Well Played The Cover: Kate Upton

Someone send Anna some flowers:

Kate Upton looks better in her swimsuit on the cover of Vogue than she did on EITHER cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Admittedly, I am more the target market for THIS cover rather than the SI ones, but I’m even just talking about From The Neck Up. Namely, she looks like she hasn’t been totally sedated here. Admittedly, I am fond of the Dark Eyebrowed Blonde 50s Bombshell look with regards to a swimsuit cover, but this is basically the only time I’ve seen Upton photographed and thought, “oh, I GET IT.” I guess this is what is supposed to happen when you bring Mario Testino into play. (In comparison, Upton’s always charming on Today; I think she sort of works better in motion than otherwise, which is weird for…you know. A model.)

Additionally, congrats to those of you who predicted she’d get a cover; I never EVER thought Anna would touch Kate Upton with a ten-foot Photoshop tool. As Heather noted to me today when we were talking about this, it seems apt that this happened during the same month that Anna had to bring KimKard to the Met Ball. “Maybe she was taking her medicine all in one go,” Heather noted. Wise words from my better half.

[Photo: VOGUE/Mario Testino]

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  1. Clarence Beeks

    I thought the pics on the inside were much better than this cover photo. I normally do not think KU is anything special to look at, but the picture spread is beautiful.

  2. valueofaloonie

    On other sites that I frequent, I would be a total pariah for admitting this, but…I like Kate Upton a lot.

    Aside from the SI stuff (which I am neutral on, not being part of the target audience), I think she looks great. Yay her!

    • Annie E

      I love her. She’s funny and sweet, on top of being beautiful and with a slightly different body type than is usually featured on the cover of Vogue. Would I call her a supermodel? Probably not, but I like that Vogue has championed her (and they really have – I’ve seen her mentioned or interviewed in several issues).

      • Tanya

        So true! I had a feeling Anna Wintour was going to do a Kate Upton cover after seeing her mentioned many times.

    • Esme

      I think she’s adorable–love her, and good cover.

  3. Miranda

    I am SO OVER the 1980s Madonna look of bleach blonde hair with dark eyebrows. Seriously, 5 minutes with some brow bleach and she’d look so much better. You too, Anne Hathaway!

  4. anna s.

    This whole photoshoot was a great one for Kate. She looks great on the cover, and there were a couple shots on the inside article that she just knocked out of the park.

  5. maryse

    i saw some shots of her on pinterest from this issue and she looks so so pretty. also i love the dark brows and blonde hair. some people think it’s not a natural look but i’ve seen plenty of natural blondes with dark brows.

  6. Maria L.

    I dunno. To me, she’s all tits and no sass. Pretty enough, just not interesting enough.

    • lulubelle

      Totally agreed. There is no je ne sais quoi there. I want wit, humor, intelligence, verve, a touch of evil … all or some or one of the above. She always comes off as dim and uninteresting to me. Also, along the veins of “everyone looks cute at age 19″ … let’s see her at 30, then I’ll know what she really looks like.

  7. Sallie

    I’m a woman and actually liked the way her face looked on the SI covers better. Either way, she’s a very beautiful and I appreciate that she’s not emaciated.

  8. Helen

    I am not Getting It. To me, the whole shot is simply bland and forgettable.

    Except I might just remember that the hair made me think of Rita Ora.

  9. EMN

    Shoulders don’t do that. Photoshop fail.

    • GFY Heather

      Sure they do — I just went in front of a mirror and did it to see, and yeah, if you arch forward and turn your arm the way she is, it’s basically the same position. Except I looked worse because I am not Kate Upton.

      • Sarah

        Heather, that is the greatest line ever. You could probably finish every sentence with “because I am not Kate Upton” and have it be true and funny.

  10. Danielle

    I read that Anna Wintour was purposefully placing her in Vogue as a response to those who said she was just a boobs model (I am thinking of that NY Times article where that idiot freelance stylist who works on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show said they wouldn’t touch her with a ten-foot pole because she was low class). I think for Anna, making her “Vogue” is a display of power…

  11. Maria

    She did not, however, score a normal model cover. She is on the cover as a celebrity – meaning there is a cover story about her; rather than as a model. I’d be curious to know whether she was paid for the shoot.

    • Danielle

      No one gets a “normal model cover” these days, though. The last two models on the cover have been Kate Moss (with a huge spread on her wedding) and Gisele (with a profile about life after baby). It’s all about celebrity now, anything less doesn’t sell as much.

