Well Played: Zosia Mamet in Peter Pilotto


In fairness to the Z here, there were photos of her smiling; they just weren’t in our subscription, so alas, we get Captain Solemn again.

But that’s about all that’s solemn here: I think the dress and the pattern are super cute and lively, and a good choice for her. We all know she likes a wacky pattern, but this one is well-executed and isn’t overwhelming her, and she put it with MOSTLY great shoes (if we could just chip off the giant pink iceberg-size platform, we’d be in business, and in fact, let’s START that business). I look at stuff like this and wonder if we’re on the cusp of a good thing and don’t know it yet — like, in five years, will she be a ghost of her former Fug Madness Contender self? Or will it be a blip? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS OF OUR TIME.

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  1.  KLeewrite

    And to think, I just voted for her in Fug Madness…

    • Cas

      personally, not to shade the fine folks of Fug Nation, but I think people only voted for Zosia in Fug madness because she hardly smiles in pictures, which is not a good enough reason people!! Did you not see what K.Wiggz wore 99% of the year?

      • Heather

        Yes, I try to remind people that just bc she wasn’t smiling in THAT pic doesn’t mean there WEREN’T any.

        •  KLeewrite

          Certainly, the dour expressions didn’t help. But I voted for Zosia because she just didn’t look like she was trying to look nice much of the time. That t-shirt as dress sealed the deal for me.

      • Jenz

        I voted for Wiig!! I thought Zosia did have some cute outfits whereas Wiig just didn’t. Period.

  2. K

    This is the first time I’ve ever thought she looked good. That color / print / cut is spectacular on her.

  3. K

    And I, too, adore a wacky print.

  4. Brenna

    I love a wacky print BUT….I wish the middle panel lined up with the side panels. I know it’s on purpose, but it’s close enough to look like the panel is wrong and it’s making my eyes hurt.

    •  Joanie from NC

      Agree totally, it would be so much cuter if that center was aligned, IMHO. But she still looks good. But the child is accessorized out the wahzoo so no NAB notions on this look! So many rings, tho….

    •  Jules

      I agree; it makes me want to adjust her vertical hold (a reference that surely dates me!).

  5. Lisa

    That is cute on her, but enough with those hooves.

  6. Angharad

    SEE? No way should she be beating Kristen Wiig! She looks great here. Wiig wouldn’t be caught dead in a sweet dress like this!

  7. mywhiteT

    Love the pattern and color usage on this really flatters her shape. mywhiteT.com

  8. Lynne

    This is the first Pilotto dress I haven’t outright hated. Looks cute on her.

  9. Stefanie

    OOOO I love this! The dress, the hair, the lip. Good job Z!

  10.  Michelle

    That bob is so great after the years of cousin It hair that I would forgive her for a lot of her past fashion mistakes. I love the outfight and styling (sans hooves) as well. I am crossing my fingers that this is the new normal!

  11. Kris M

    This is only a well-played because of the horrors we’ve seen before. This is a ‘fine’ at best. Interesting colour, but the sleeves are ugly and her hair looks only slightly better than many jr. high students (boys and girls) in 1996.
    Okay, I’ll concede the shoes, those are cool.

    Also, does she not have family in the biz who can teach her how to stand on a red (beige) carpet better? It’s not a firing squad, even Kristen Stewart figured it out eventually.

    • Karin

      Her father is David Mamet, so while he may not be one for knowing how to pose, I’m sure he could find someone who could help.

    • Annie E

      She probably just doesn’t give a crap about posing on the red carpet.

    • sarah

      I love this bob on her.

  12. HelenBackAgain

    I will help to start that shoe-modifying business! There are so many sad, sad platforms out there, still perfectly wearable but with their Star Moment long over…

    But everything else here is a total win. Very well played, Ms. Mamet! Her quirky prettiness is the star, as it should be, yet the fun fabric asserts itself as well. It’s beautifully balanced, and nicely individualized with the very “her” jewelry choices. Nailed it!

    • Natasha Fatale

      Totes agree, Helen – she looks great and the hair looks better than it ever has – looks healthier and shinier as well. I think the long hair was dragging her face down and as somebody who also suffers from “non-smiling sombre face” it can only help. Kudos.

  13.  ohsohappy

    When I saw Well Played: Zosia Mamet, I just KNEW it had to be good!

    And it is!! Even the shoe. For her, this is a huge step up.

    She looks Fan! Tas! Tic!

  14. Maria L.

    I think she looks great!

  15.  Karen

    Wow, who’d a thunk it?

  16. Karin

    This outfit looks great. Too bad she looks so depressed about it.

    Why do some actors not understand that at events they should ACT like they are happy to be there? If you don’t want to do press, then don’t.

  17. A

    I know everything is relative, and I hate to be the sole naysayer… But I HATE the pattern. I keep thinking it’s layers of frayed, bunched taffeta glued to a pink/red dress. It looks like a badly executed craft project! On the plus side, the fit is good, and the sleeve length is interesting.

    The shoes also aren’t great–the tan color doesn’t really work with the dress and the platform is clunky. I think maybe strappy black or colored sandals would work? Or a cobalt blue suede?

    I’m happy to see Zosia with great hair and a vibrant outfit… I just don’t think THIS is the dress to redeem her Fug Madness run. I think on anyone else this would be an Unfug It Up instead of a Well Played.

    •  Jules

      I also don’t like it, though her hair at least looks less bedraggled with that cut. She’s just set the bar so low that anything not colourless or shapeless looks like a step up for her.

    • Kiti

      You are not the sole naysayer. I think this is pretty awful (a badly executed craft project indeed), and it gleaned a “Well Played” simply because we’re all so accustomed to Zosia Mamet looking as if she just rolled out of a nap in a dumpster. “She’s not wearing only a t-shirt here! Her hair is brushed! The dress actually kind of fits her! AMAZING!”

  18.  Tamburlaine

    I may be one of the few people in Fug Nation who actually like Mamet’s style, so I really like this on her (but then, I don’t watch Girls, and GFY is the only place I see her (rather like the Kardashians)).

  19. Sweetsinger

    great color, sassy style. But You’re Never Fully Dressed without a SMILE!

  20. Yuliya

    I would’ve loved this outfit even more if she had been smiling.


  21. gryt

    Oh the torture of having to go to parties wearing lovely clothes. Woe is her.

  22. greatwhitenorthchick

    She looks great to me. Nice colours, good shoes. And her legs look great.

  23. TaraMisu

    Cute!! I will forgive the hell hooves on her feet because this dress is amazing on her…. her hair is great, she’s accessorized appropriately… just well done!

  24. Lily1214

    Well . . . I don’t know.