Well Played, Reese Witherspoon


I am sort of looking forward to seeing Water for Elephants. I enjoyed the book, but I think the movie could be even better — Old Timey Love In Leotards With Animals is cinematic if nothing else. I also think that the role Reese is playing will benefit from having her in it. As does this dress:

This could be overly cutesy, or slightly wallpaper-esque, or a bit too reminiscent of black mold winding its way up an otherwise pure white shower curtain — but I think it actually works. Do I wish she’d done something, anything, with her hair? Yes. But overall, I think it’s charming and ladylike and very, very her. What say ye?

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  1. aa

    first, welcome back!

    second, agreed – good look, and she’s just charming and cute. nice pose!

  2. Siyah

    Meh. I really dislike the bubble hem on the full skirt. If it weren’t for that I would have really liked it.

  3. qwertygirl

    Honestly I think Reese could show up in the white shower curtain with the mold wending its way north and I’d still think she was adorable. However, this is a cute dress, and she does look darling in it. Two thumbs up.

  4. Willow

    the bubble hemline is bothering me, it would be much better as a blunter hem, I adore the pattern, Its borderline ice skater costume but it somehow isn’t.

  5. Lynnie

    Not a fan of bubble hems, but she looks adorable. Wonder how many times she fell out of those shoes, though?

  6. findingmissb


  7. LowLah

    It’s not bad, but I don’t thing it deserves the ” well played”. It looks ok, don’t like the skirt, and she seems to be under pressure…

    Oh just looked at it again, the shoes are killer, definitely a well played there :)

  8. Zuzzie

    Was originally longer and they pinned it up that way? I do like the dress, but the way the pattern is interrupted at the bottom and the uneven bubble hem make me think the dress wasn’t meant to be worn that way. I do like it though, very pretty.

  9. Popcouver

    I love this dress! I actually really like the simple hair too. Reese is so pretty, she can rock it all pulled back.

    Speaking of backs, I tried to find a photo of the back of her dress… it’s a cut out, it’s gorgeous… I only know this because someone I know put photos on Facebook, and apparently Reese did not do Jason Wu justice by working the typical back shot on the red carpet.

  10. Rayna

    CANNOT be objective about Reese, due to how much I heart her. And having said thaaaaat…………………

    Dress is cute. Not a fan of bubble hems, either, and would prefer this without, but it’ll pass as is.

    Hair is OK, but she’s done better.

  11. wordphreak

    what’s going on with the shoes?

  12. Frenchie

    Message to Reese: when you are finished cleaning up your closet for Spring, you can send everything you do not want anymore directly to me. Thank you :-)

  13. witjunkie

    I love this. I don’t even mind the poufy hem. I want to see this too although Robert Pattinson looks pretty smokin’ in the trailers, and I don’t want to start liking him in spite of myself.

  14. Sneza

    “So after I’m done at this evening premiere, I’m off to an afternoon garden party… and then an 11 a.m. christening.”

  15. Kate

    Eh… Something is off. I don’t think the bodice and the skirt work together. One needs to be different. Like, maybe that bodice but with a pencil skirt shape? Or maybe that skirt with a different neckline?

    The effect of the current iteration is to make her look wide (she’s not) and/or bridesmaid-y.

    First knee-jerk reaction is: cute! Because it’s Reese. Under more scrutiny, however, I don’t love it. This would be a good “unfug it up” because it is very close with some tweaking = )

  16. Anne B

    I really like the print. And I have no reason to take issue with the bubble hem either, having worn those myself, as far back as the late 80′s.

    Oh yes. I helped set that sucky trend.

    I guess I want there to be something more interesting going on up top. Not missing-bra interesting; just not round-neck sleeveless blaaaahhh.

  17. Geemee

    The hem might be my favorite part! And I love the pop of the bracelet and shoes. I do wish her hair was in a ponytail, tho …

  18. vandalfan

    This is the first bubble hem I’ve ever seen that I actually like. (I’m glad Anne B. fesses up to where those came from. Confession is good for the soul.) I think her hair does look like she put some effort into it, perhaps not successfully, however. I love the shoes, but they seem to be a little small, or something, because the right heel strap is sticking out. Still, this is 97% out of 100%.

  19. themis

    I say, feh. It does suit her but it’s not spectacular and it errs on the side of poofy — less of a well-played and more of a near-miss. I agree that that neckline with a pencil skirt would be more chic. Her shoes are darling, though.

  20. Sandra

    “Hi. Is the membership department of the FugNation Society to Prevent the Wearing of Bubblehems? How much for a lifetime subscription?”

    Other than that, LOVE IT! Reese always manage to look both pretty and lady-like.

  21. Montréalaise

    I like Reese’s look. It’s very pretty and feminine and ladylike – very Southern belle, actually.

  22. amy

    I even like her hair.

  23. Becky

    I think if it were longer in the skirt a la Grace Kelly it would be better-but she looks really good, maybe a vintage clutch, and I love the shoes. I agree she does look like she’s going to High Tea, maybe in Honor of the Royal Wedding??

  24. Aria

    As someone who wore some bubble skirts the first go ’round (i.e., the 80s), I pretty much detest them now (and think I looked stupid back then). But this is really cute, on her at least. I, for one, will never wear a bubble skirt again.

  25. Miriam


  26. Lisa

    As far as the dress, I kinda like it. The hem works for me, as well as the length and the print. I agree with some who take issue with the bodice of the dress, in that its shape doesn’t complement the skirt.

    I like that Reese is a low-keyish celeb, and a really good actress. But I have been holding this in forever, and I gotta let get it off my chest. . .

    I don’t find Reese attractive. She looks like a female version of the Malcolm in the Middle kid. And though she is tiny, her body shape is not great. She’s got fantastic hair, though.

    Thank you. That is all.

  27. essex


    This could only be improved by a closed-toe shoe. Some looks just demand it and this is one.

  28. Melissa

    It’s an afternoon dress. I’m just saying.

  29. Jess

    For me, this is very reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s black-on-white gown in “Sabrina”… and that is a good thing.