Well Played, Tina Fey


There are some celebrities who look AMAZING pregnant: Reese Witherspoon springs to mind. She’s the cutest pregnant actress. Ditto CZJ, who managed to go through both of her pregnancies looking basically resplendent the entire time. Nicole Richie? Adorable¬† whilst pregnant. (I’m pretty sure I personally, should I ever have a baby, will just look sort of bloaty and nauseated. No one will say, “you should be about five months pregnant all the time.” They will all say, “are you feeling okay?”)

Tina Fey?

Is it not enough that she has a best-selling book? She ALSO has to be an Adorable Pregnant Celebrity? Fine. FINE TINA. I’LL ACCEPT THIS. But only because I love you. I mean it. I was Liz Lemon for Halloween (Heather was, of course, Karl Lagerfeld; there are pictures on the GFY Facebook). THAT’S LOVE. (Okay: in fairness, that’s me dressing basically like I do everyday, just with messy hair and fake sunglasses and Mexican Cheetos. Okay. I also have Cheetos cradled in my arms daily. Fine. FINE.) YOU BE ADORABLE. I’ll manage to live with it.

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  1. Jennifer H.

    I didn’t even know she was pregnant. Where have I been?

  2. Stefanie

    Im always surprised how celebs manage to “hide” or rather “not tell” they are pregnant and then the announcement comes and it’s like BAM! BELLY! Shes so cute. I could only hope to be that cute if I ever children. Hell, I could only hope to be that cute everyday.

  3. aa

    she is cute as all get out. so stoked for her on her book success and the baby – i can’t wait to read bossypants!

  4. Sandra

    She is now a member of my girl-crush pantheon. She gets the pillar right next to Emma Thompson.

  5. vandalfan

    I just heard her interview on NPR. She’s delightful.

    If it’s a boy, he could be Ray Fey, the anti-hero in King Kong.

  6. Liane

    ADORABLE !! I didn’t know she was pregnant either. Soooo happy for her !

  7. Fawn

    I know I’d go to hell for mugging a pregnant woman, but I REALLY want her shoes!

    And yes, she is completely adorable pregnant.

  8. Mary

    That is all.

  9. Gina

    Love Tina. NEED those shoes.

  10. Geemee

    She looks fantastic! The hair and makeup are great, and I covet the shoes. I don’t care for the dress, but she’s workin’ it.

  11. Sally

    I FLUV that she waited until she was almost 5 months to announce (esp at 40.) I really dislike a woman telling everyone moments after conception and then, when you haven’t seen her for a bit, you spend the entire conversation wondering should she be showing? did she miscarry? did I make this up? only to find out she is only 6 weeks along. That’s my Miss Crankypants for the day.

    She looks 2nd trimester glow-y fabulous- over the morning sickness and no one is pressing on her bladder yet. And, yeah, who doesn’t want those shoes?

  12. Frances

    My hubs has SUCH a raging crush on her. And she’s so awesome, all I can say is, “yeah, hunny, if she’s into you GO FOR IT.”

  13. CJ

    How awesome is Tina Fey? Honestly, I see her on talk shows, so down to earth and self-deprecating about “how she couldn’t give it away,” but look at her! She looks amazing! With brains and a great sense of humor to boot. As a geeky reserved girl in my youth, I must say there is an enormous amount of pride in looking at a kindred spirit in Tiny Fey totally knocking it out of the park in every way. I want every geeky little girl out there to look at her. See?! The Pamela Andersons look worn out by 40, but women like Tina Fey only get better as they get older! They get smarter, funnier and prettier…and unlike the famous woman she portrayed on SNL, they can even write their own books without help!

  14. Annie

    Wow, she looks fabulous, even with that skirt hitting below the knee. I too was Liz Lemon for Halloween, complete with Mexican (-sounding) Cheetos and fake glasses. I was super cranky after I’d dressed up as a carrot the night before and NO ONE ELSE at the party to which I went was in costume.

  15. Lucinda

    Angelina Jolie also looks fantastic pregnant. Remember her in that green dress?

