Well Played, Solange


I don’t know if this is a coat, or a dress, or a coat-dress, or a dress-coat.

But I do know that I want it.


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  1. mary lou bethune

    She looks so lovely and her legs are fabulous. The Knowles girls have extraordinarily beautiful genes.

  2. Robert W

    You can see a little bit of stomach skin, so I am guessing it is separates.

    • Helen

      Yep – it’s a suit!

      And very cute.

    • Fawn

      Oh. I thought that was a skinny little gold belt at first, but you’re right.

      That skirt is WAY too short for an old lady like me, but I’ll take the top/coat please.

  3. Ines

    it’s a little bit too short. but very pretty.

  4. Lindy

    I saw this dress on another site and from the front it doesn’t look that cute. It looks like she’s wearing a big square block of polka dots. It wasn’t flattering.

  5. Susan


  6. claire

    If it were a coat/dress I would love it. As separates: a bit too much Beach Blanket Bingo. Also, isn’t it still February? Maybe I need to live further south.

  7. maryse

    it’s cute, but way too short.

  8. Jessica

    I looked up some other photos of it, and it’s definitely separates. I would love it as a coat and/or dress but I really dislike it as separates. I also really, really despise the fact that you can see her midriff in a lot of the pictures. Why are midriff-baring shirts a thing that keep happening?

  9. kathy

    She wore it while performing on Letterman and you could definitely see torso when she was moving around — the skirt was also dangerously short for some of her dance moves! But she looked just fabulous, I’m not sure this photo shows off the collar and shoulders to full effect. Agreed it is a bit boxy but it worked against all that glorious hair.

  10. TaraMisu

    Definitely CUTE! Too short for me to wear but I’m not Solange :D

  11. Alicia

    It’s a midriff top and tap skirt – way too short for a sit down interview! She looks lovely in it though.

  12. JMo

    Look closely. It’s two pieces and there’s a strip of her belly showing. It would be so much cuter if it was what you want it to be though.

  13. floretbroccoli

    I saw the picture and love the look. Then, when I watched her perform on Letterman, I liked it even more. She was adorable, dancing in this. Well done.

  14. latest trends

    it looks like it is a dress coat more over it looks great…http://latesttrendfashion.com/

  15. Clarence Beeks

    Love it- absolutely adorable!
    I want it too…..

  16. ortenzia

    new favorite person.

  17. Crystal

    I agree, well-played, but also crotchtacular.

  18. Elle

    Cute for a way younger person. On a grown up too short. In fact, maybe the skirt should have been shorts.

  19. Janiekettles

    I’m utterly on board with this, but would have been even happier had the shoes been wedges. Don’t know why, just think it might have balanced out the big spots and the shape….just me? Ok, no worries…..

  20. Kim

    I can’t get over how GOOD she’s looking of late! Girlfriend is KICKING GOALS!!

  21. Mongerel

    Dissenting voice: It’s flat out fug from the neck chockage to the seam mismatchage to the buttcheeck teasing hem to the toe-icing dispensing shoes.

    Way to spoil charming dots, idiot designer.

  22. Squirrel!

    I don’t have strong feelings about the outfit, but I’ll take her legs!

  23. jean

    I just want her hair. It would look horrible on me, but I want it. Her legs would be nice too. Darn she’s cute. But the hair! I wish more curly-haired actresses would go this route. They have the team, they have the products, so why not?

  24. Vandalfan

    Mongrel noticed it, too- Match the patterns, as my Home Ec teacher always taught us! The awkward seams create weird blobs where round dots should be.