Well Played Weekend, Kate and Wills


In which glasses are worn, dogs are given corsages, ears are pinched, and faces are skeptical.

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  1. k

    So it looks like Duchess Kate had the green coat altered, to move the fastening from the left side to the center. I would generally approve — better to alter a well-made garment to fit than buy something newer and cheaper — but you can tell that it wasn’t made to fasten at the center — the darts aren’t right, etc. It just looks a little less polished.

  2. k

    …and now that I look at the second picture again, you can tell she had the same thing done with the pink coat! You can see the impression left behind where the buttons used to be. I actually don’t think I approve of altering a double-breasted coat that way. Could she not buy a couple of good maternity coats? Since she’s going to be pregnant during the winter?

    • Fiona

      I think it’s OK to do that – pregnant bellies are unpredictable, and she may be waiting until she has a proper, bulging bump before laying in new outerwear.

      • Maisie

        Couldn’t agree! more, Fiona I think it’s ever so admirable that Kate’s being practical and not ditching a perfectly good (and in the case of the green, a perfectly occasion-specific) garment when the simple moving of buttons will give it a few months of extra service. And an additional pat on the shoulder for not giving a farthing (or the Euro equivalent thereof) that the original button placement is still apparent.

  3. MKKS

    She is SO DARN CUTE. In the real movie of her life one day (not the Lifetime one, but the Helen-Mirren-as-THE-QUEEN one), it will be hard for them to find someone THAT DARN CUTE. We’ll have to see how Emma Watson ages.

    Also, there was an amazing fly-on-the-castle-wall documentary last night on ITV called “Our Queen,” and One has a kitchy needlepoint pillow at Balmoral with “It’s good to be the Queen” on it. I’m glad you did a royal post today so I could remember to tell you that.

    Anyway, K-MIDDY IN THE HIZZY is always fun.

  4. rowynn

    I really need to know why that guy is pinching the ear of THE FUTURE KING OF ENGLAND.

    • Megan

      If that guy is close enough to Prince William (both in the sense that he is literally just a foot or two away, and that they are good enough friends that he can pull Will’s ear), he likely grew up with him and probably doesn’t think of him as “Ohmygosh, he’s the future king of England!” He’s probably like “Will’s always going to be that guy in the dorm who played crappy music at all hours of the day.”

  5. Sarah

    I enjoy that she’s having those coats altered rather than buying new ones. They can be altered back after the pregnancy, and she gets to keep wearing clothes that she likes/already owns. Especially the green one, which clearly is a once a year coat. Why buy a new coat for the one year she’s pregnant?

    Clearly pregnancy agrees with her now, she looks fab.

    • Helen

      I agree about the coats, and yes she does look great. Filling out is suiting her no end.

  6. Gine

    Of COURSE she looks adorable pregnant. It wouldn’t surprise me at this point if an actual fairy godmother descended from on high to bless her child at its christening (which will also be attended by a host of singing, flower-bedecked woodland creatures).

    • Edith

      Dang. Hope they remember to invite Maleficent, or this will end BADLY.

      • Robyn V

        Wow. They’re one of the few couples on Earth for which this might actually be something to have to consider.

  7. ariel


    • Kristen from MA

      They do seem to really enjoy each other’s company. :)

    • Jules

      Isn’t it wonderful? So happy and so deeply enjoying themselves; it’s a blessing to have such joy in life.

  8. qwertygirl

    I don’t care if people say she’s lazy, doesn’t really work, and does nothing but shop. I like her. They’re trying as hard as they can not to make the same mistakes they made with Diana and, to a lesser extent, with Fergie. If they can get her used to the life she’ll have to live slowly and gently, so that her marriage to William is a success, I think that’s the best thing that could happen.

    • Carolina Girl

      I hear ya! I read so much vitriol directed at her and her family by the British public on other websites and I just don’t get it. She’s lovely to look at, seems like a nice person, has never embarrassed or spoken publicly about the royal family and most importantly, seems to be making Will genuinely happy.

      Another plus for her in my book is that she’s having the coats altered to wear while she’s pregnant. A future queen with some common sense.

  9. Vandalfan

    That elaborate coif in #8 is divine.

  10. MKKS

    Does the woman in front of ear-pincher’s arm sort of look like Boobs Legsley if she got low-lights & took this whole “Horse and Hound” thing she’s doing with Reynolds to a whole new level?

  11. jj

    I LOVE THEM. They look happy and healthy and not at all uptight as their predecessors.

  12. Liz

    I love how she makes faces like a normal person and isn’t all stoic. Love that they are so happy! Though I wish we could see more of the bump!

