Well Played, Prince William


Here it is: In just a few days, the prince a lot of us grew up with, and grew up wanting to bump into and accidentally steal his heart, is getting married to his perfect princess. So what better time to walk down memory lane and reminisce about the boy who was so, so dreamy? In other words, I am about to objectify the future King of England. If you’re wondering what this has to do with clothes, well, he’s wearing some.

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  1. Fuh Ugh

    He seems like a good guy, and I know his mother would be so proud. I hope he and Kate – oops, Katherine – will have a good marriage.

  2. Oh Dear

    Thank you, this made my morning! But, that photo of wee Wills with Diana: so sad thinking of her not getting to see her sons grow up, and them being without their mum.

  3. parlezdudiable

    I don’t think we’re legally allowed to say “yowza” to slides 1, 3, and 4. But man, did he and his brother win the genetic lottery in that dynastic crapshoot of alleged inbreeding.

  4. RosieB

    Thank you for reminding me why I had a crush on him a girl/teen. He did used to be incredibly handsome! I had started to think maybe I was just crushing on the idea of being royalty when I was young. It is a shame that his father’s genetics started to take over…but I suppose that happens to British Royals. *sigh*

    (confession: I’m still kind of jealous of Kate…I want to be a princess! I want 6 hair stylists fussing over me the day of my wedding! I want people making refrigerators and pizzas with my picture on them! Dammit.)

  5. Stefanie

    “In other words, I am about to objectify the future King of England.”

    Holy crap, that is the single best sentence to ever be written. Not just on GFY but EVER.

    Okay, I’ll start the slide show now…

  6. pinkcheese

    Thank you so much for this. I love to start my Mondays snorting at my desk, hehe.

  7. Frances

    Can I just take a moment to say how much I so sincerely want the two of them to have the happily ever after that I’m sure his mummy dreamed of for him?

    Now I’m teary. Damn hormones!!!

  8. gladly

    Do you know what else I love, Fug Girls? YOU! For all the giggles. (And for teaching me about root lifter, but that was a long time ago on another blog, I think.)

  9. jhops

    While I realize that, in the pic of Wills & Harry, they’re actually applauding … I REALLY want to believe that they’re playing Rock Paper Scissors. Is that weird?

  10. Sarie

    Oh I still love him. Even with the hair loss. I have great respect for how he has handled his life and all the crappy situations he has to go through. I don’t think all the money in the world would make that easier. Also there is a small (ok not so small) part of me that is sad he is getting married. Oh well, still love him.

  11. k

    Ooh, Wills is a lefty!

  12. Stefanie

    I’d forgotten how delicious he was. That postage stamp picture, yum.

    Although, these days it’s Harry that would be hanging on my wall.

  13. a

    I miss Lady Di…..even when she put her foot in her mouth, she would pull it out and keep on dancing…..Kate is ho-hum.

  14. Carrie

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read in quite a while. Thanks for the giggles…and the HOT.

  15. C-No

    Before everyone jumps all over Heather, baldness comes from both parents, not just from the maternal grandfather:

    Also: DANG that’s one rugged prince.

  16. Nina

    I thought the “Well played” was because he was wearing a wig. I know it’s not his fault, but I miss his hair. Nice throwback picture, though.

    I truly hope that William and Kate have a great future together. They both seem down-to-earth and they deserve to be happy.

  17. Susie

    I, uh, don’t get it. I’ve never gotten it. Yes, he’s a prince, but, and don’t hate me, he looks like a bit of a mouth breather. Harry, on the other hand….

  18. TaraMisu

    “Big novelty pencil” LMAO! Thanks for the laughs on a dreary Monday :)

    Awwwwwww the picture of baby Wills and Diana *sniff*

    I just returned from London and I bought every William & Kate chachki I could get my hands on (I kid, I bought 2)

  19. Jen

    You know what else *I* love? Posts from Heather and Jessica :-)

  20. Molly

    It’s a bit difficult for me to swoon over Wills since he is about the same age as my oldest nephew – who was also a cutie pie baby! – but he is a good looking young man. I am planning to rise before the sun to watch him get married. I did the same thing in 1981 and am certain his mum will be watching, too. I wonder what, if anything, he and Kate will do to honor her?

  21. Molly

    Forgot to add; teh postage stamp pic made em think of “Tangled”. HA!

  22. Pam

    My favorite photo is the 5th one. Sooo cute!!

