Well Played, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney


She looks amazing, he looks great, and this couple needs to happen.

[Photos: Splash]

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  1. Edith

    It would be such a departure for him; I really really want this to happen, in an old school, screwball comedy way. I want him to flirt with her cavalierly, and for her to Rosalind-Russelly roll her eyes at the idea, for them to become buddies and bantering-partners… then they finish their work together and she moves on, he realizes he can’t live without her, and makes a damn fool of himself, Cary-Grant-style, to win her over and convince her that he is a changed man. And also, Louis is the ring-bearer.

  2. FashionFumbler

    Love both dresses; and for once, a nude shoe is properly deployed! But … in photo 8 … is that a swirl of fabric across her left hip creating the appearance of a butt sling?

    I cannot cosign on a butt sling.

  3. qwertygirl

    She could be Annette Benning to his Warren Beatty! I support this union.

    •  Chasmosaur

      Except that Sandra Bullock is 49 to Clooney’s 52 – not exactly the nearly 20 year age difference between Benning and Beatty.

      • qwertygirl

        I just meant that Beatty was a bit (*snort*) of a ladies’ man too, and he’s been with Annette now since 1992. Beatty was also 35 when they got married, which is at variance with the ages involved. But you’re right–Sandy is much more George’s contemporary than Annette is Warren’s.

        • Big Noise

          Warren was a bit older than 35 — perhaps you meant Bening was 35?

          • qwertygirl

            You’re right–he was 55. She was 34. No idea what math I did. I suck at math. As if that wasn’t already clear.

        •  Chasmosaur

          Ah – I thought you meant the May-December thing (well, June-late October) vibe. But I feel like Intern George is more a serial monogamist than Warren ever was ;)

      • Maria L.

        Not to mention that intern George always goes for younger pop tarts. Alas, I think Sandra is too mature and too smart for him — even though she’d probably be a GREAT match for him.

        But after her last slimeball of a husband, though, I’d hate for Sandy to get shafted again…

        • Jodi

          Exactly. He has not proven that he is worthy of a woman like her. Maybe she can reform him, but I’ll bet she has better things to do.

        • Toni255

          Totally agree- no more heartache for Sandy

  4. TaraMisu

    I love both of them, this union MUST happen!

    Also, they both look fabulous. I even give her nude shoes a pass.

    • julyol1972

      Right??? Yay on a well-deployed nude shoe! Ladies of Hollywood, please take note of said deployment.

      I must co-sign on all suggestions of a Bullooney (see what I did there?) hookup! She’s old enough to put up with his silly, older frat boy nature, and methinks he needs a practical, independant, I-have-my-own-money-and-noteriety-and-don’t-need-any-of-yours type of woman. Plus, she has Louis, and probably won’t start ragging on him about having more kids.

      Speaking of the Lou, has anyone else noticed that he just never seems to have time for the foolishness. That child does not ever seem impressed with the goings-on around him. The rare moment that he does smile is like a ray of sunshine.

      Love, love, love seeing little Lou and his Momma out and about!

  5. Lizzy

    Dang, they both look fabulous! Perfection!

  6. Fawn

    Yes! Just… yes!

  7. Karen G

    You know, I like her so much, and they look so good together, that I’d really be happy for them and not jealous that it’s her and not me.

  8. filmcricket

    Intern George needs to buy a new tux, or get that one altered. I know he’s one of the few who actually owns his rather than being “dressed by” someone for the RC, but that suit is too big for him.

    Aside from that horribly unflattering first photo, Sandy looks great.

  9. ew

    Please? Can we have this couple as our christmas present? I swear I won’t ask for anything else all year!!!!

  10. Sandala

    Wow! but does he deserve her??

    • Samantha

      This. I am not so sure. I dig Clooney, but still.

      •  Carolina Girl

        While, I think Bullock and Clooney are great in theory (we could call them “Blooney”), I am not so sure that they would be that great together IRL. Intern George is suave, intelligent, talented and civic minded but he has also stated emphatically that he does not want to get married again. Perhaps she doesn’t either. But Sandy and I are in kind of the same boat as single moms and I have to say that even with all that going for him, if George doesn’t want to be around for the long haul, I’d have serious reservations about making him a part of my child’s life.
        All that aside, they look wonderful together.

  11. AnnieB

    the amount of pretty in these pictures should not be allowed. Sandra looks absolutely beautiful and I especially love her in the color block dress. Those colors together are fresh, summery and wonderful. Back in the ER days I had a re-occuring dream that George was my kid’s pediatrician. . . but sadly i think he is too immature or insecure to choose a woman his equal or really surpassing his awesomeness..