  13. Beth C.

    Kate is adorable. I love her, end of story. I also will chime in on my love for the altered coats, it’s silly, but when I see influential rich people who don’t NEED to be practical and thrifty being practical and thrifty, it makes me like them that much more.

    Also, Wills is looking very, very dapper in his uniform.

  14. Carol

    WHO IS PINCHING THE ROYAL EAR?!?!?!?!? I love that Kate is openly giggling as she looks on.

  15. Cucina49

    Is it wrong that I want a photo of just the uniformed dog?

  16. Gigi

    I’m kind of over them even if I wish them well. But…


  17. Akit

    Great post. They are the shizzle.

  18. kayla

    After looking at those pictures, I’m feeling all warm ‘n’ fuzzy toward Kate. She looks absolutely great in that coat/boot picture. God, I love that outfit! And she must be so good natured. Doing all those photo ops and royal official-ish things, when she’s pregnant. And when it’s cold and rainy, no less. What a good sport.
    I never looked nearly that good, that happy, or that pulled together at any point during either of my pregnancies.

    • sacchrainkiss

      I know, when I was pregnant you could barely get me out of the house except for doctor’s appointments. If I was the princess there would be all kinds of rumours circulating about me, “Princess may have run away with Italian mafia boss!” “Queen forbids Princess to leave in her “condition” “Princess gains 100 pounds! Not seen since Christmas” Lol, every tabloid in the country would be buzzing.

  19. moya

    Love them, but I was really looking forward to your commentary on the photo of Kate getting her heel stuck in a storm grate & William holding her hand while she is balancing and desperately attempting to free herself…

  20. sarrible

    I just love the gobs of clover everyone is wearing.

    • Helen

      Clover! Of course, it’s clover, luck of the Irish, that makes sense.

      It looked familiar, but it’s so out of context (normally if I see clover it’s because I’m in a grassy place), I couldn’t place it. And that‘s what Kate is attaching to the dog’s collar.

      Thanks sarrible!

  21. Andrea

    The tradition of handing out shamrocks to this Irish regiment goes back to 1901 and it’s traditional that a senior female member of the Royal family be the one to give out the greenery. There are lots of pictures of the Queen Mother doing this job years ago and it’s said it was one of her favorite military “duties” to do over the year. Kate did it by herself last year as William was deployed to the Falklands but he joined her this year as aide-de-camp to the Queen (another new title for him, given by Elizabeth only the day before). I hope that this will be one of Kate’s future Royal regiments so that she’ll hand out the shamrocks every year.

    Oh, and while she and William are in Northern Ireland, they’re officially known as Baron and Lady Carrickfergus. Which is awesome.

    • sacchrainkiss

      Oh god, now I will forever think of them ONLY as the Baron and Lady Carrickfergus. Thank you so much for that. :-)

      • Helen

        “Baron and Lady Carrickfergus”?

        That IS awesome.

        Also, thanks to G’s link above, we may now all know that this charmingly obedient (at only seven months, too!) dog’s name is Domhnall.

  22. chickadee

    Oh Jessica, your commentary just makes me so happy :)

  23. Bottle Ginger

    Did Kate get subtle blonde highlights? Noooo!!!

    She should never have blonde highlights, her hair is such a deep rich color that lightening it doesn’t look good. If she MUST highlight, better to use a touch of chestnut.

  24. Sajorina

    ADORABLE!!! Both of them! I love the coats, the boots & the hats! FAB! By the way, Kate looks as pregnant as I do and I’m not even pregnant! Sigh!

  25. Sandra

    The dog in last year’s picture must have retired, as this little fella is only seven months old. It was the dress uniform of these guys, The Irish Guards, that Wills wore for their wedding.

  26. Bambi Anne Dear

    Wills’ boots in pic 6 are stunning. Not so Kate’s hair blob in pic 8.

  27. TaraMisu

    Damn, they make me so smiley just looking at them :D

  28. KD

    Does anyone find it odd that she’s got like no bump at all? She’s due in 4 months but barely looks pregnant. I’ve got a coworker due at the same time and her belly is pronounced even in coats (no she’s not overweight for her pregnancy). Kate should be showing a lot more, especially in those cinched in coats she loves to wear. Doesn’t anyone find that odd? I was looking forward to seeing her rock maternity wear, but I haven’t even seen a bump!

  29. Cat

    I think Kate looks great– I love how happy she looks. And how happy they look. Adorable! I also like that she’s had her coats altered, rather than buying maternity ones– she’s not huge and she probably won’t need these heavy coats the closer they get to her due date, so it makes way more sense to just alter them for the time being.

  30. Emma

    If Kate isn’t an anti-Botox advertisement, I don’t know what is. I LOVE that she smiles with her whole face.