Well Played, Rosario Dawson


Rosario Dawson is in a new movie directed by Danny Boyle, and they themselves just broke up, so I like to think this is her Eat Your Heart Out dress.

I suspect it’s working.

The front isn’t as deliciously divatastic as the back, sadly, but that’s probably for the best. It’s often cooler and classier to make one statement instead of several.

Is this pose a bit pageant-spacey? Yes. Am I maybe worried she’s going to begin marching in place and launch into a kazoo rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever”? A tad. Does the dress look a smidge older from this side? Sure. Does the cape obscure the curve of her waist a little too much? Perhaps. Do I still love it? Yes. I think Rosario Dawson can carry a diva moment better than she usually lets on, so I say, embrace the foxy drama. And, hell, get out the kazoo, if you want. I’m in a good mood.

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  1. Tiffany

    It reminds me a bit of a white dress that Anne Hathaway wore with a similar drape in the back if I remember correctly. I love the back, but from the front it looks like a bit too many sparkles. I think from the back the flesh breaks it up a bit. (This material totally reminds me of Jessica Rabbit). Overall, don’t hate it, but don’t really love it either.

  2. fiatluxury

    while I love her and i LOVE the back of this, the front is a bit too staid in it’s star-spangliness for me…. it reminds me of the dress Dustin Hoffman wore in “Tootsie.” However, she is fab and should bust out her inner diva more often. That color is indeed smashing on her.

    • fiatluxury

      *its, ugh

    • hillary l.

      The Tootsie dress! I love it even more now. Any dress that makes me think of Dustin Hoffman (apparently), is a good dress.

  3. tatiana.larina

    Fuggirls, Firefox started as of today blocking your site because “it has been reported as attack site”. I haven’t experienced any problems, but you may want to look into this.

  4. tigers4us

    So glamorous. Rosario looks terrific!

  5. tigers4us

    She very much reminds me of Berenice Bejo (The Artist).

  6. qwertygirl

    From the front her ex would look at it and go, “Well, she’s pretty, but I’m not eating my heart out.” And then she turns around and walks away, and he goes, “Whoa–maybe I AM.” It’s a strategy. By the time he realizes it was a bad choice, she’s walking away and he can’t do anything without looking completely pathetic, running after her and grabbing at her arm. Well played, lady!

  7. Helen

    Glama-licious. Complete and total smash, knock-out, WIN.

  8. Emma

    I actually love the front. I think the whole look is perfect.

  9. Rayna

    LOVE, because SEQUINS. Also RED.

  10. Trace

    I saw Rosario in a cafe in London a couple of months ago and she is even prettier in person. And very tiny too, which doesn’t really come across in this dress. It’s Danny Boyle’s loss!

    • Helen

      It’s hard to imagine how she could be any prettier, but I believe it, that’s often said of many whose faces we think we know from films and TV.

      He’s a lot older… maybe they just found the difference too much.

      But I’ll bet he IS eating his heart out, seeing photos of her in this!

  11. Amanda

    Didn’t we see this dress on somone else only in a different color in the last year somtime? I sort of remember it, but I am not 100% sure who it was.

  12. h² fashion

    Not horrible, but it would look way better without the big sleeves.


  13. anne p.

    Sketchy styling choices for a while there … glad to have her back on track and looking pretty darn radiant!

    [ P.S. to admin.: yep, I'm getting those Malware Alert blockages, too ]

  14. Lisa

    She’s a knockout. I, too would like it better without so much sleeve(age), but she looks fantastic.