Well Played, Rose Byrne


This is the part of the post where I note that I deeply covet Rose Byrne’s hair. It’s so shiny and thick and shiny and thick and shiny. How she doesn’t have a Pantene endorsement is beyond me — although it may have to do with the fact that she often looks skittish in pictures. On the other hand, maybe she looks skittish because she is scared of people too covetously obsessed with her hair. In that case: sorry I destroyed that hair endorsement for you, Rose.

At least you’ve got this cute dress to console you.

And look, you CAN pull it off:

So cute. I’d BUY that conditioner. I’d buy the hell out of it.

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Comments (28):

  1. Kimberli

    I don’t know. I don’t dislike the dress, but I’m not sold. It’s boring. And dark. And boring.

  2. Lizzie T

    The shading on that dress makes her boobs look like they are resting about three inches above her belt. Otherwise, cute. Not great, but cute.

  3. Miz H

    I don’t like the dress. It’s got two strikes – leopard print and green leopard print. I know leopard print is in but I don’t care for it.

    I don’t like the shoes either. They are to hoof-y. Normally I’m a sucker for peep toes.

  4. Susan

    She looks great.

  5. TaraMisu

    @Lizzie T – total agreement on the boob issue… my first thought was “whoa, buy a bra” then I saw it was the shading.

    I think she looks cute, not spectacular though.

  6. Carol

    I love the dress … really love it … it’s a great look …

  7. Tara

    Am I the only who who thinks that the recent fashion for extremely built-up platform shoes looks hideous?

  8. Aino

    Cute dress! Rose can pose with the best of them; she was the face of Max Factor between 2004 and 2006. Some hair product giant should scoop her up.

  9. Geemee

    I’m not a fan of the dress, but it’s a tough one to pull off and she’s doing it, so kudos. Ridiculously great hair. The shoes should bug me, but they don’t. I think I’m becoming numb.

  10. AMS

    Want dress want dress want dress! After that, my first thought was “Wow, can you imagine how trashy a Kardashian could make this look?” On Rose, while yes, it is a little dark and subdued on Rose, it’s also eminently ladylike but not quite Ladies Who Lunch.

  11. ortenzia

    me too on the conditioner front. me too.

  12. vandalfan

    I’m not entirely sold on the neckline, or the too-short-or-are-they-supposed-to-be-3/4 length-sleeves. But I do like green leopard. I’d have worn snakeskin shoes, however.

  13. Lynne

    You know what’s really cool about Rose is that she arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theatre alone carrying her Dolce Gabbana outfit in a wardrobe bag and accessories inside with no assistant or entourage. She of course left the theatre looking lovely as we see above. Any celebrity who keeps things down to earth and simple deserves kudos and applause.

  14. Blanche

    Rose Byrne is endearing because of the mystery: Due to her physical perfection, we have no idea what she is constantly worried about. It must be something important.

  15. witjunkie

    I wouldn’t wear the dress, but I like looking at it.

  16. Aria

    I think the dress is super cute but not loving the shoes

  17. yeahandalso

    She is pulling it off, but that dress is just a bit old for her…it would totally work on somebody in her 40′s.

    I agree with you on the endorsement deal, it is so strange who gets them and who doesn’t sometimes. Like how Gwen Stefani is just now being paid to sell red lipstick…how did she not have a job doing that in any time 1997-2010?

  18. noodlestein

    Meeehhh, she still looks a little frozen in that last shot, poor thing. I do like the overall look,though. Very fetching.

  19. monica

    i think her hair looks beautiful now, but have you seen the first season of damages? her hair looks terrible! and not terrible like they TRIED to make her hair look terrible because her character is a lawyer who works insane hours and spends the rest of her time trying not to get murdered, but terrible like they COULDN’T find a hairdresser to tame her awful hair.

  20. Spacelamb

    This looked much better in motion on Letterman, the pics don’t really do it justice. Extra points for actually being talented and not even remotely a fame-whore.

  21. Alexandria_Kelly

    Yay Rose. Nice to see her smiling.

    Here’s hoping for more big movie parts for her next year.

  22. NYCGirl

    It’s kind of matronly/mobster’s wife-esque.

  23. lc

    Not a fan of animal prints, weirdly I really like this dress. Green is one of my favorite colors and the print is dark and muted so It doesn’t hit you over the head and scream; animal print, animal print!

  24. Sajorina

    I love it! She looks absolutely beautiful…

  25. Bilbo

    Three inches longer and I’m sold.

  26. jo

    It looks like it’s too hot to be worn in August. And I’m tired of so many women always looking like they really have to pee – I’m not convinced that the standing-with-your-legs-crossed is the ultimate photo pose for all occasions.

  27. Susan

    Wow it is amazing. She really looks pretty and her privates are not showing. See all you celebrities you don’t have to show off your wares and be much more beautiful.

  28. gryt

    I want that dress.