  23. Antof9

    1. Thank you for objectifying the future King of England. I love you for that.
    2. that “yowza” pic, #4? It’s sort of a pre-crazy Val Kilmer, innit?
    3. It’s possible that the giant whittled pencil was for a Highland Games, no? In that case, I have three things to say:

    1. I want to go to there
    2. I didn’t think it was possible for him to get hotter, but Highland Games? Yes, please.
    3. Pants what?

  24. anne

    Dept. of Glaring Omission: Where’s the photo of this fine specimen on the water polo pool deck?!?!

  25. mandiann

    Hi-larious. He is handsome, I had sort of forgotten that. But all things being equal I think Harry has grown into being the better looking of the two. And he seems like he would be a lot more fun. Albeit in a kind of I wonder if TONIGHT is the night we get arrested kind of way.

  26. jen

    love the post! especially the one w/ the giant pencil!

  27. Kim

    Aw, I wanted to run into him and have him accidentally fall in love with me too! I’m a couple years older than him, but I remember being young and crushing on him. Good selection of pics, he was pretty cute back then!

  28. Julie

    He’s so handsome. The picture of him as a baby made me so sad that his mother will not be at his wedding, but then I clicked through to another dishy photo and god DAMN that boy can take a picture. I hope he and Kate are incredibly happy.

  29. Anne B

    Lady Heather (Oh my Goodness. That came out terribly wrong, in a very former-Julie-Cooper, now-occasional-character-on-CSI kind of way):

    Thanks for the slideshow of this lovely young man. Great job! <3

    And sick as I am of the big hoo-hah surrounding his nuptials this week, I wish Wills and his longtime love many, many years of joy, both public and private.

    Especially private.

    I trust that the view of all concerned is that everyone — royal, commoner, celebrity, librarian, supermarket checker, occasional blogger, whatever — has the right to the blissful serenity of a private life.

    Let's make sure that this couple and their offspring get that, yes?

  30. Zuzzie

    I remember seeing photos of him as a little boy in magazines, how can he be getting married?
    Going to a huge watching party on Friday, wearing a pretty dress and a hat, can’t wait :)

  31. andrea

    That picture of him in the wetsuit. DAMN.

    He’s not that much younger than I. I’m allowed to lust.

    Weirdly, when he smiles, he looks like a cross between an old roommate of mine and my fiance, but better looking (though, they are pretty nice-looking dudes.)

  32. vandalfan

    Best of luck to those two crazy kids.

    I particularly like #16. I’ll go show it to my niece. There’s still time…

  33. witjunkie

    My mom was English and she lusted over Prince Charles when she was young. I’d look at him and be all, what? why? ew! And she said, oh but you should have seen him when he was young. She would get swoony all over again. (She had pictures of him. I saw them inside her wardrobe door at my grandparents, hee.) And see – now it all makes sense. Our grown children will look at Will and say, really? And we will direct them to this post, which I hope will live forever in Internet Land.

  34. Charlotte

    Oh, Ladies, thjs had me Laughing out Loud SO many times. And swooning. I swooned a LOT. Thanx!

  35. Gigi

    @witjunkie, I’m with your mom – Charles has definitely got something going on, but he’s gotten better with age!

    Wills’s beauty has peaked, alas, but I wish him well with marriage!

  36. Carolina Girl

    Yes, William is quite a handsome young man, but for my tastes you cannot beat Carl Philip, Crown Prince of Sweden.

    Google him ladies. I promise you will not be disappointed.

  37. Kary

    Know what else *I* love? The Fug Girls — despite having made me laugh so hard, I’ve cried off all my eye makeup.

  38. Lynne

    First? Well done, Fug Girls. Second, Susie and I would sincerely appreciate equal coverage of The Next In Line, please. If you could work in some of those shirtless soccer playing Afghanistan shots, we’d sincerely appreciate it. Thanks!

  39. momo

    I still think William is better looking than Harry, even if he is balding (though I hope he doesn’t pull a Trump comb over – yuk).

    Best wishes to William and Kate; hope they have a great life together.

  40. Dazie

    Oh I haz a sad. I mean- yeah! Yowza! But still…

    I wonder how a fascinator will look with my pj’s on Friday morning? I’m getting up at oh dark thirty to watch the wedding with my daughter, just like my mom did with me for Charles & Diana’s wedding. I don’t feel old enough to have seen that event, and now be watching the eldest offspring repeat it.

    Brave Kate.

