Well Played, SWINTON


Who could this tall, gorgeous drink of water be? (Pretend you didn’t just read the title of this post.)

This is unexpectedly glamorous for SWINTON. I mean, she is a glamorous life-form, but that glamour often translates to her wearing, you know, sculptural Hefty bags and giant androgynous suits like the lost member of the Talking Heads.

I mean. This is just….I’m kind of….speechless, actually (I know, I know, you’re relieved to see that it’s possible). This dress is still INTERESTING and has sculptural elements and is just a weensy bit weird, as it should be for her, but it’s also mad flattering and really pretty on her. She looks SWINTONIAN but also FABULOUS.  Which is just how we like her.

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  1. Natalie

    She’s wearing MAKE UP. On her FACE.

  2. jerkygirl

    Wow. That is awesome. That would not look good on just anyone, but she knocks it way out of the park and the parking lot and then across the river and over into the next state. I love this!!! SWINTON.

  3. Kay

    Ooh, I love the colour. Nice work.

  4. fae

    I am perfectly torn between wishing she had gone batsh*t crazy like she usually does, and absolutely loving this gown on her. I don’t think anyone else (besides MAYBE Blanchett) could have pulled this off. I do wish she had worn different shoes though. The clunk of the shoes is competing with the architecture of the dress.

  5. TaraMisu

    SWINTON. Lovely color!

  6. Shaye

    oh well done Swinton! I almost choked on my tea when I saw the headline but I will be the first to applaud. Its slinky and satiny and even has a slit, maybe her garment bag got mixed up with someone else’s and she decided to wear the dress anyway.

  7. Willow

    She looks so regal! And like you said it is positively SWINTONIAN but also incredibly flattering and fabulous!

    Also, how tall is she? She like she could squash me!

  8. Minutiae

    You’d have to be tall and otherworldly to pull off this dress, and SWINTON is doing it beautifully. I love her crazy, but it’s nice to see her look genuinely fantastic from time to time. Who knew she had such a lovely back?

  9. Amanda

    AGREED! I love it when she looks fantastic while still being true to the SWINTON way of life.

  10. TTbelle

    I just finished reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and I kept picturing it as a movie. One character is this tall majestic androgynous angel bathed in light and when I saw this photo I knew: Swinton would own that role. She is made to play Islington!

  11. Ann


  12. Sajorina

    She looks AMAZING! I love the dress and the big ring and the shoes… This is a WELL PLAYED + FAB + WIN + REALLY? all rolled into one! HELL YEAH, SWINTON!!!

  13. Rosemarie

    ROWRRRRRRRRR….This is how it’s done, girls. I feel like I should have known she could be this gorgeous, but – as much as I’ve come to love her particular style, this is just beyond the beyond. Take notes, Ms. Kidman, (and half of Hollywood’s A-list plus every starlet on the planet), take many notes and study this carefully.

    Agree about her back, Minutiae; it’s pure visual pleasure. there’s not a peek of her ribcage, no emaciation, etc (again I’m talking to you, Ms Kidman – and I say it out of love.)

  14. Buttercup

    She is resplendent.

  15. Pebbles36

    Absolute Swinton Perfection!

  16. Erin

    Yay, she looks BEAUTIFUL and SWINTON!! I love it!

    @Willow: IMDB says she’s 5’10.5″. She is gloriously tall!

  17. wtfnyc

    True, it is much more “normal” than most things she wears, but that’s just yet another thing that just feels so very SWINTON about it to me.

    “What’s that?? You all expect me to wear a large swath of burlap held together impossibly chic-ly with a gold macrame lariat and the souls of a thousand emotionally tortured elves? But NO!!! I will wear a classic evening gown with impeccable construction in an utterly gorgeous color and there will be nothing particularly odd or unusual about it except the incomparable way in which I COMPLETELY ROCK IT and take your overly-complacent-about-my-sartorial-madness BREATH away!!!”


  18. anne p.

    BULLSEYE!!!! Everyone else might as well stay in their hotel rooms now . . . .

  19. Ingrid

    My heart belongs to SWINTON . . . she is resplendent here.

  20. Share


  21. jmb

    yes, but the woman behind her, you can see her underwear. And it is not pretty

  22. gav

    Not only is she wearing makeup, ITS IN THE CORRECT SHADE. Incredible.

  23. Cecily

    It’s SWINTONABULOUS!!! Love that color…

  24. Gigi

    I’m becoming my mother: all I can think when I see her face here is, “see, honey, you look so much better with a little makeup on and stand up straight”.

  25. Sally

    Speechless. Just speechless.

  26. helmore

    Is it just me, or is she sort of smirking at the camera? Like, “Yes, I’m rocking this turtle-halter-cowl neck evening gown. You’re surprised? Ye of little faith.”