  12. Susan

    Slide One – Intern George on the boat with shades – - GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, that is one good looking hunk o man!

  13. mary lou bethune

    Thank you for helping to erase the bad memories.
    George has never looked more handsome, more Cary Grant suave, more delish! Sandra looks beautiful and gracious and the dresses are perfectly lovely.


  14. Other Emily

    This might be the overall best-looking slideshow in GFY history. Seriously, they are just unbelievably gorgeous. The idea of them as a couple is totally overwhelming. I would love it, but I would be so devastated if it ended badly (or at all) that I just don’t know if I could take it.

    •  ErinG

      I believe you may be forgetting the Olympic Abs amazingness…. but best Hollywood celeb slideshow, for sure!

  15. BrownEyedBetty

    I’m booking a first-class ticket for the Bullooney Express. WootWoot.

  16. Gigi

    Sandra’s body language is screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    I love that daytime dress!

  17. Carol C.

    Holy God, YES!!!

  18. Nat

    It’s 10 p.m. where I live but if you’ll excuse me I shall be heading to the gym right now because dear Lord that woman could be my mom agewise and she looks AMAZING and I’m sort of feeling guilty right now that the only exercise I did today was cooking my dinner, so thank you for that Sandy, you and your pretty sorbet dress.

    P.s. Clooney, should you look for a new italian gf, you’ll find me at the gym (not really).

  19. Linda

    They’re so good looking it’s making my eyes hurt.

    Dammm Sandra looks amazing. Whatever her work out is, I need it pronto.

    You know behind that smile she’s thinking “F you Jesse”.

  20. becca

    i am just in love with these pictures. i need that bright colorblock dress. and that hair. and well, the whole thing. whatever they’re selling, i’m buying.

  21. Sajorina

    I want these two to happen if, and ONLY if, he takes her seriously, acknowledges the AMAZING woman she is, treats her like a queen, and puts a ring on it forever!!! She WILL NOT be another one of his 2 year contracts! Rant over!

    I love both outfits on Sandra! 1st dress is gorgeous and I think the shoes work well with it for daytime! Her head is FABULOUS as always! The red dress is great and I like it paired with the black sandals! George looks handsome in both events! And, may I say, he seems to be kind of proud to be next to her?! Anyway, Louis is pulling on my heartstrings and fallopian tubes as well! What a CUTE kid!

    • Sajorina

      By the way, I saw the trailer for this movie and was traumatized! Now, I don’t know if I can see it!

      • Linda

        OMG I know. I about had a heart attack when I saw it.

        I am TERRIFIED of heights. But it’s getting amazing reviews.

    • Breda

      Or, you know, takes into consideration whatever she wants from the relationship. :)

  22. Goldish

    Wow. That was a slideshow of goodness if I have ever seen one.

  23. Miranda

    He is so much more attractive without some inappropriately-aged bimbo on his arm. Those women always made him look so desperate. I do hope Sandy finds her a good man, but I’m just not sure Georgie is it.

  24. Tiffany

    I love her bright color block dress so much! It is so fun and makes me happy!

  25.  hillary l.

    They’re both civic-minded, both into the production end of movie making, both *excellent* at screwball comedy, both SO PRETTY. Georgie dear would have to grow up, natch. But doing it for Sandra Bullock doesn’t sound like much of a sacrifice. And Sandy could use the time on a boat.

    That said, George is close enough with Brad to know what kind of soup storm happens when to A+-listers get together. And yet…


  26. Gayle

    He is adorable but … I think Sandra deserves better.
    But then .. what do I know?

  27. KellyG


  28. Claire1

    I think they’d be great sidekicks ( which CAN totally make a great/fun relationsip)….but I don’t see him settling down with someone who has a kid.
    Makes me sad…but that’s how it is…

  29. val.

    This is the best Sandra has looked in ages! I also think she deserves better than Clooney. He would just break her heart.

    • julyol1972

      *Siiiigggghhhhhh* Unfortunately, though I heart “Bullooney”, I reluctantly might have to agree with you.

  30. Mo

    don’t get me wrong, I love him…he is on my “list of men I’m allowed to cheat on my husband with” but NO NO NO for Sandra….she needs a guy who WANTS TO BE MARRIED AND A DAD…not George.

    On another note, she has NEVER looked better!!

  31.  HelenBackAgain


    Bullock + Clooney = almost TOO MUCH pretty. I’m not sure my heart can take it!

    I want to see this again, and again, and again… for YEARS to come.