  41. jigglyball

    Lordy! Thank you for reminding me how good-looking – nay, dashing – he was! I had forgotten, but I never shall forget again, and I feel so much better about the crush I harbored from ages 13-17. Leo gave him a run for his money circa Romeo + Juliet, but pre-receding-hairline Wills was always the prince of my heart. Ba dum ching.

  42. Leah

    OMG I am nearly the exact same age as Will, and I remember how all my girlfriends wanted to meet him and become princess. He was SO DREAMY at 16. Now…. phew! Close call, amiright?

  43. Jeanie

    Wow, he has beautiful skin, doesn’t he?

  44. Legallyblondemel

    Thank you for this, Our Ladies of Objectification. As others have noted, I too am relieved to see that my younger crush (the soccer / mud photo?!?) was indeed crush-worthy once. For the love of Rogaine, I don’t know where things went slightly less handsome . . . nevertheless, I wish the happy couple-to-be the best all the same (not only because that will make for the best TV Friday morning ever).

  45. Joyce

    Squee! Thank you for this. He’s all grown up and quite a gentleman.

  46. Bethanie

    I love that all we see him doing are Englishy, rugged, “I am a responsible man and yet fun” things. Must be hard to be so watched. I don’t envy either William or Kate! Can you imagine being the one at college who the Prince is interested in? Not my cup of tea.

  47. Sandra

    And he’ll never need to worry about being adventurous with fashion because the classics look SO DAMN GOOD on him.

    @Carolina Girl: Yes, I am a pedantic bitch, but Carl Philip is not the Crown Prince of Sweden. They modified their succession laws year ago and his eldest sister Victoria will inherit the throne. (Which, yay Sweden!) He is, however, all that and a bag of chips in the hotitude department.

  48. Tiffany

    The captions from these pictures is begging to be made into a picture book. Next book perhaps!??!?!

  49. cstiddy

    Oh dear. That was wonderful. The 17-yr-old-me and the 40-yr-old-real-me both say thank you!

  50. Halo

    Oh, Carl Phillip! Sandra’s right, he was only crown prince for a few months of his life, but he has a second title, Duke of Varmland, by the way. I’ve been crushing on Carl Phillip for ages, and I can’t help hoping to see him at the wedding, as he’s some degree of cousin to William.

  51. yeahandalso

    I feel like he stopped being good looking several years back., at least compared to his mom and his brother.

  52. Gina Caplan

    Thanks for the dishy photos! How the heck did he go from so hot to so bland…..? It can’t just be the hair?

  53. Az

    Gina, it’s the Winsdor curse… he went from wonderful to Winsdor in what seemed like 60 seconds flat. I can’t explain it… I thought the Spencer was strong with him! Now, Harry. Let’s see how he does. There’s always been the question of how much Winsdor he has in him exactly, right?

  54. Annie

    Az, I think the rumors are silly. He’s all Spencer, so it’s no surprise he looks nothing like Charles. (And can I say, THANK GOD.) http://www.tmz.com/2007/06/14/prince-harry-whos-my-daddy/

    A lot of my friends are all, why do you CARE so much about a wedding for royalty we staged a revolution to overthrow? And I’m all, do you REMEMBER the hotness that was Prince William ca. 2005? And how we were all in love with him? Yeeeah. His parents’ marriage took place four years before I was born, and I watched his mother’s funeral with my mom. It only makes sense to watch the wedding of our generation’s prince!

  55. NDW

    surely one of the saddest tragedies to befall the UK is the slow but sure transformation of Prince Wills into Prince Charles (looks-wise)….sigh.

  56. bubba

    oh.my.god. You ladies have outdone yourselves!

  57. Jilly

    “But man, did he and his brother win the genetic lottery in that dynastic crapshoot of alleged inbreeding.”

    OMG I nearly spit my wine all over the screen. Thank you for that.

  58. cranky old batt

    Great Suits. Whomever coached this young man and the young prince himself (for listening) both get major sartorial points.

    He and Kate as so adorable together it almost makes me smile.


    I have a rep to uphold, you know.

  59. exquisite red

    Awww I miss young Wills. I am a bit older but still had him on my wall. He sure can wear a suit.

    And holy crap, Carl Philip. I’ve never wanted to move to Sweden (this Texan would freeze!), but I think I could for him!

