Well Played, SWINTON


My favorite part of this pic is the wee Bowie picture in the background. Never have they been so close and yet so far. (She is, of course, in his new video, and attended this opening of a V&A exhibit about him “impersonating him in his absence.“)

All I know is, if this is SWINTON doing her best Bowie, a) she should impersonate him always, because she looks amazing (even with just very slightly too long pants) and b) I want her to do Ziggy Stardust next.

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  1. mary lou bethune

    Tilda does have fun; I just love her.

  2. Edith


  3. Anne B

    It is my hope that SWINTON and Bowie (both of whom I looooooove) will very gradually start to become the same person.

    We’ll see them separately for a while, then together all the time, and finally they will emerge as one perfect androgynous creature: SWINTONbowie, or Sb for short.

    And of course they’ll be married to Iman. <3

    • Edith

      To Imam, and to SWINTON’s husband, and to SWINTON’s boyfriend. iirc…

  4. pidget

    I am no fan of the poochy, too-wide, too-long trousers, but she is literally rising above them. Fantastic posture, and look at her face! Whatta Dame.

  5. Miss Louise

    “Just very slightly too long pants” – are you kidding? They are millimetres away from pooling on the floor! But Swinton looks so effing great in every other way, it just doesn’t matter. This is one of my favourite looks of hers ever. She redefines cool.

    • Trent

      Agreed. SWINTON is a goddess and seeing her stand in for Bowie is fabulously appropriate. But I cannot sign off on those ridiculously long pants when a good tailor could have easily made her look flawless. I hem my suit pants, why can’t she?

  6. Lori

    Oh SWINTON; I missed you so.

  7. Miss Louise

    PS Jessica and Heather, ever since the malware problem has been fixed, I haven’t been able to see those little ‘like’ icons after each comment. Is that meant to be happening, or is it just me?

    • Aphy

      I don’t have the like button either. Hmm. Swinton looks amazing, even if her feet are missing.

  8. Mo

    Coworker just told me this outfit is totally something I would wear. She is now officially my favorite person ever.

  9. anonymoose

    Would love to see it in deep red, but AWESOME.

  10. Kristina

    Gosh, I love her. She’s so striking and interesting and never boring and just… otherworldly!
    And I love that video with her and Bowie. Seriously. So much love.

  11. Jodi

    The BEST part of this image is all those (annoying) rollovers trumpeting “Get This Look!” As if we could ever, ever, get that look….

  12. anonymoose

    This really makes me feel alright with the world again, after all the Kardashian fug. Thank you, SWINTON. Style has spoken.

  13. TonyG

    I wanted shiny pants. The top half is stylish indeed!

  14. Carolina Girl

    The Thin White Duchess!

  15. CJG

    She looks amazing. She looks so striking and effortlessly stylish in Ackerman. Wish I were tall enough to pull this off myself.

  16. Helen

    Gorgeous. Yes, a hemming is called for, but my goodness, who CARES?

    And she IS letting her hair go white! I was hoping she might (however temporary this may be). It looks terrific!

  17. Mina

    Even her shadow on the wall has presence.

  18. Alma

    She looks like an awards statuette…This should be the Fug Madness statuette!

  19. Suzanne

    I cannot get enough of this woman. As I will probably say in every SWINTON post, I named my dog after her, for she is a goddess.

    • KSK

      Brilliant! Did you name her “Tilda,” “Swinton,” or the full “Tilda Swinton”?

  20. whiterabbit11

    As a Stumpy McStumperson myself, I admire SWINTON’s height and presence more than anything. Which leads me to question – who the hell were these trousers made for? Who has longer legs than SWINTON in heels?!
    PS: I love her hair with the fire of a thousand suns.
    PPS: Even her shadow on the wall is stylish.

  21. Claire1

    I crave the top and the jacket!

  22. Ann

    Her hair color is fantastic! I love it when women go grey and white, it’s so SEXY!

    SWINTON!!!! I am awaiting your orders. Signed, your humble servant.

  23. Miss Louise

    Suzanne, I named my dog after her too! OK, she’s a tiny Maltese Shih Tzu rather than an Afghan hound or some other tall elegant Swintonesque breed, but it does mean I get to call out ‘Tilda’ a few hundred times a day. And now that Tall Tilda also has white hair, they match!

  24. Davis Parker

    This is a mess. Too many patterns, and too much gray. If this were on someone else, like Britney Spears, you all would be ripping her to shreds. I loathe how just because the GoFugYourself bloggers like a particular celebrity means that the celebrity gets a free pass on their wardrobe because they are liked so much.

    • Lion

      Indeed, Britney would look HORRIBLE in this.

      • Helen

        Well yeah, of course. This is not a good look for a petite, hourglass-figured person. That would not work at all.

  25. Miss Louise

    Davis, if you look through the many posts on Tilda Swinton in the archive, you’ll find she’s had plenty of critique over the years, and even in this thread there are half a dozen that call out the trousers, although they decide on balance the overall effect overrides this. There have been times when I think she’s looked ridiculous, and I see what you’re saying about the grays and the many textures, but just IMHO there’s a louche quality that makes it cool. I also sometimes feel certain celebrities are cut more slack than others – Diane Kruger and Emma Stone being my two bug-bears – but I guess it’s never amounted to loathing!

  26. Sajorina

    Her AWESOMENESS is beyond words!

  27. Leah

    You are all insane this is a horrible atrocity against pants.

  28. TaraMisu


  29. Claire1

    I think people are getting fashion and style confused.
    Swinton has style. Her own style. Her wardrobe is art, not simply clothing.
    She always looks eccentric ( which I think is more fitting than ridiculous…ridiculous would be such an amazonian ice queen in a cocktail dress and kitten heels) …but she is always wearing the clothes and not the other way around.

    I always disagree with the Fug Girls and their assessments of Dita Von Teese because I place Dita in the Swinton/ Kuger clan…. she has a style, it’s hers and often she’s the only one who can pull it off with looking eccentric not laughable.

  30. Vandalfan

    I’m with Claire. It’s more than mere clothing.

  31. Nora O'Floinn

    I named my new Flamenco Red S60 Volvo sedan after her. I mean anyone who would nap in a glass box at MOMA during museum open hours…wow.

  32. Rini Hara

    That is an outfit only a statuesque person could wear. She does tend to wear overly baggy clothes, despite having a great body. This outfit is cool. Some of her dresses have looked like bedspreads.
    Still, she’s Tilda, so she can pretty much do what she wants. Oh, to be in a Bowie video… sigh..

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