cycle of… “right. I’m totally going to buy new clothes. Next week for sure.” And then just never does because baby=sleep deprivation? Or does that not apply to royals?

    • aemom

      Apparently she’s been planning her wardrobe for her upcoming visit to Australia. I suspect that is taking all her available “shopping” time.

  5. robabeau

    Ok. is it bad that I didn’t even really notice Kate in the Joan Collins picture? Sorry ’bout it, Catherine, but Joan looks SMASHING!

  6. Blair's Head Band

    Re: antiques – Eddie Izzard did a fun bit in one of his stand up DVDs about how Americans have a skewed version of what “old” is. “We’re restoring Main Street to how it looked OVER FIFTY YEARS AGO” or something was his example – he’s like ’50 years? we have castles older than your entire country, stfu’. I hearkened back to this hearing about the US Weekly/decrepit chair article. +1,000 for antiques.

    •  Anne

      There are castles in Europe older than most current countries, so yeah, that is a good example :)

    • Mel Duff

      The only thing that could’ve improved this slideshow was Eddie Izzard’s presence. Fave joke: (to Americans) “You owe the debt of honor to General Lafayette. You DON’T KNOW WHO HE IS, DO YOU?”

    • The Rizz

      No flag, no country! You can’t have one!

    •  LT1

      I recently had to clean out my dad’s house and when I was going through, deciding what to keep, I kept all of the furniture that they had from when they got married in 1960. They were big Danish Modern fans (which obviously wasn’t selling for thousand of dollars back then) and now my house is full of rosewood–how could that be a bad thing?

  7. daphne

    (for Heather.. I believe the occasion was to honor RADA, for which QEII (!) has been a patron for half a century–)

    can’t wait for the Fug Gals’ commentary ! I’m grinning already, in anticipation..

    especially delicious will be reading their description of the clash between La Collins in sparkly lace lamé and HBC in.. chic chimney-sweep !

  8. Stefanie


  9. daphne

    .. I was so excited about the FUTURE commentary that I forgot to mention I love the way Kate looks, here- (per usual)

    and have no problem with the re-played thing that happens consistently..

    not only are most of her clothes worth a second look (and more!), especially the McQueens!, but it can only be smart p.r. in this economic climate to look like you’re getting your investment’s worth! and the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe is nothing if not An Enormous Investment !

    it’s interesting to compare the stunning McQueen Kate wore to the American version of this event (in Hollywood- the pale lilac dream dress with the Swarovski cummerbund–) with this cardinal red, knee length McQueen.. Kate looks so relaxed and nearly informal (uh, for Buckingham Palace standards, that is)- hopefully, a reflection of how confident and grown-into-her-role she has become..

    I’m rambling. sorry! it’s my vicarious version of I wish I was a fly on that impressive wall..

  10. minacornell

    BTW, that’s Julian Fellowes in the left foreground of the Helen Mirren photo doing his best Alfred Hitchcock imitation.

  11. Cat

    I love this red McQueen and she looks great in it (though what doesn’t she look good in?!). I don’t even mind that her hair is down. Looks like she is having a great time. I seriously can not wait for Wills and Kate and George to go on tour!

  12.  AJ

    Let us hope Julian Fellows used his time with Kate to talk her into making a cameo on series five of Downton. She could be an old friend of Lady Mary’s that they run into in London or something.

    •  AJ

      NO WAIT. It just came to me. She can visit the house and be like “Hey Lord Grantham, I found that Gutenberg Bible you misplaced right here in your own library.”

  13. Sandra

    There were some sweet pictures of Kate and the Queen, too. I don’t think Granny is at all displeased with her.

  14. Donna J

    Richard E. Grant AND Sir David Attenborough at the same event: swoon. Sir David is one of my all-time heroes. I’ve seen every single series he’s done – they were my fave show as a kid – and the truly amazing documentary about his career, Life on Air. If you like his work, you should see it if you can.

    And I hear Richard is going to be on Downton next season: yay!

  15.  Caryn

    Love love love just knowing that all these fabulous people were in the same place at the same time. And hate hate hate not having been there.

    Kate, Joan and Helen all look gorgeous, HBC looks her usual kooky self, and any party with Richard E. Grant and David Attenborough there (and John Hurt too, while we’re at it) has my frigging vote. I think if I’d been there, I would’ve been swooning with delight at the sheer presence of everyone. Which would’ve been awkward, so maybe it’s good I wasn’t there.

