Well Played, Rooney Mara


You know, when it goes — and someday I’m sure it will — I’m going to miss the black hair.

I can’t get over what lovely eyes Rooney has, and she’s figured out how to make the hair and her makeup and her skin tone work together to accent them. In fact, she had an all-around solid weekend: Not only are the shoes great and the green dress is adorable, but her family’s team won the Super Bowl, and so therefore I believe it’s the rule of the universe that any onion dip, chips, and beers consumed in service of rooting for the home team officially contain negative calories and in fact retroactively are full only of healthy vitamins and antioxidants. Did I mention I was conceived in New York City? It counts, Universe. It counts. My cellulite will be expecting your call.

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  1. GigiNYC

    She’s wearing a color! I expect a pig to fly by my window any second now. She looks adorable and chic. I want that dress in my closet now.

  2. Alice

    I kind of wish it was just a bit softer looking, with the severe hair, which I now love, and the minimalism of her face, it looks like she is wearing an ironing board.

  3. neiges

    You are absolutely right Heather, she is on the verge of perfection with this dress. On the other hand, the shoes… I am not so sure as they shorten her feet – I don’t know if I make myself clear but I can only go this far in english. Sorry.

  4. vandalfan

    If I created that Home Economics class, Mrs. Jensen would have given me a C minus. Too tight in the bodice, awkward waist seam, and the fabric pooches. But here, I think it’s supposed to look like that. I like the idea of fun strappy black shoes, but not those particular ones, for a B plus. Hair and face, A plus.

    Maybe, add a necklace?

    • melanie

      It totally looks like someone forgot to finish it. What is that weird cross in the middle of the bodice? It’s almost like darts gone wrong.

  5. theotherjennifer

    the color is great on her and I even like the shoes. The material is a bit stiff looking – kind of like a wool jumper I had in 4th grade – and someone give the poor girl a clutch – she never knows what to do with her hands!

  6. Brooke

    Helping her whole look is she has put a little weight back on. She looks softer all around, and her features are less alien-esque than they were when she was just done with GWTDT. And LOVE the shoes, just not with this outfit. But all in all, a win.

  7. Sandra

    What has it got in its pocketses, preciousssss? Okay, we all know how I feel about that. The skirt could be structured a lot better, since it makes this slender woman look squarish, but the color is dead solid perfect and there’s no crazeballs cutouts. I don’t care much one way or the other about the shoes, except to thank the heavens that they aren’t nude platforms.

  8. CJ

    She obviously is being styled in a certain way to fit with her character in the movie: lots of black, edgier designer dressing with a big stress on structure. While the fit of this dress is more structured than I would wear, it fits nicely within her very carefully crafted look while at the same time branching out into color (!) which is a good idea since as terrific as her wardrobe has been, there has been a certain sameness to it all. I’m a fellow bangs wearer, but very severe bangs tend to pull focus. And, goodness knows, she had the most severe bangs ever! Without them, wow, you see just how classically beautiful she is.

    Personally, I Ioooove the shoes.

  9. cruzilla

    Is it the pose that is making her chest area look so weird? Maybe she is lacking a good bra? Overall I like the dress a lot, there is just something with the fit (or the photo) that is a bit off.

    That said, I think the makeup and hair make her lood 10-15 years older than she is. She looks like a fantastic-looking 40 year old, not a youthful 26/27 year old.

    • Jules

      Yeah, with my glasses off my first thought was ‘Wow, Demi Moore is looking good!’.

  10. Emily

    One of her family teams won — she’s a double-football-dynasty girl! Anyway, I like the hair back without the Lisbeth bangs — very pretty. Love the green dress and truly love that she’s so creamy and pale. No orange tan on this beauty. I love it. Really.

  11. Halo

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen her look nice, and I didn’t know she was really pretty until now. Before I could only see a sucked-a-lemon face and ugly clothes, but this is flattering. Full disclosure: I both love green and wear this same silhouette often and might be biased.

  12. ivana

    Oh man. I need those shoooooeeees! Anybody know who the designer is for those babies?

  13. Hel

    I think I remember these shoes from another outfit. The color truly is great.

  14. Pacific Avenue

    She’s lovely in nearly everything she wears, and this is no exception! I’m going to assume the dress has pockets and she is desperately trying to find them, hence the ubiquitous, knocked kneed, buy-this-from-my-Etsy-shop, turned in toe look.

  15. Lina

    Oh, I wish you’d shown the coat. The coat is gorgeous. Love her in green!

  16. Michelle

    I guess I’m the only one who thinks she looks ghastly. Maybe it’s just an awful picture but she looks uncomfortable (like she has to pee or something) and to me, that dress makes her looks broad, thick, and flat-chested. And she needs some blush or something.

    Oh dear, that came out meaner than I intended. I’m sure she’s a lovely and talented young lady!

  17. Kendra

    Good lord this girl must be getting tired. Maybe I’ll let that excuse how incredibly grating she came off on the video interview for the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue…

  18. Caroleena Stantonova

    I won’t miss those frickin’ bangs–regardless of their color.

  19. Miranda

    I have been hoping she’d wear a green for a long time! It’s lovely on her. Not 100% sure about the shoes, but there’s certainly nothing terrible about them. I think she’s making this look surprisingly effortless and natural to her, whereas a lot of people would just look a bit drab in something so simple.

  20. victoria

    Oh, my word, I have to agree with the commenters who think this dress makes her look thick, awkward, stiff, hunch-shouldered, and clumsy. The seam across the bust is a TERRIBLE idea (it makes her look like her breasts collapsed below an empire waist seam) the high-high waist falls in the wrong spot on her body and the pouchy skirt is too big for such a short dress.

    The shoes look ugly and cheap.

    Finally, ankle straps and high, round necklines flatter no one’s figure, even this lovely woman’s.

    I’m a huge fan of Rooney Mara’s looks and I think she’s gorgeous but this outfit makes her look like a slightly chunky girl with a tight budget and no mirror.

  21. Lindy

    Perfection! From her hair to her makeup to the color of the dress to the shoes, she couldn’t look better. Well done!

  22. Sajorina

    LOVE the dress & the coat that goes with it! I also like the shoes and her hair & makeup are lovely! She looks FAB!!! Congratulations on being perfect, Rooney, now I’ll go back to eating my flan!

  23. R

    This colour is NOT her friend. It makes her look a bit green about the gills and ill looking. I wish this was navy or a deep plum shade or even burnt orange/terracotta.

  24. Mahastee

    Yayy for colour! Nice to see her looking stylish instead of wraith-like. The coat is gorgeous (see Sam’s link above) and I love her hair like that.

    BTW, this is Vuitton? Why couldn’t Cate have worn this instead of the grey/gold/ tunic/ra-ra skirt mess?

  25. megan

    LOVE this dress and the colour (it does make her look a bit grey no?) the shoes are average. But over all nice!!

  26. Jules

    I agree there is something off about the color, ( probably the lighting,) and it makes it hard for me to like this…

  27. Franziska

    I like this dress a lot. I actually thought it was a VB dress. But the shoes? With the big toes sticking out? Nope.

  28. Emma

    I think it’s cute, and I LOVE that it’s not black. I think she’s doing a good job of transitioning back into normal hair/makeup/clothing.

  29. Mair Mair

    Entire look is made of WIN.

  30. Molly

    Anyone else think she looks a little like Kiera Knightly in this pic? I like. Much better without the severe fringe.

  31. Julia

    She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. A lot.