Well Played, Sarah Jessica Parker


I was going to suggest that SJP often seems a lot less cheery when she’s making the rounds with The Brod. But she looks perfectly happy here. So much for my thoughtless rumor-mongering.

I ALSO rather like her outfit. It’s something not a lot of 48-year olds could pull off, but she does, and effortlessly. I much prefer fun, shiny, buoyant Sarah Jessica Parker to Twee SJP, dowdy SJP, or Pagan priestess SJP. It may not be as heartily amusing as Insane SJP, but what is? That bar is set so high not even a pole vaulter could clear it.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Goldfish

    She is staying chic, while pics with her husband always look as though she is standing in an inappropriate pose with her accountant.

    Can we not queer eye for the straight guy Mr. Broderick, if he is going to do photo ops with such a wife?

  2. Sajorina

    This is a WIN for SJP! She looks FABULOUS! I love everything about it because it’s fun! Hubby looks good as well!

    • Maria L.

      I don’t know, I think she might need a little more eyeliner….

      Egads, she looked so much better when she laid off the raccoon eyes the previous evening. I dig the flapper look but honey, lose the eye pencil already.

      • pidget

        I think she looks gorgeous and happy, and that sparkly champagne colour is stunning on her. But yes, the heavy eyeliner is harshing my buzz. Soften up – please? Same goes for the too-dark shoes.

        • Sajorina

          Those were the same shoes she wore yesterday, so maybe she only packed one pair!

  3. Stefanie

    I love this. Seriously, it’s great. AND SHINY.

  4. Callie

    She looks great, dressing in a way that is appropriate to the fact she’s not 20 (unlike some people Gwyneth) but at the same time looks gorgeous. I love her. And I love them as a couple, and will not believe any rumours to the contrary. Nope. I like the fact he has a look on his face that’s like ‘I know right? I’m with her. It’s crazy how lucky I am.’ Aw.

  5. qwertygirl

    It’s cute and flapperish and shiny. Two thumbs up!

  6. maryse

    she looks great! london agrees with her. (she’s still there right?)

  7. Christa

    This reminds me of the dress she wore on SATC for her first date with the Russian. So cute.

  8. Tamburlaine

    I really liked this until I spotted the illusion netting at the top. Now I like it a little less. But only a little less.

    • HKS

      Yah, I love her in this dress, and the illusion netting isn’t quite as bad as it normally seems to look.

      Her face looks great too. That smile makes a huge difference – from haggard to happy.

  9. junior

    I looked at the pic too fast and thought M. Broderick was holding a clutch, then I got really excited about the possibility of the “man clutch” becoming a real thing, then I saw it was just a note card or something.

  10. jjdaddyo

    The Brod needs an appointment with his tailor, those pants cuffs are some way past “full break” unless he lost his belt in the limo or something.

  11. Heather

    Ferris needs to get his pants hemmed.

  12. googler

    wow, this is the best I’ve seen her look in a long time! She looks amazing!

  13. Fawn

    I will go on record as actively disliking SJP (except for the SJP of Footloose and Square Pegs – for obvious reasons). I never really liked SATC, I usually haaaaaate what she wears and I don’t think she’s nearly as pretty as everyone seems to want me to think she is.

    However, she looks GREAT here, and not just great for SJP. She looks full-on FANTASTIC. With her skin tone, that sparkly champagne color is divine.

    • GFY Heather

      I’ve always thought she was more interesting-looking than traditionally pretty, and that plus her bubbly personality kind of combined to make her look great. I remember watching her on Letterman back in the days of LA Story and all those pre-SATC movies and she was one of his favorite guests because she was so personable and vivacious.

      I was not a SATC fan either. Am not. Whatever. Point is, I feel like I need to give her credit for the fact that a) she seems INCREDIBLY gracious in person, and b) the one time I interviewed her she was WONDERFUL to me because her PR person was trying to hustle her away, and she actually stopped and told the person to let me talk to her, in a way that implied NOT that she wanted the press, but that she really felt for me and wanted to make sure I got what I needed. It was lovely.