    This is pretty perfect on her.

  27. Mary

    She has blue eyes! I’m not sure I knew that until I saw her in this dress. Gorgeeeyous.

  28. The Other Molly

    Holy Crap.
    Natalie is right.
    She’s wearing makeup.
    This is just awesome.
    We are not worthy.

  29. Jeanie

    SWINTON!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. yeahandalso

    She is wearing lipstick! now if we could just get her some mascara and maybe an eyebrow pencil! I saw a movie she did called Julia and she plays a drunk barfly type, she looked kinda hot all tarted up

  31. Anne B

    I had to study both these shots closely; my SWINTON problem has exploded recently (“We Have To Talk About Kevin” looks like a smackdown winner, and it’s one of those dark & creepy things I just love; plus, plus, it’s got HER).

    I may be mere inches from SWINTON rehab.

    Dress: Wow, SWINTON wore a beautiful halter dress in flattering shades of blue!!

    OR DID SHE. What’s up with the clever folding effect between neck and waistline? What’s in there?? SWINTON thinks I forgot the satin pinwheel, doesn’t she? I did not.

    The makeup: “Yes, I know your ways now. It washes off well enough. Behold my azure glory, People Of Earth.”

    But this is the thing: What she’s holding. Not a bag. NOT A BAG. It’s a **book**. Something about “Bee.”


  32. Alison

    Neverwere was written as a TV series originally. Islington was played by Peter Capaldi, another tall, blonde, distinctive looking Scot :)

    She looks fabulous. I love that she’s about 6′ and still wears skyscraper heels.

  33. vandalfan

    SWINTONIAN and SWINTABULOUS are my new favorite words.

  34. Rayna

    “Those are shoulder blades? I thought they were wings.”

    “Are you OK, because it’s a long fall from Heaven.” Etc. I could go on, but won’t (collective sigh of relief)

    Just when I thought I could not possibly love her more, she goes and does THIS!

    Proud to share the planet with her.

  35. CJ

    Wow, she looks great. Still looks like Swinton, but with a touch of makeup and a less masculine silhouette. Also loving the “Ant and Bee” clutch purse.

  36. Alena

    SWINTON looks lovely. Seriously.

  37. Su-Yin Johns

    I like that she metes out her hotness in small doses. She plays with us – a sack dress here, a pinwheel suit there, and then BAM. Fuschia lips. A gown with pockets. Beautiful colour. Amazing silhouette.
    lainey was there: http://www.laineygossip.com/Intro_13may11.aspx?CatID=0&CelID=0 ‘Tilda makes everyone happy.’
    SWINTON 4 eva

  38. ellanora

    Noice. Although i cant look at her anymore after watching burn after reading, in which she looks EXACTLY LIKE JULIA GILLARD. Who is the prime minister of Australia. I cannot unsee it now i have seen it.

  39. Rosie

    To be honest I kind of love her style anyway – not saying I would ever where anything she normally does bu serious kudos to her for going out there and wearing what SHE wants to wear. I think she looks absolutely stunning in this dress but where would we be without her individuality. :)

  40. Anne B

    Can’t wait for the GFY International Shouts of Delight and Praise, when she wins the Oscar for Best Actress next year. (Please say we’ll all be there for THAT live-blog, Fug Nation.)

    I just wanted to be first to say that out loud. <3

  41. Jesse

    Beautiful, and with no ugly tattoo to mar that gorgeous skin.

  42. heather


    NO ONE looks good in satin, EVER…

    they do not sit down (or bend very much either!) between putting it on and walking out in it. She must have arrived in a limo-jitney thing. That’s the only way I can think she did it. Cause NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!!!.

  43. adexie

    I really wish she was the lost member of Talking Heads.

  44. SometimesIFugMyself

    You know what is so admirable about Swinton? She nearly ALWAYS wears TOWERING heels. Stilettos of death that other mere mortals would run from. The dress is fab. The shoes are beyond fab. Bravo Swinton….as always, bravo!

  45. Doctor Memory

    I’ve been saying since Edward II and Orlando that Tilda Swinton was gorgeous, but most people just stared at me funny as a result. I’ll be bookmaking this as evidence when dealing with naysayers. (Who, admittedly, can point to just about every other photo taken of her in the last decade, sigh…)

  46. Bambi Anne Dear


  47. ChaChaheels

    I love that she chooses to have so many looks, and I think she always wears makeup (you can always see blush and gloss no matter how “nude” everyone complains her face is–but she mostly keeps that look for when she’s in red hair). She just refuses to be predictable, and that’s the big difference between other celebs and her own glamour.

    Those shades of blue are beyond flattering and pretty. She’s the best looking 50 + year old in show business, and I bet she’s never even considered botox or surgery.