Well Played the Cover, Miley Cyrus


With rare exception, I really like Marie Claire‘s covers. Like, remember when they managed to pull this off, vis a vis Jessica Simpson? She hasn’t looked that good since. Nor had she looked that good prior. I’d say, in general, that they’re particularly great at taking someone who tends to look overdone and…undoing them. (Perhaps last month’s Wiig cover just ended up TOO undone because Wiig isn’t that Done to begin with?)  I am relieved to see them back on track here. Miley looks so….fashion-y. And not cheesy. And almost model-esque? That is no mean feat considering that she walks around town wearing hot pants and thigh-high boots half the time, you know? It’s like MAGIC. And I can’t help but wonder, can’t whomever it is who is pulling off said dark magic on the almost regular lurk outside Lindsay Lohan’s hotel door for the next six weeks or so, on the off chance that, when Lindsay finally emerges to make a Taco Bell run, she can be kidnapped and spirited away to the MC labs for some under-doing? Don’t worry, Marie Claire, you don’t have to photograph her or anything. You don’t even have to TELL anyone. You can just release her into the wild again, better. Consider it a gift to Southern California.

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  1. Emily

    She’s still doing her trademark lip pout, though, and unfortunately it’s all I can see.

    • Gigi

      True. But at least the mouth has been toned down. Don’t know if that’s via Photoshop or the girl being in the right mood to be less self-conscious, but she looks less mouther-breather-y and that is a good thing.

    • LG

      DUCK LIPS. She does it so often it’s become her nickname at my house. By which I mean in my head.

    • Erin

      Same here. I can’t get down with the mouthbreathing/gaping maw.

  2. Hollabc

    This really is the best she has looked in a long time, but why is she only wearing one earring?

  3. pantsonfire

    Her haircut and color right now are really great for her. Makes a huge difference. When she first cut it, I thought it was a wee bit too short for her face, but it has now grown out enough that it’s the perfect length. Though she often has it up in a top knot, so I’m basing this on one or two recent candid photos.

  4. Siobhán

    So excessive photoshopping is not even considered an offense anymore? Because that is a digital painting, a nice one too, but hardly a photo of Miley Cyrus.

    Also putting the words “f*** yeah attitude” on the cover? Um, vagina are you okay down there? Never forget.

  5. Isabelle

    She wearing the same dress than Mila Kunis on the cover of Elle uk !

  6. Christian

    YES to all of this, which is something I don’t think I’ve ever said about Miley.

  7. Other Emily

    It IS a pretty picture, although it looks like 50% Miley and 50% LeeLee Sobieski to me. The hair is great. The dress is great. The open mouth and the one earring I have problems with.

    • racheldreadful

      yes..sobieski in the eye.
      miley’s teeth must always be dry and/or cold.

  8. Lynne

    I’m also loving the blond hair on Miley. I agree about Marie Claire covers. They’re usually pretty good. Kind of the antithesis of Cosmo which manages to skankify even the classiest celeb.

  9. Claire L1

    I think she’s a really pretty girl…and there was no need to photo shop her so much. Yeah, it’s a good photo shop…but it’s not Miley.

  10. lindsay

    i can totally see how liam hemsworth would be into this. putting a ring on that 19-year-old finger is still a stretch, but dating seems legit.

  11. vandalfan

    Her “F*** yeah attitude”? How classy, that’s just the tone that Miley sets. What an aristocrat.

  12. Amy Farrah Fowler

    I agree with @Other Emily. I too saw LeeLee Sobieski. But it looks good for either one of them.

  13. val.

    I thought this was Blake Lively at first. She looks good, but she’s not someone I would have expected to see on the cover of MC.

  14. Sajorina

    I like it from the neck down… I love me some silver, some shimmer and some sparkle! But, from the neck up is a total letdown because it’s Miley, who seems to be playing dress-up! It is soooo inauthentic; she will never be that well-put together, that glamorous or that fashionable! Cover FAIL!

  15. bam bam

    why do they even bother with real people if they are going to photoshop them into whatever it is they did?

    • mary lou bethune

      I think she is cute but is that enough? At least she isn’t trolloping around like some….

  16. Michelle B.

    I agree that Miley is looking pretty fab here. I like the hair color and makeup. Not crazy about the super-long earring trend, but the rest is great.

    Is that a tattoo of an eye on her right index finger?

  17. 'Mela

    What I don’t like has nothing to do with Ms. Cyrus.

    It’s the cover art.

    It has the look of a 1970′s color snap-shot, but not in a good way, but in a way that makes you glad you live in 2012.

    Have some restraint with the cyan tint, please, there’s a pretty girl on the cover!

  18. KSK

    She reminds me here of gorgeous actress Joanna Pacula.

  19. fritanga

    I think Cyrus requested “OMG make me look just like Boobs Legsley, ‘k? She’s like, a fashion horse!” and the Marie Claire people complied.

    As such this is a slight improvement, but only slight. With this cover Cyrus has gone from very trashy to merely trashy.

  20. Ms. A.

    Totally thought this was kesha for a second.

  21. gryt

    That sucker is photoshopped to redonkulousness.

  22. TonyG

    This is fierce. I really like this cover. Her eyes are amazing here. She has tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to get that grown-up look, but this captures her well as a young woman (as opposed to a teenager) very well.

  23. Shoeniverse

    I actually think she looks nice here, nothing snarky to say.


  24. Lily1214

    She looks very nice; however, . . . this photo is Photoshopped to death.