Well Played, Wills and Kate and Harry


Well. This is basically the best thing that ever happened.

[PS: there's also video, the best part of which might be when Harry makes Cat Woman ears with his hands at William.]

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  1. Erin

    I ADORE that they were all so game to goof around with wands. And that dress — I have never been one to shy away from a polka dot. ADORABLE!!

  2. Chasmosaur

    Oh thank you. I needed that. I just read that horrible story about the Chilean cult (seriously, don’t even Google it – I know that’s like asking you to not think of a white elephant, but it will ruin your month, possibly your quarter or year), and this was just the mind sorbet I needed.

    • Rebecca

      I Googled it, and am now deeply regretting my lack of willpower. :(

      • S

        As am I. Going to hold my baby tight tonight.

        • Kim

          Well, after that last reply, I am standing fast in not Googling it. Polkadotspolkadotspolkadotspolkadotspolkadotspolkadotswandspolkadots.

          • Ranee Singleton

            Resisting the urge to Google and holding fast to the uplifting charm of the Royal Trio plus one baby bump.

      • Chasmosaur


    • michelle

      And here I am in the middle of planning a trip to Chile in December!

  3. SPJava

    It really is the best, isn’t it? The whole thing makes me very happy.

  4. Rebecca

    I had some MAJOR fangirl moments when I saw on twitter this morning that they went there. I went on this studio tour last summer when I went to London (it’s a MUST-DO for any HP fans going there) so I really geeked out that she went somewhere I have been. I need a life.

    Oh and her outfit is flawless as usual.

  5. Meredith

    Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I’m going there in 2 weeks! And I’m super sad that I missed this, because as exciting as it will undoubtedly be to go, it would be even more awesome if I could see the royal trio when I was there.

  6. Danielle

    After a rather rough week, I also want to say thank you for this post. It was wonderful, Kate looks wonderful, Harry & William look wonderful. It’s all just fantastic.

  7. ameliateca

    I have been looking for your post from the moment I heard this happen.

    Go Fug girls never disappoint; much like The Royal Trio.

  8. Billie

    Adorable! All of them! And really, she has the BEST pregnancy hair.

  9. papersitter

    how adorable are these two?

  10. Brittany

    This made my day so much better. So many of my favorite things. And I second her fabulous pregnancy hair comment.

  11. Dbtabm

    I may have screamed and clapped when I saw this online this morning. It really is basically the best of all my obsessions rolled into one. I have watched the video of Will and Kate dueling a few too many times I’ll be honest.

  12. annie

    Great post! I have to point out the obvious though, clearly the Queen is tight with the Ministry of Magic and Wills has been receiving briefings from them as well. It’s good of him to “pretend” he doesn’t have the low down on how these things really play out..

  13. Lori

    Just what I needed at the end of a kind of craptastic week. Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  14. TaraMisu

    I read the Daily Mail every morning when I get to work…. I literally squealed out loud when I saw this <3

    And can I just say I am thoroughly THOROUGHLY jealous of how fab Kate looks? When I was pregnant I looked like an oompa-loompa at 3 months…. it did not get any better LOL

    • julyol1972

      TaraMisu, I’m so happy I’m not the only one that reads the Daily Mail every day, though I’m not always happy to acknowledge that fact. Anyway, love Kate and the boys!

  15. Cat

    So cute. They all look adorable, and I love Kate’s dress. Well played, Royal Trio.

  16. Squirrel!

    I saw pictures from this event on another site and was looking forward to seeing them on here. I read that Kate’s dress — which is, yes, adorable — sold out at Topshop within an hour of her wearing it for this occasion! And I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the other lady with the dots is J.K. Rowling. (I only know that because I saw it elsewhere. I have never seen or read any Harry Potter [hangs head in shame]).

    • lindsay

      I thought that was JK Rowling! I was scanning the comments for a more informed HP fan to confirm!

      • Helen

        I thought it was kind of funny that the random lady chatting with Kate appeared better-dressed than Kate was (though, yes, totally agree Kate looks great). That would explain it!

  17. mary lou bethune

    Isn’t that JK Rowling with Kate? They both look fantastic . Really, you all, is there anyone more adorable than Kate? I would have felt sorry for anyone having to follow Princess Diana but Wills couldn’t have done better if he had gone to Hogwarts and dated Hemionine. And he’s pretty darling himself. I wish them nothing but happiness.
    and Harry Potter to boot!~

  18. Tracey Robertson

    Sooooo the other night I had this dream that a bunch of my friends and I were all in a nightclub with Harry Potter, and he was going to be king someday. He was freaking out because he had to go to prince camp, and the princesses were being bitches to him and ignoring him. (The princesses were Beatrice and Eugenie.) He kept introducing us to them, and we were annoyed because they kept autographing our purses in iridescent ink. We were all pissed at him because it was a work night, and he wouldn’t leave until 4:00 am, but then afterwards we all went cruising American Graffiti style. I think this means I’m psychic. Also, Kate is the cutest pregnant woman ever.

  19. crookedE

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. There is nothing I needed more to close out an absolutely hellish week on a high note.

  20. Sophia Loren

    That is an adorable maternity dress. But don’t ask me, I think there are lots of chic options for pregnant women – maternity or otherwise. Also, I had no idea Top Shop had a maternity line, but there are a lot of great shapes, patterns, etc that we haven’t seen recently in the US. Thanks Fug Girls, now I’m thinking about baby number two…

    • Squirrel!

      It’s not a maternity dress. Just a dress that an average, non-Kate-proportioned woman might fit into. :-) In the link below I just noticed that the dress got only 3.2 stars out of 5. I bet that score will skyrocket!