    • marylou bethune

      I believe that is Julian Fellows there with Helen M and the Duchess. Plotting away, I imagine- and I mean that literally. I want Helen to be in Downton.

      The Duchess is beautiful and always looks fabulous but maybe the gorgeous hair needs a new style?

      I too wish I had been there. Hugh Laurie said on twitter that the queen was a bright light and Stephen Fry said “especially when you licked her neck”. lol

  16. france

    Reading this blog makes me want to (momentarily) pull off my Costco yoga pants and put on something with a zipper and fitted waist.

  17. Rebecca

    I love all of these pictures, not only because Kate looks so happy and delighted at everything, but also because I was at the Jubilee Flotilla and saw the glorious Kate in person that day…so I feel this outfit repeat is an obvious shout-out to me.

  18.  nobody much

    The best part about the repeats is that it kind of says ‘hey, I own these clothes – they’re not just a loan from a designer that you have to give back’

    • Shannon

      Actually, the royal family does not accept “gifts” or loans from designers. They do buy their clothes outright.

  19. Jo

    Kate’s outfit seems too old for her.

  20.  Carolyn

    My cousin played Joan Collin’s toyboy in an early 80′s film called “Nutcracker”. It’s about the ballet world and he was a starving dancer living in London.
    This was before her career resurgence so you can imagine how bad it is.
    Anyhoo, he was never allowed to touch her and she never showed her real hair, even back then.
    Perhaps that’s the secret to looking this fab at 80!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yeah, I can’t recall a time she didn’t wear wigs. But I’m guessing the reason your cousin wasn’t allowed to touch her was so that she wouldn’t inadvertently suck the youth out of him. ;-)

      •  Carolyn

        I daresay you’re right. They had a sexy sex scene where she just kept shoving his hand away. It’s pretty funny.
        Finola Hughes defects from the USSR and starts working for Joan. Amazing.

  21. kscoaster

    On what planet does Helen F’ing Mirren need a name tag?!

  22. Eli

    This really pains me to say this because I really like Kate but OMG I am starting to get so bored with her tasteful samey same outfits, flowy hair, and never-ever-ever changing makeup. AUGH. I feel better now. I realize that she cannot bust out with a JLo in Versace at the Grammys type look but damn. Girl is in a rut, big time. I think the best she’s ever looked is when she went for a slightly different style…the teal dress with the really pretty updo (although still with that horrible makeup…burn the black eyeliner with FIRE). And I know she has a baby but she isn’t making as many appearances as she used to before she was pregnant and she has the resources to, I don’t know, buy a different colored eyeliner or something. I don’t think it is going to get better, either, now that QEII has apparently planned a fashion intervention. Now we will get samey same in knee length. Sigh.

    • MJ

      Good thing her job is not to be a mannequin or keep us happy with the way she dresses!

      • Eli

        Good thing. It’s just (and not her fault, obvs), she is presented constantly as a style and fashion icon when really, she’s not. She’s a pretty girl who wears nice, often expensive, clothes well. And since this is a fashion blog, and not an article on her charity activities or her dog or her house, I feel that I can comment on that fact here.

      • Celeste

        Surely, her job involves looking good and stylish? If not, why not just swan about in a sweatshirt and jeans?

    • Jessica

      I agree! I have always adored Kate (I chose one of her updos for my wedding day!) but the fact of the matter is that she is a pretty woman who is very thin and fit. That makes everything look good on her. She has a hairdresser, someone who probably dresses her as well, and obvi no one to do her makeup. She needs to smudge that eyeliner out…for real. I love her though. Her job IS to be pretty and dressed well. What else would it be? Oh…and to have babies too. Let’s not deny the facts, she is royalty and royalty are supposed to look and act a certain way. Homegirl isn’t going to be changing her style anytime soon. Plain is in for the royals!

  23. Bambi Anne Dear

    I bet Richard E G and Joan F C were regaling Kate with wickedness.

  24. witjunkie

    I just hope at some point Richard E. Grant told one of them, “You have a lot of verve!”

  25. nmlhats

    I wish Richard E. Grant could play POSH NOSH character Simon Marchmont on Downton Abbey. How fantastic and subversive would that be!!?? He and Minty could be guests at a house party.