Well Played: Rachel Weisz


Something about this dress feels very va-va-voomy for Rachel Weisz. But not in a bad way.

In fact, I think she might look pretty spectacular. Remember when Kate Winslet wore that one red dress to the Oscars that made everyone sit up and take notice? Well, not that we hadn’t noticed Rachel Weisz before — in fact, we are a bit in love with her — but this feels like a potentially similar awakening. It’s that moment when someone who’s beautiful suddenly becomes beautiful and a total dishy sexpot. We should all have such luck.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (31):

  1. Jill

    Maybe being married to sexpot Daniel Craig has brought out her inner sexpot. She does look amazing!

  2. Pink Coat

    I do not like her as she married my (imaginary) boy friend. Sigh….

  3. ErinE

    I don’t think I realized she had THAT body. She looks fab!

  4. bambi_beth

    I love Rachel Weisz and I think she generally looks great. Her face, hair, bod, and clutch are all working just fine for me, and I love this color. However… I think this dress looks like a fancy version of the bra top maxis they sell in the Victoria’s Secret Catalog. The kind I also am too lazy to have hemmed because let’s face it, after one season, those straps will stretch out beyond being wearable next year.

    • Lori

      Agreed on all counts. I saw a waist-up photo of her somewhere else and thought she was wearing a retro maillot swimsuit.

  5. Lisa

    Love her, really like the dress (except for the cut out part at the top, which I have decided o ignore). I think she looks fabulous in that color.

  6. jemif

    She is exquisite, but the bunching around the abdomen bothers me a bit.

    • Cucina49

      That was my thought too. She looks fabulous and sexy, but I think the fit is a bit off–perhaps a little snug around the waist/upper hip.

      • scone

        Yeah, from behind (as in the pic with Michelle Williams’ crazy leg slit) it also looks just a touch too tight. Otherwise gorgeous, though!

  7. erin

    She’s one of those lucky gals who only improve with age. I never thought much of her when she was younger, but now, wow!

  8. Stacie

    The color of the dress goes really well with her skin tone; however, the dress itself reminds me of a long tennis dress made by Nike. Like she just got done playing tennis, slicked back her sweaty hair, and toss on a long sports dress.

  9. Victoria

    Girlfriend has been doing some pushups.

  10. anny

    She’s gorgeous, no question, and the color is good, but the dress is a wee bit too small.

  11. Vandalfan

    A few small changes to improve: scrap the cut out and elastic band detail at the midriff. Make the straps jeweled. Soften up the severe hair. Slightly (but not much) darker lipstick. And a strong A becomes an A+.

  12. Ladyblahblah

    I would have never imagined her in this color or style, but she looks fabulous.

  13. amanda

    Oh I challenge this Well Played.
    The dress is much too tight. It is doing her gorgeous body no favors what so ever.

  14. Helen

    It’s so great to see the beautiful Weisz in an attractive dress for a change, but it does not fit well. The rear view wasn’t good either, and the entire bosomy area is just wrong. Her figure is lovely; the tailoring of the dress (or lack thereof) is at fault.

    It’s soooo cloooose…

    As always, at least her head looks great! That face. Wow.

  15. Bubba

    Hmm. Love the color, but I think it is too tight on her. The folding under the bust and bunching under the abdomen is not ideal, and even though she has a fantastic ass, the back view in the photo with M. Williams indicates this is definitely too snug. I don’t know that we need to see the lower curve of your ass in an evening gown, right?

  16. Erin

    Nearly 43.

    I want to look that good when I’m 43.

  17. Eli

    I would think it were perfect but for that weird boob cutout and that random white detail. What is that?

  18. smj

    Love her, love the color, but not loving the bodice.

  19. pantsonfire

    Love her. I think it’s largely based on seeing her in interviews and being mesmerized by her voice/accent combination which is, like, hypnotizingly lovely. But she is also totally gorgeous in a striking and non-hackneyed, authentic way.

    That’s all lead-in for this point: I think she looks fantastic AND I agree that it’s maybe 1/2 size too small, but the very slight too smallness may actually be making me like it more. It’s some magic of cognitive dissonance, probably.

  20. Callie

    I love her, but I have my doubts regarding the bodice. And the straps. Which is not to say she still doesn’t look fabulous, because, you know. She’s Rachel Weisz. Mrs James Bond does not lose sleep over a problematic bodice.

  21. Sajorina

    HOT DAMN, Weisz! ;)

  22. Holly Hamilton

    Yes, she’s gorgeous, but this reminds me too much of a bathing suit and she just got out of the pool look.

  23. Sophie Murray

    If you chopped off the hem a little, I would wear this. As a slip.

  24. thunderthighs

    One of the GREATEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE occurred when I was in a bagel shop and the two teen boys behind the counter looked at me, whispered to themselves, and then asked “Excuse me, are you that girl who was in the Mummy?”

    (I look nothing like her except we both have brown hair.)

    Anyway, I think Weisz is smoking hot (OBVS because we are dopplegangers), but I don’t like this dress one bit, especially the cut outs and the weirdly sporty detailing. I know this bright orange-red is very fashionable, but it is just too much like one of those tomato-shaped oven timers for me.

  25. Emily

    I’ve adored her ever since The Mummy came out back when I was in high school. “What is a place like me doing in a girl like this?” And then “I am a librarian!” She was adorable in that. But I just realized it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen her in anything else. I should fix that.

  26. Esme

    Doesn’t fit, looks awful from the back.

  27. Lily1214

    She looks wonderful in this color.