Well Played, Selena Gomez


Sunday night at the VMAs, Selena Gomez told Red Carpet Personage Who Isn’t Ryan Or Giuliana that she was giving up singing for “a long, long time” to concentrate on her acting. When this statement comes from Justin Timberlake, it makes me want to stab him with the rapier sharp points of his own inability to see where his true talents lie, but as far as Selena goes, I think it’s great. Why? Because she was actually sort of adorable in Monte Carlo and if you told me she was decent in Spring Breakers, I would believe you. So you go with your acting, Selena.

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  1. Anna Svahn

    Always looks like a little girl playing dress up in her mother’s closet. She has such a baby face she will be carded until she is 50!

    •  Billie

      My sentiments exactly. I feel like 90% of her looks are ensembles GOOP would strut.

  2. Gine

    The random shot of color is weird, but I do love the color.

    Also, sorry to derail, but I just saw these pictures and can I just say of COURSE Kate looks like this a mere month after giving birth. Of course she does. http://hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com/2013/08/kates-first-public-outing-since-prince.html

    •  Natalie

      As a mere mortal, I don’t look anywhere near like that a YEAR after giving birth.

      • Other Emily

        My youngest is almost 5, and I’m not even close to that slender. Damn her! If I didn’t love her so, so much, I would absolutely hate her.

        • deee

          I want to know why when I wear an outfit like Kate is wearing, my teenagers shriek in horror and tell me I look “grandma”. I guess Kate’s stunning hair and size 0 hips might be an explanation.

      • Eli

        I don’t look like that and I’ve NEVER given birth.

  3. Annie E

    Wow, I really, really hate this dress.

    • Val

      Looks like a sad, sad waste of some really spectacular fabric… On the other hand, maybe the “designer” had only some scraps of the stuff so s/he was forced to cobble piece them together with other scraps to make a dress.

  4. meggiemoo

    I think she’s a mediocre singer, so maybe she should concentrate on acting. But then again, the trailers for this look sort of terrible.

  5.  TaraMisu

    Hmmmmmmmmm this is ok I guess? I can’t decide if I like the purple print underneath….

  6. Caro

    It’s OK from the back, but otherwise, me no likely–and the shoes with it are overkill.

  7. jean

    I think this is a more age appropriate look for her at least (sometimes she goes too old-Hollywood slinky). And she was charming in Monte Carlo, bad English accent and all. That’s such a good movie for 11-14 year old girls. I really do wish Hollywood would make more like it. I know it’s bubblegum, but no bad language, no sex, and everyone is essentially a good person in the end. And pretty location. She make some more of those and I will forgive her for propping up the Bieb.

  8. jean

    “She can make some more of those ….” I swear English is my first language! Ug. Clearly my typing skills need some work.

  9.  HelenBackAgain

    Ohhh, no, that does not work at all. Not only does it have at least one too many things going on, it also makes her look flat-chested and pregnant, which we know she is not.

    SHE’s super-cute. The dress is ugh.

    And so are those tacky shoes.

    • Kate

      It also makes her look 4 feet wider in back than she really is…I do not like.

      However, her face looks great! I wish I could pull off that much eye makeup without looking like I got in a fight.

    •  ErinG

      this is the kind of material that i dread my friends picking as their bridesmaid dresses… that silhouette with that stiff fabric is no one’s friend!

  10. Vandalfan

    If you look at a dress and think it would look just a good if it was on backwards, it’s not a good dress. The hip swags and random see-through at her waist are really unattractive features, as is the decollete’ lace. And the cone toe pump is on shaky ground with me.

  11. HKS

    I kind of love it. But largely because I love all those colors. AND because her face is adorable.

    Having never seen her act, I can’t say she’d do it better than she sings. HOWEVER, I would be shocked if it was any worse. She’s not a horrible singer, she’s just a non-singer. A non-singer to terribly annoying songs. So…I full support the acting Selena! Even if it’s bad, it’s a lot easier to avoid a popular movie than it is a popular song.

  12. Robyn

    Her hair is gorgeous! Don’t really love the dress though it is cute from the back.

  13. Valerie C.

    I’m not commenting on the dress b/c I am SO disappointed there is no Ethan Hawke in the photos!!!! That is really the only reason I am commenting – wither ETHAN?

  14. Eli

    I tried really hard to hate Selena Gomez, because I am a crabby old lady and she is young and pretty and perky and was on Barney and dated nasty Justin Bieber. But then I was sorta charmed by her in Ramona and Beezus and FINE SELENA GOMEZ I GIVE IN I LIKE YOU. That does not, however, mean I have liked her ensembles as of late.

  15. keekey

    This dress is odd but she is pulling it off because she’s adorable! I’m glad to read that she’s going to focus on acting. She was on a show my kids watched, The Wizards of Waverly Place, and I thought she was super cute and had good comic timing. In her music career, she seems so humorless. I guess maybe dating Justin Bieber and hanging out with TSwift will do that to you.

  16. Sajorina

    Oooohhhh, I like it! I love wallpaper too!

  17. Erin

    I embrace her decision to focus on acting. I have more than once fallen down a rabbit hole when Another Cinderella Story comes on ABC Family, most often when I’m sick or really bored on a Saturday afternoon. She’s adorable.