      • Kate

        I was just thinking I miss the days of a true Vogue model and not just the appropriate celebrity that that something to promote.

        • Danielle

          Agreed 100%! I miss models…and real fashion editorials (not just putting a head-to-toe runway look on some celeb).

  12. elinor

    Eyebrows are just awful. Watched Vertigo recently and was transfixed by Kim Novak’s eyebrows in that movie which are almost as bad.

  13. Lucky Strike

    I’m not the target audience but to me she’s a sad attempt of a Anna Nicole Smith reincarnation.
    She manages to look even trashier to me and Anna Nicole Smith married a man 60 years her senior.

    • Pouncer

      And Anna Nicole was seen as a trashier version of Claudia Schiffer in the Guess ads — we’ve reached model blonde recursion and will never escape!

  14. Joe Dwarf

    Speaking as the owner and operator of a Y chromosome, Kate is ridiculously hot.

  15. Siobhán

    50 layers of photoshop qualify for a Well Played?

    The girl looks nothing like this, and even less in the article pics (hello, skinny-fy tool). She has the worst kind of teflon face. You could show me pics of her once a week, and I’d ask you every time who she is.

  16. Other Emily

    I like Kate Upton a lot. But I don’t like this cover. I DO think she looks sedated and extremely Barbie-like. She is a gorgeous girl with an amazing body and a great personallity, but this is kind of a miss for me.

    • kfletch

      Yes, I wish her face didn’t look like she was thinking so hard. When I see this cover, I hear Winnie the Pooh saying, “Think. Think. Think.”

  17. Mary Urech Stallings

    She looks like she has lost weight. Hope she isn’t bending to outside pressures.

    • Danielle

      I think she’s just wearing garments that actually fit her (instead of bikinis that are 2 sizes too small).

      • Franziska

        That bikini on her first SI cover was hideous. I was ashamed on behalf of the SI editors. I think Kate Upton looks good on the cover but much better in the shots inside the magazine.

  18. HKS

    I like this cover, but I also checked out the pics on the inside and think those would have been better. I am not a huge fan of how sharply different her eyebrows are here – but it isn’t as pronounced in the inside pics. Generally, I think it’s a Well Played, Vogue, ESPECIALLY if it’s Anna making a point about her only being thought of as a boobs model.

  19. CC

    I couldn’t care less about her eyebrows. I grew up with models on the cover of Vogue and I love love love that a model is on the cover again.

  20. kaia

    She looks completely blank to me and not like a supermodel at all. Wooden. Like maybe an ANTM model, but not an actual model model.

    • Helen

      Yeah. It’s just… Every Pretty Girl, Ever.

      If I saw her in person, I’d think her very pretty, but I wouldn’t recognize her.

  21. Pam

    I think this is the best she’s ever looked. She appears to be a little slimmer in the Vogue shoot that the SI ones. The last SI was horrible cover to cover. No one looked good. I also think Kate is just now getting the modeling thing down. Her poses are a lot less awkward and she seems more comfortable in front of the camera. I don’t think she will ever be a standard fashion model type with those boobs, but she is gorgeous.

  22. holly

    I’m glad you decided to fab this cover. I don’t have an opinion about Kate Upton, but I think the composition, texture, and color are great. It caught my eye on the newsstand–so different from all those women wearing solid colors standing in front of white backgrounds. There is something about the background that tends to pull my attention into the picture and make me want to know where she is and what’s going on. Good job, Vogue.

  23. Sajorina

    Love it! The swimsuit & the stiletto sandals are to die for!!! She looks lovely!

    And Jessica this “Wise words from my better half.” is the cutest thing ever! ♥

  24. Tanya

    This is totally self-serving, but as a big haired, thick eyebrow girl, I love this cover. If you cropped it into a close-up of her face, this would look like classic early 80s Vogue. I first fell in love with Vogue in 1982, so her rather inscrutable expression just looks retro to me.

    I vote for well-played.

  25. Kat

    But did you read that Anna had all the Vogue photos captioned with Kanye West and GUEST?! Buuuuuuurn. Point goes to Anna.

  26. Tiffany

    I think she is beautiful. I love the personality she gives in photos…she seems like she loves to smile, genuinely! I think the photos look very glamorous. I am so tired of the chicks that glare the camera, as if looking mean = sophisticated. People always comment on her T , but I really dig the sunny vibe she gives off. Very Christie Brinkley in feel to me.

  27. Mel