Well Played The Cover: Kristen Stewart on Marie Claire, March 2014


I think this cover is pretty compelling, and not just because whatever she’s wearing seems like it might be AMAZING:

Her hair is distractingly great here — whether or not it’s technically Bombshell Bedhead Hair, I guess I shall have to read the magazine to find out.  And while this expression is one that could easily slide into Totally Stoned, I think she’s managing to stop it right at the line of Smoldering and Sultry, which is not such an easy trick. Speaking of stoned, though, I would love to know if they intentionally treated the font on “Why Women Are High On a Trippy New Drug” so that it makes me feel like I’m high every time I try to read it. I hope so, or else the answer is just, “you’re not high, but you are OLD.”  And I already knew that.

[Photo: Tesh/Marie Claire]

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  1.  ohsohappy

    Gosh darn it! Not again! This pose makes the subjects look like their head is on backwards. Sheesh!

    • Mrs. Helpful

      Makes sense because those are the eyes of the un-dead.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yes! My first thought. Another backwards head! What is UP with that lately?!?

      Also agree with Mrs. Helpful that the expression is that of a zombie. Flat, dead.

  2. Kate

    I think it’s the pink on blue that’s making it look trippy, because her name looks different depending on whether it’s against the background or her hair.

    •  cath

      I think they’ve added a drop-shadow in an attempt to increase the contrast where the (light) pink text hits the (light) blue background. It works ok with her name, but the text in that “trippy drug” headline is too dense (all those bold caps, so teeny-tiny! WHY?!). As a result, the shadow just kind of gums up all the spaces between the letters and totally blocks out the background there. So, rather than making the letters “pop,” it just kinda makes them look faint and blurry.

  3. carrieglitter

    I was NOT expecting praise when I saw that cover. I agree about the hair and wardrobe, but that faaaaaaaaaaaace.

    • Loxy


    • Erica

      Saw this on the newsstand and totally thought this would end up a FUG.
      Seriously, find an expression!

      •  Billie

        YES. Her ‘pissed off/I don’t care about fame’ expression grates at this point.

        • gryt

          She looks like that (the dead eys) in every single shot in the article too. She has no expressions in her repertoire besides that one.

  4.  Looly

    I just can’t with her.

  5. The Reset

    Call me when she smiles.

    • ceedeegee57

      I’m with you on this, KS=zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Maria L.

    Smoldering and Sultry? How about Squinty and Surly?

  7.  A.J.

    The “risk, romance and having no regrets” thing makes me dislike her. (No regrets and YOLO are two pet peeves of mine.) Really KStew? You don’t regret any decisions you’ve made in the past? At all? Because let me tell you, I’ve made some stupid decisions in the past and I’ve regretted the heck out of them.

    • Christa

      She has a few I regret for her!

    • Jenz

      Considering her ‘romance’ and ‘risk’ broke up a marriage, I think it’s kind of poor taste on Marie Claire’s part to have that headline. What about the douchebag director? He and Robin Thicke should go live on an island together.

      • Stephanie

        Yea I was thinking ladies taking risks is not so much breaking up a marriage but more along the lines of quitting your day job to become a successful entrepreneur.

      •  Annie E

        I kinda figured the “romance” was about Pattinson, and she’s not the only party who broke up a marriage. The guy IN it broke it up.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        I don’t have any patience for Stewart either, but she didn’t break up that marriage. The husband who was in it did.

        • greatwhitenorthchick

          Agreed. Takes two to tango. By the time a partner messes around on the other, I think the marriage is probably already in trouble….

    • Leigh

      Give her a break; she didn’t write the copy, and who says she’s saying she has no regrets for anything she has ever done in her life? I’m sure she’s talking about Pattinson, and come on, what is she going to say?

    • Tiffany

      I think people looking at mistakes as learning experiences is a very healthy perspective.

  8. Stefanie

    Her hair looks awesome (and clean) but I’m not sold on her expression.

  9. Jesse

    why does her head look twice the size of her body?

  10. valueofaloonie

    Just no.

    Sorry guys, but I just can’t with her.