  32. Kit

    Louis is the celebrity-child equivalent of Grumpy Cat, and I love them both.:)

    I have been shipping Sandy and George for years. I only hope someday my wish will come true. :)

    P.S. Sandy’s orange dress is beautiful and I. MUST. HAVE. her shoes.

  33. Kris

    I was going to make some witty, charming comment about how great Bullock and Clooney look in the first several slides, but then I got to Louis in the last picture and dissolved into a puddle of squee and then forgot what I was going to say. I always do that when confronted with photos of small children. Maybe I’ve got some sort of really specific brain malfunction? Adorable-onset amnesia?

  34. Joe

    So I guess the key to putting “blush on the apples of your cheeks” is to actually have apple shaped cheeks like Sandy* does – she looks adorable in the bright colorblock dress. Also, I didn’t love the shoes with the red dress but they grew more on me with every picture until I thought they were perfect.

    *I can call her that because I’m friends with someone who went to high school with her in VA.

  35. Greena

    Her hair is odd in the red dress
    Love the other one

  36.  Goldfish

    They have such a Gable – Lombard thing happening. Oh, please, let them get together. The whole world would be in their corner.

  37. Gary Davidson

    OH !!!!!!! Finally a male celeb who know how to dress like an adult not a over sized little boy. Amazing the jacket fits, the shirt is tucked in and fits both in size and style, the pants are the correct length, no “look at me” bling. Maybe he should give classes.

  38. kscoaster

    How do these two look at each other and think, “eh, I can do better”?

  39. mandiann

    I love the idea of them together!!!! And I covet her hair in that color block dress.

  40. BrownEyedBetty

    Does anybody else want to see a proper shot of SB’s bodice on the color-blocked dress? In one slide, it gives a very weird silhouette of her breast (hopefully just a weird fold or strange lighting…) and in another one there’s a notch in the corner, visible from one side only. Her hair covers the rest. This is frustrating me.

    Also, I too was not onboard with the big black shoes in the tomato-colored dress from the premiere. I am coming around, if only because she has nice feet and toned legs. This probably makes me a shallow human being. Sandy would forgive me, I’m sure.

  41. Sophia Loren

    Oh Lord. I just want to date them both.

  42. Ariel

    The Cloons > Jesse James.

    Times a jillion.

    •  hillary l.


    • Esme

      That’s not exactly a tough contest to win–I’d say 99% of males would win that one. But she is way too old for George–it’s never going to happen.

  43. Claire1

    Unfortunately, whenever I see the promos for this movie…. what I see, in my mind’s eye, is the space “movie” that Julia Roberts was in in Notting Hill.

    •  Goldfish

      Oh, that is the most awesome, specific, obscure reference of the year. It popped up immediately for me, the ad on the bus. Well done. Even the Eastern Block judges will give you a 4.0

    • Marissa Melton

      TOTALLY AGREE. Hooray, I am not alone! “Inform the Pentagon, we need black star cover!”

  44. Sara

    I thought the same thing too when I saw these pics on another site! I would love it if he dated a woman of power like Bullock.

  45. Bets

    I’d pay a million bucks to see that kid with a smile on his face just once.

    • julyol1972

      He does smile, quite beautifully too! But like a poster above said, he’s also the human equivalent of “grumpy cat”. The few times I’ve seen pics of him smile or laugh, it’s been pretty awesome because it’s so rare.

  46. Molly

    THis union would knock Brangelina off the throne. But hey .. :)

  47. Marissa Melton

    But but but . . . if they ever happen, then someday they will have to UNhappen — because this is Clooney, after all — and that would be sad.

  48. Amanda In Austin

    I love that color block dress and the way it reminds me of Spumoni. I think she did that on purpose since she’s in Italy. Clever girl.

    • Sophia Loren

      Oh my god. Spumoni. I realize that this totally registered for me on a preconscious level and that alone accounts for about 1/6th of my love for this middle-aged hotness power couple Italian boat outing. Thank you, Amanda in Austin.

  49.  Betsy

    They look so good. I seriously want to be her when I grow up.

  50. Annie Mouse

    I didn’t even know I wanted this to happen until you ladies wrote it up. Now, I’m in a lather.

    … oh, and, yeh, they look really good. But: duh? Kinda?

  51. Linda

    The chemistry between them just oozes out of the photos. A friend and I were looking at the pics yesterday and we were just giddy about the idea of the two of them getting together.

    He looks so much more natural with her than any of the girls he’s dated. See George, you can be with a real woman.

    And Sandra doesn’t need him to help her career, plus she can buy her own dresses for the awards shows.

    This needs to happen!! Make it so!

  52. Eirwen


  53. Julia

    …. And somewhere Eva Longoria would gnash her teeth.