      • Jenn

        Even further evidence that if Kimmie is so set on wearing “non-pregnancy” clothes she has no freaking excuse for what she wears because she could still look chic and relatively comfortable, rather than whatever words describe her choices.

        • Guerra

          To be fair Kate’s baby body’s is soooo much easier to dress then Kim’s

          • Jenn

            While that may be true, both have a choice to wear clothes, labeled maternity or not, that are flattering for their respective figures. No one looking at Kim knows whether it is maternity or not, but we can clearly see the clothes are not flattering nor do they look even remotely comfortable.

      • Annie S.

        I for real almost bought this dress months ago for graduation. (They have it in a burgundy with beige polka dots, and I was going to purchase that version as our school colors are maroon and white.) Sadly, it was sold out in my size, but at least now I can brag that I am duchess-adjacent in the style department!

      • scone

        I am embarrassed to admit I know this, but per What Kate Wore, there is apparently a nearly identical maternity version of this dress at TopShop, and it’s unclear which one Kate is wearing.

  21. christine christine

    I wonder why so many people had a rough week? I did too, PLUS it’s endless. This website basically keeps me sane. The NFL draft coverage? After reading it, I advised my sister to name her unborn child Barkevious Mingo, and she said okay. I say all that to say this: Kate is the Best. Pregnant. Woman. EVER.

  22. Candy

    After the mess of his parents’ marriage, how wonderful is it that Wills is so obviously in love & happy?! He & Kate seems to actually have FUN together. That makes me smile! I find the dress cute but a bit boring but I don’t even care.

    • scone

      In one of the (many) videos I watched, when Wills gets on the BatBike, you can hear Kate go “You wish. You WISH.” It is delightful. And they’re SO CUTE dueling.

  23. Sandye

    How fabulous is this? I adore ya’ll for posting this.

  24. Ruth

    That Hagrid mannequin is the stuff of nightmares. Why didn’t they give him a face?????

  25. Sandra

    These three are so much fun together! I adore the way that William and Harry tease each other in their public speeches. The other day Harry told the folks at the brain injuries charity that William actually will change diapers the way Harry did on the doll (by flipping it over on its face with one hand) and at this event William told everybody not to spoil the secret because he hasn’t yet told his brother that Harry Potter is fictional. Priceless!

    Oh, yeah, they all look great.

  26. Kim

    Some heirs to the throne get to have all the fun.

  27. AJ

    A month of bombings, explosions, flooding and more here in the U.S. Thank you to our ally across the pond for providing us this wonderful, wonderful thing.

    Much like the Dark Knight himself, this trio is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need. POLKA DOTS.

  28. AJ

    Also saw a clip of Wills hopping on the Bat pod (motorcycle-type thing from the movies) and Kate just said “you wish” to him. And then they had a WAND DUEL.

  29. Betsy

    I didn’t think I could love them more, but I was WRONG. The glee! Wills is so totally into it that I can’t stand it. I love seeing them really seem to have fun. And yes, she looks great. :)

  30. Aspasia

    That look on Kate’s face in that first picture is priceless.

  31. Charlotte

    Aaaand that photo of Kate is my FB cover pic now.

  32. Aparatchick

    I’m chiming in with everyone else who has had quite enough of this week. Love, love, love these pictures! They are just what I needed to see.

  33. LB

    This is th best thing ever!!! I live it. And Kate looks adorable.

  34. Sajorina

    OMG, this is AWESOME! I know nothing about “Harry Potter”, but based on this pictures, I want to go to there! WELL PLAYED!

  35. Guerra

    This is a pretty cute dress! :)

  36. ChristieLea

    THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS IS OVERWHELMING. I love how much fun they’re clearly having…just look at them goofing around with the wands! It’s nice to know that even the Royals wish they could go to Hogwarts :)

  37. Helen

    In full truthiness, I was so touched at what a great time they’re all having with this that I teared up. It’s such a relieving anodyne to recent events. (And clothes.)

    I love the Rowling oeuvre, I love how it’s encouraged so many kids to read more, I love the films, I love seeing beautiful young people having fun playing like little kids – and now I’m crying a little again.

    In a really good way. They all look great and this is just MARVELOUS in EVERY WAY.

  38. Steph

    I HAVE a polka dot Top Shop dress! I squeeeeeeeeeed with delight when I saw Kate wearing hers! (Mine has a collar and buttons down to the waist, but it’s almost exactly the same!)

    She looks gorgeous, the men look handsome and they are clearly have a great time.

  39. Alli

    Just to confuse our hosts further, in the Common Room pics, Kate is holding Hermione’s wand and Wills is holding Ron’s. They have different ones in that pic with the blue lighting…I promise I’m not HP obsessed, but have boys who are and I have those wands in my house right now.

  40. Bambi Anne Dear

    I do like Kate with a bit of meat on her legs.

  41. nicolegrr

    OMG. It is SO wonderful.

  42. Barbara

    I just love the three of them when they’re all hanging out together! And Kate’s bump looks awesome in Topshop polkadots, that girl has serious style :-)

  43. Nicole B.

    My Thoughts:
    Kate = When did she become 40? In the 2nd picture she looks old enough to be the Royal Duo’s chaperone! She’s entirely and absolutely lovely with great decorum but those first 2 pictures did not do her any favors!
    Wills = He looks like a young Alfred AKA Batman’s trusty butler in the one pic, and they apparently made the Batman model a tween there as he is obviously in his awkward growing stage b/c he just looks scrawny.
    Hagrid = One of his creatures ate his face! Quick Dumbledore! We need a spell!