  11. Donna J

    Are we sure this is K Stew, and not just a nice Irish gal who maybe looks a bit like her around the eyes?

    • Natasha Fatale

      If the headline of the post hadn’t told me this was K.Stew I would never have guessed – she looks like a brunette Florence of Florence and the Machine – there’s another actress she looks like too but I’m danged if I can think of the name! regardless, she doesn’t look like Kristen Stewart to me.

  12. Sandra

    This is a big improvement for her. Clean hair and softer eye make-up are doing wonders here. As for having no regrets, most of us didn’t at that age. Not that we (or she) hadn’t done anything worthy of regret; we (and she) just weren’t mature enough to reflect on them yet.

    • Katkat

      I understand at THAT age you don’t regret certain things out of being inmature. But Marie Claire people should know better than praising it.

      • Leigh

        It’s Marie Claire, not Christian Weekly. You’re expecting an awful lot. And if she doesn’t have any regrets about RP and her being over, more power to her.

  13. Jenz

    When did K.Stew become a conehead?

  14. maryse

    i did a lot of stupid stuff when i was her age and at the time i didn’t regret them or i wasn’t going to admit to regretting them more likely, so i give her a pass on that. but yeah i don’t think this cover is all that great. i like the jacket though. that is very fancy.

  15. lynn

    This cover is the definition of dead-eyed with a snide of sarcasm. I cannot believe this cover gets praise.

  16. Jeannine

    No. She looks nothing like herself. I thought this was Jenna Malone.

  17. Linda

    Dear Jessica.
    I think you’re about the same age as me, and WE’RE NOT OLD!!!!

  18. mujisan

    I like this cover, though I wish her hair looked less flat at the top.

  19. TaraMisu

    Guess I’m in the minority because I like this. I want to see what she’s wearing and she has beautiful eyes.

  20. proteanlives

    I agree with most of the above: definitely Squinty and Surly, with Death-Becomes-Her head tricks. I wonder, Jessica, if the font did make you high enough to deem this cover well played?

  21.  Nicole

    I confess I don’t get the KStew hate. Everything I’ve seen her act in, I thought she was as talented as the next young actress and in any publicity for projects she has worked on, I thought she’s behaved professionally. Then again, I’ve never seen the Twilight series and I’m a firm believer in showing up and doing your job with no requirement that rainbows shoot out of your arse while you’re doing it.

    As for having no regrets, I fail to see how she can be judged on a headline alone. Having no regrets doesn’t mean not accepting pesonal responsibility for past decisions. It can mean that you see no value in regreting something that you can’t change and instead use the experience to learn and grow. Just my two cents.

    As for the cover, I like the contrast between the “fun” of the sweater and the seriousness of the expression and I agree with Jessica that her hair is spectacular. I would also love to be able to recreate that eye makeup – fantastic!

    •  L

      mte, and I read the article and the “no regrets” quote was not given in context.

      • One of the Leahs

        I have been wondering how closely that subhead reflects the interview.

      • jenna

        The quote is LITERALLY “If you’re operating from a genuine place, then you can’t regret anything.” I don’t think there’s any other way of taking that. I can only assume that her need for some married ass came from a “genuine place”.

    • Other Emily

      I don’t hate her one bit. I think she’s a fine actress and if living in the public eye since her childhood years has made her a bit surly I can’t really blame her. Not knowing her personally, I’m almost positive that she does regret some of her recent-past actions, but as you say, taking responsibility and knowing what you did wrong isn’t the same as endlessly dwelling and self-flagellating over it. I suspect the people who dislike her so much would dislike her just as much if all she ever did in interviews was talk about her mistakes and how sorry she is. She gets to move on, so should we. I think she looks beautiful here and hope that her new movie (about Guantanamo Bay, can’t remember the name) does well for her — the early reviews of her performance are very good.

    • Linney

      In what universe is sleeping with the married director of a project (as you called it) considered behaving professionally?

      • proteanlives

        I can’t speak for others, but just to add that not all those who dislike the cover dislike the actress. I have no feelings one way or the other toward her. I can’t even say I’ve seen anything she’s been in (yes, I live happily under a rock).