  16. Anne B

    Not only is Tina Fey awesome on general principle (she is funny, she writes funny, she finds and coaches other funny people);
    Not only is she friends with Jon Hamm;
    Not only does she look THIS CUTE pregnant;
    But her oldest kid is really a bada**, too. http://i.imgur.com/R4QLc.jpg

    Tina Fey wins at life. <3

  17. Andrea

    I am pretty sure it is un-American to not love Tina Fey. Srsly.

  18. Su-Yin Johns

    as i said on facebook – best preggy dress ever! those shoes are so gorgeous, i’m sure she kicked them off in the car & wore slippers for the rest of the day but right there, she looked awesome!

  19. krissy

    Any gal who can wear heels while expecting deserves a gold medal

  20. SHN Gal

    We SHN Gals have crowned her our Queen of SuperHotNerds.com. I second what CJ said above!

  21. Kelly O

    She looks wonderful and glowy and all those things you read about pregnant women looking like at five months.

    On the other hand, at five months I was starting to develop Pregnant Lady Waddle and had one pair of flat shoes that were my constant companions throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Sigh. I love her, but if we were friends (and I convince myself we totally would be if we knew each other) I would have to tell her I hate her a little for being this gorgeous.

  22. Neil

    Agree with all the pro-Tina comments.

    Jessica, I think we’re all convinced here – you’re so pretty, you’d look amazing if you were expecting as well.

    Needed to share a little fuglove.

  23. Jackie

    I think it’s probably easier to look stylish when you are pregnant now, there’s a great range of clothing around now for the mum-to-be and lots of celebrating the “bump”. These celebs look great but I’m sure when they are home they like to slouch around in their favourite big Tee and trackie bottoms, just like us!! By the way – love the photos!!

  24. Xsquare

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  25. kimmy

    wow. i think she looks better now than she does non-preggo. she’s just glowy and happy and confident. can’t wait to get my hands on bossypants!

    another fab-pregnant celeb is Angelina. she also looks more gorgeous preggo than when she resembles skeletor….like currently.

  26. The Other Molly

    I’ve never gotten into the “stretch fabric over the swollen, pregnant belly” look.
    I’m not suggesting that women go around draped for nine months.
    I just don’t find tight fitting maternity clothes in good taste.

  27. Michelle

    While I don’t dig tight-fitting dresses on pregnant women–they just seem unflattering–I’m impressed by those peep toe heels. How many inches are those?! Way to work it, Tina. (Just don’t fall down.)

  28. Kate Welch

    Those shoes are impressive even for someone not gestating another human. What a champ.

  29. fritanga

    The thing I love about Fey is that, sure, she got tricked up in this amazing dress, had her hair and makeup done beautifully and put on some bangin’ heels for this event, but the second she gets home (which was probably immediately after this photo was taken) it will all come off and she’ll be in a t-shirt and stretchy preggo leggings and slippers ASAP. YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE. And that’s why we love her.

  30. fritanga

    And isn’t funny that while Paltrow is working overtime to make everyone admire and revere her (“Learn From Me, Lowly Peasants”) and generating nothing but scorn and boredom, Fey is getting total and absolute adoration without caring much about it and by revealing herself warts and all?

  31. exquisite red

    I hate bumpwatch so much, but I can’t find a single negative thing to say about this look. NOTHING. She just might be the sexiest pregnant woman to have ever existed. I don’t think I could wear those shoes in my normal state (oh but I sure want to try!), let alone knocked up. So nice to see her get it right after missing the mark more than once. Amazingly played!

  32. E

    HOW is she wearing those heels? At 35, I’m in my third trimester and my ankles look like rump roasts when I’m just in flip flops. My hat’s off to you, Ms Fey! You look fantastic.

  33. Lisa

    Love the Feyster. Unequivocally.

    Every time I watch reruns of 30Rock on Netflix, I just marvel at her hair. It always looks effortlessly lovely.

    And I am ALL about stretchy fabric over the bump. Celebrate that knocked-up bod!