      • Beth

        Ooooh, I love hearing stories like that!

      • Sajorina

        Awwwww, I love that story, GFY Heather! It makes me like her even more!

      • Sarah

        I agree on interesting rather than pretty. And I had major respect for her acknowledging that in the recent series of Glee when she sang the verse from At The Ballet (Chorus Line) about being “different” rather than “pretty” or “beautiful”.

    • Liz

      I think she looked great with curly hair. On certain episodes of SATC when her skin was really dewy and her hair was really curly, I thought she looked beautiful. I hate flat-ironed hair. It looks too unnatural and damaged.

      And she seemed like a really gracious and fun, down-to-earth person when she guest-judged “Project Runway” and Work of Art.”

  14. Mary

    Now all I can think of is Agador Spartacus being measured for pants: “I want that nice Armani break in the front, you know? But don’t just pull it. Do it, down there– I got high-waters here.”

  15. filmcricket

    Well, this is better. The photos on TLo make her look like the walking dead. That dress is divine and she’s wearing it well, but I agree that she needs to give the raccoon eyes a permanent break. I get that small, deep-set, pale blue eyes are probably hard to highlight, but there has to be more ways of doing it than this one.

    • ¬†HelenBackAgain

      Oh sure. Light-colored shadows, no liner, and false lashes – or just a lot of mascara, I think SJP’s lashes are pretty long as is – will make small, light eyes jump right out, especially in a photo. Here’s a shot where she’s done more or less that (there’s a little liner, but minimal) – see how the gray-blue color stands out:


      I like her a lot and I wish she’d get out of this raccoon rut. It just makes the eyes disappear, surely the opposite of the intended effect.

      • Goldfish

        I think if we sat her next to Ke$ha, though, it would put it in better perspective. I think she’s okay.

  16. Wendy

    Jessie J wore this for the The Voice UK finale, and it was strange. I couldn’t figure out if it was a necklace or if it had a sheer bit at the top. Maybe a who wore it better would be good?

  17.  HelenBackAgain

    Loooove the sparkly and the flapper look, and she has the perfect figure for it, but why, why, why couldn’t it just have straps instead of illusion netting? WHYYYY?!?

  18. Vandalfan

    I can just imagine the dance moves I’d do in that dress if I was thirty years younger and thirty pounds lighter. …

  19.  trixila

    leelee’s big sister vibe

  20. H.C.

    wish there was a shot of the fringes being twirled about – but yeah, yowza for SJP!

  21. Lee-Lee

    I love GFY Heather’s story. I have always liked hearing/watching SJP being interviewed. I think that Larry King enjoyed her as a guest on his show as she was on several times. I was always impressed by how articulate and down to earth she seems, very genuine. I’m always sad when people say insulting things about her looks. She has a unique beauty, not the cookie cutter, bland Barbie looks of so many celebs. And to me she is a fashion icon.

  22. Chicklet

    She needs to lay off the eyeliner. Her eyes look like cigarette burns on upholstery.

  23. jules

    Love her. Always have and always will.

  24. Janiekettles

    Carrie Bradshaw made me wear white upper-lid-liner, and it’s wildly effective, makes your eyes look really bright, and your lashes super-long, and for that reason, I will always love her. Even though I wasn’t 100% sure she deserved Big, in the end (whom I met recently, and, oh God, he is GORGEOUS and CHARMING and so TALL and smelled GREAT and PROPERLY flirted with me – sorry for the CAPSY-TUDE, but it made my year)…..if SJP went back to that wide-eyed look, she’d still rock it. She does look mighty flamin’ fine here, though, her legs are well-served by that length of shimmer! (My longest post ever – apologies….)

  25. Pamb

    It’s not that SJP doesn’t look cheery when she poses with her husband, it’s that he always looks less than thrilled to be there. She is happy to be seen with him, while he is scowling and awkward. Laineygossip always feels bad when she sees them at an event, and so do I.

    At least she looks happy here!

  26. Janice

    What’s wrong with me? First the stripy silver dress, and now this. I’m liking the way SJP dresses!

    Except for those shoes with this dress. No.