        I just don’t think this is a good cover photograph of her–she looks like she’s challenging me to pick up the magazine, but not in a good, come hither way but in a she’ll spit at me invectives if I were to. The other Marie Claire cover that someone posted was a nicer photograph of her, I thought.

      • Rachael

        I can’t speak for Nicole, but in response to your question, Linney, I think you’re taking Nicole’s statement out of context. She wrote that in Stewart’s publicity for her projects, she’s acted professionally. I took that to mean that when she’s out on the trail to market her movies, doing the hard sell, she’s behaved professionally. Not that’s she’s behaved professionally at every point in her life, ever. I think all would probably concede that the timing of her relationship with the director was unprofessional for both of them.

        •  Nicole

          Absolutely Rachel, that’s why I specifically phrased it “in any publicity for projects she has worked on” – I thought that was pretty clear.

      • Leigh

        Gee, I hope you never ever make a mistake in your life. I don’t understand the judgmental attitude of so many on here toward CERTAIN celebs, especially when you’re willing to give the benefit of the doubt to those who are “cool” to gush over. Worry about your own life; hers isn’t your business.

    • Leigh


  22.  Margot

    One. Trick. Pony. Why on earth is anyone still photographing her?

  23.  A.R

    http://www.imagebam.com/image/cb96a3306690920 the second cover that they have inside is quite good.

  24. Bella

    Mismatched head and body once again. The PS’ers are getting mighty lazy.

  25. MsChicklet

    Does she have any facial expression other than persistent vegetative state?

  26. taymen

    Looking at this photo is like listening to a dial tone – I’m super surprised this wasn’t a fug.

  27.  Bike Pretty

    I love watching her in movies. And she’s beautiful with her original nose on her face.

  28. Ferocita72

    The face isn’t great. KStew is pretty but I think she looks MUCH older in this and not in a sophisticated way. The cover also makes her look weirdly brittle. I’m totally surprised that this was a Well Played.

  29. Irina

    She looks more like Jenna Malone than herself.

  30. TonyG

    She looks like she’s about to kick some ass a la Drew Barrymore in Firestarter.

    Burn them all KStew…BURN…THEM…ALL!

  31. Glenn Dunks

    My only issue is that the dress is so intricate that the way she’s posed, somewhat twisted and contorted, means much of the outfit’s finer details get lost. But the dress looks incredible and she looks lovely.

  32. Bébé

    Mme. Blavatsky says: she stole my gaze. I can make you my slaves with this gaze. You are my prisoners..obey me

  33. Tiffany

    I LOVE what she is wearing, like the hair. I think she has gorgeous eyes, but this picture does not do them justice.

  34. Livvie93

    I’m usually all for the Stew related eye-rolling, but it’s becoming more and more annoying to hear people bash her for her supposedly expressionless face. She’s not a good actress, but there’s plenty worse than her who are all OMGZ and GUSHY and BUBBLY and they don’t get as much hate. She smiles plenty. Seriously: in interviews, at premieres. She does seem to take awkward pictures, but she smiles plenty, and she’s pleasant enough if annoyingly nervous and fidgety.

    So on behalf of K.Stew’s face: Sorry, comment section people. They can’t all be as awesome as you at taking good pictures and being good at public speaking and enthusiastic about everything.

    Maybe if she pulled a J. Law and started talking about how she was such a slob, and so fat, and so lazy and so easy to relate to and so girl-next-door she’s basically Madge from junior high, you’d all find less to criticize about her. She should get Lawrence’s PR team.

    (Sorry about the rant. But really, people. She’s gets so much more heat than she deserves.)

  35. Courtney

    Yeah, nooooooo. I got the subscriber copy and Marie Claire tends to do about ten “inside covers” for their cover story. And somehow KStew is making this face in every. Single. One. I actually liked her interview well enough– or didn’t dislike it, at least, but the photo shoot was BAD.

  36. JenLWB

    How has someone with such a constantly dead-eyed expression made a living as an actress?? It’s not just this cover!