Well Played, Vanessa Hudgens


There’s nothing I like better than seeing the reigning Fug Madness champion close out her term on a high note:

An ACTUAL high note, not a “this is so terrible, it’s hilarious and I love it! Thanks for being so hideous!!!!” high note. All it took was an intervention from DVF. Which, actually, is how I assume a LOT of the world’s problems end up being resolved.

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  1. nmlhats

    As the page loaded and the Vanessa Hudgens headline was at the top, I literally did a double take when I saw the words “well played” in front of her name, and said out loud, “What!?”

  2. sara

    i am experiencing some powerful shoe envy.

  3. Cucina49

    This outfit has a great sense of proportion for her tiny frame. However, I spot the dreaded camel toe, which is unfortunate.

  4. Stefanie

    My cold heart softens a bit when Vanessa looks good.

  5. Other Emily

    Such a pretty little thing when she’s dressed sanely.

  6. pidget

    Other Emily – that’s exactly what I thought! She still looks boho and interesting, but not homeless or mentally ill. This allows me to see how pretty she actually is, without all the junk strewn randomly across her person.

  7. AM

    She’s really cute, and her hair looks fab!

  8. Tiffany

    Her outfit is really cute, love the jacket and the shoes, the neckline is very flattering…and her smile is gorgeous! :)

  9. Helen

    Adorable. She really looks very nice.

    My only quarrel is, if there wasn’t time to hem the pants, I’d rather see the bottoms turned up inside than outside. But that is a small quarrel. This is a cute outfit on a cute girl and it is totally appropriate for a vast array of occasions.

    She’s growing up!

  10. vandalfan

    Like spring, an improved Fug Madness winner warms the heart like a promise renewed.

  11. Emma

    This is virtually identical to the jacket Lana Parrilla wore earlier this week! How does Vanessa Hudgens get a “well played” when Lana was called “a super hot and very competent Realtor dressed up for her bus ad?” ;)

  12. Sajorina

    ♪”It’s the end of the FUG as we know it”♫ She looks good… And those shoes must be mine!

  13. CreLa


  14. ErinE

    SHe looks awesome! Dying over her shoes

  15. fritanga

    I still think the outfit looks as cheap as ever (everything she wears appears to have come from Kohl’s, a swap meet, or some Eagle Rock Plaza shop), but at least she doesn’t have the usual film over her.

    So…well done?

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