Well Played, Tina Fey/Mustachely Played, Paul Rudd


TINA: Hi, Paul.

PAUL: Greetings, milady.

TINA: [Something very naturally hilarious that really can't be approximated]

PAUL: Ha! Yes. You are so naturally hilarious, it really can’t be approximated.

TINA: [Jokes charmingly about how weird it is that her upturned eyeball is visible between them]

PAUL: That joke was charming. And you look great. Leather works on you.

TINA: [Something unspeakably funny about Paul's mustache]

PAUL: Thanks. I’ve been shooting Anchorman, so if I shave it off prematurely they’re going to make me clean Will Ferrell’s grease traps for a month using only sponges made from his chest shavings.

TINA: [She has thoughts that are brilliant]

PAUL: I’ve been working really hard to make sure it looks exactly like you could rip it off, stick it to something, and lift.

TINA: [We can only imagine]


[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (25):

  1. Kathleen Trail

    KANYE GETS CAPSY. [Tina talks in brackets.] Love it.

  2. Sajorina

    Love this post! Love them! They look great! BRILLIANT indeed!

  3. Shannon

    Anchorman 2 has been filming around the ATL. I have been hoping for a mustache sighting.

    I like that Tina has two trends (tweed and leather) working at once. But she doesn’t look overworked. And I really want that skirt!

  4. McLisa

    That skirt needs to be mine.

    • Cucina49

      I just wish it were maybe an inch shorter, at the top of her kneecap. Other than that, she looks great.

      • pantsonfire

        Hmm. One of the things I like best about the skirt is its length. I actually strongly favor a just-below-knee skirt, because I think they’re actually pretty flattering on many people. Skirts hitting right at the knee can have an odd stumpifying effect, or at least, they can really draw attention directly to the knee, which maybe isn’t always for the best, for both aesthetic and practical reasons (ahem, when I’m in a rush and somehow didn’t manage to perfectly shave the knee cap). Sometimes you want to direct attention to a nicely turned calf and ankle.

        Anyway, I think this length is very flattering on her. And sophisticated. Sometimes at the knee skirts can read too It’s a Wednesday and I’m Heading into the Office.

  5. qwertygirl

    Paul Rudd should always have a mustache. Not necessarily this mustache–perhaps a modified version of this mustache that looks less gumball machine prize–but a mustache. He looks surprisingly hot to me. Bring on the Sex Panther, Brian Fantana! OK, maybe not the Sex Panther. Just the mustache.

  6. Aj

    Maybe it’s the way she is standing, but that skirt hits her leg in an unfortunate place — – I’d like it better right at the knee.

  7. ErinE

    I love this outfit! She looks great.

  8. Callie

    I love Tina Fey and everything, but for me that outfit is all things fugly. The skirt would be nice if it were knee length but that top is beyond salvation. Even by a woman as attractive as Tina Fey.

    • Helen

      I regret to say I agree. It’s always great to see Tina Fey, no matter what she’s wearing – seriously, just seeing her face here brought a smile to mine – but I do not like the top at all and the skirt is too long.

      Totally love the conceit of Tina’s bracketed thoughts and speech being beyond mere mortals!

    • rb

      Agreed. Ixnay on the Doc Marten torso! Leather was our fall 2012 trend, and it’s over.

  9. Gigi

    I’ve been noticing this trend lately wherein I love things now that I abhored back in the day: I now sing along to Van Halen (“Pa-na-maaaaa!”) when I was too above that stuff back in the 80s with my British New Wave fetish. Now, hirsute Ben Affleck in Argo and this thing on Paul Rudd’s face and that doofy racecar driver with the handlebar mustache from those commercials are all getting me hot and bothered. Is it me or is this menopause?

  10. cathy

    paul rudd is my ultimate celebrity crush and husband. and i wanna be tina fey when i grow up. they look awesome and this photo makes me happy <3

  11. pidget

    I love both of them for no good reason. Perhaps it’s because they seem like such good sports, and they’re gorgeous in a non-tortured, anti-vanity way…

  12. Vandalfan

    I’m crazy about neatly trimmed facial hair. I want to feel it gently tickle my upper lip …

    ‘Scuse me, where was I? Oh yeah. I don’t like Tina’s leather jerkin.

  13. maryse

    i do so hope this movie is good because i really really like both of them. i don’t care what they’re wearing.

  14. Ruby

    I just LOVE Tina Fey! She should host absolutely everything until the end of time.

    And look how far she’s come fashion wise – her book Bossy Pants has some amazingly fug retro pics (think bowl hair cuts and wrestling shoes). The fact that she included them in the book and can poke fun at herself makes me love her even more.

  15. Miss Louise

    The Tina-factor makes me want to love this, but I’m with Vandalfan – I’m not into that jerkin, although normally the idea of leather and tweed would get a big tick from me. I like the concept more than the execution. And is it me or are the shoes also a bit boring? As for the moustache – again, in theory I get behind this, but it’s a little too far down the sides of the mouth for me, giving him a bit of a ‘crim’ look which I don’t find appealing.

  16. Ladyblahblah

    I love Tina Fey for many reasons (and I have mostly forgiven her for having the life I was supposed to have), but I think most of all I love that she seems to be single-handedly maintaining a sense of body awareness and modesty for the whole of L.A. County. For me, she’s the antidote to the Kardashian/Real Housewives mass poisoning.

  17. Janiekettles

    I bought my 6-year-old Godson a set of false ‘taches, and this is his favourite. Both Billy & PR wear them very, very well, and are very, very cute, for totally different reasons.

  18. fritanga

    I just love that she went a little out there with this outfit, even though it seems conservative overall.

    I just love her, period. And can I say how excited I was to learn that Liz is reunited with her Settling Boyfriend Wesley Snipes in this movie? OMG.

    As for Rudd, he now suffers from Too Much Exposure To Apatow Rays, which are toxic. Bleh. And I used to love him so much.