  60. Jaxx

    What happened to that beautiful boy? I wonder if Kate wonders the same thing. As in, look at the young man I fell in love with as a teen and then look at the horseface I’m marrying. Poor balding butt ugly Wills. But I do hope they are very happy.

  61. Jaxx

    Oh, and I do hope he visited his dentist this week and got his chompers whitened. His teeth look so yellow next to Kate’s shiny white ones in all their pics. Please, Will, if you don’t have time for the dentist right here before the Big Day get some Crest Whitestrips stat!

  62. Elsajeni

    All the wedding coverage has made me realize that my teenaged cousin Andy looks uncannily like Wills-circa-2000. He does not dress as well, though.

  63. Alizay

    I have got to find those STAMPS!!!

  64. Echo

    Oh, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Young me remembers most of these pics very, very well (but there were STAMPS?! damn). I remember in high school my friends and I would, ahem, talk about these royals who were our age and casually remark that going to college in Scotland wasn’t soooo crazy, right? Right?

    But the baby pic with Diana? She’s wearing the ring. And I know that wasn’t unusual and there are probably tons of pics of her wearing the ring, but still. It’s incredibly sweet. And I hope they’re very happy.

    And I need to stop being so mushy and going back to objectifying young!Wills. We’ll always have young!Wills.

  65. katie

    i think his well-playedness is negated by his a) resemblence to a horse, and b) his elephant-in-the-room bald spot.

  66. Lyndsey

    wow… that was kinda weird. i feel a bit dirty now. In England we have a TV presenter called Ben Fogle who, when you look at these younger Will pics you hope he’d turn out like that – but he ended up like Charlie. Poor Wills. I think NDW said it best… now let us hold a moments silence.

  67. Katie

    And you know else I love? Whittling! Heather, you’re brilliant!

  68. Lucy

    Where, oh where, are the helicopter pilot photos?!

  69. maggie

    loved this retrospective so much! brought me back to my younger days when he really did plaster my walls…sigh.

  70. Kris

    This was excellent! I hope when they have babies that the Spencer and Middleton genes prevail!

  71. Jenna

    Yep, my young life was spent lusting after Wills, Carl Philip and Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon, all of whom have stayed pretty damn hot to boot. Monaco’s Princess Caroline’s sons are both hot too, BTW.

    In the late 90s I was scheduled to meet with Wills, actually, but alas, Diana died just before that, the event was cancelled, and I never got my chance (not that that would be the thing to feel bad about, Diana’s death is)… In my foolish heart I’d like to think I could’ve swept him off his young feet. Not very likely though, but a girl can dream.

  72. kimmy

    will is 3 years old than me and i remember crushing HARD in high school. i also have vague memories of how upset my mom was when princess diana died, i was too young to realize who she really was and what a devastating loss that was. despite everything will has been through, i think its amazing how “normal” and kind he turned out to be. it seems that he and kate are truly partners and that makes me so happy. you know that is what diana wanted for herself when she married charles and of course she wanted it for her boys.

    can we do a review of hot harry now? he’s much more my taste these days!

  73. Jenna

    Antof9: sorry, the “whittled pencil” pic was from his time in Chile. They were building a wall or fence or something. Can’t remember now. So, alas, the idea of Wills in a kilt remains a fantasy. But Wills speaking Spanish? Nice.

    And I’ll add my vote for a similar collection of pics about Harry. Heck, make one about Ben Fogle, too, cause that guy’s HOT! And often topless and wet.

  74. Relatable Style

    OMG LOL! I literally laughed out loud at all of your comments to the pictures… And I’m sitting in the office. But Wills is/was such a handsome, nah, HOT man (full-time, bwahaha), and seeing these pictures makes one (me) realize that Kate is indeed one lucky woman.
    By the way, it is remarkable how prominent Charles’ looks are in Will’s face, and how easily Diana’s beautiful genes still have turned his whole look for the “a lot better” :-) Same goes for Harry, by the way. The older he gets, the more he definitely looks like Charles. Maybe this is why the infidelity rumors stopped.

    So, thanks a lot for this post :-) I can’t wait for Friday, and to celebrate the occasion, I’ve had my own little “Kate Middleton Fashion Week” on my blog :-) And it’s still open for participation!

    Relatable Style

  75. Kate

    You know what else I love? YOU TWO! This slideshow was hysterical & HAWT. Glad you’re back!!

  76. Christineb

    Yowza was rigtht! He’s only a month older than me, and I remember thinking we were destined to be together at 16. Of course, I’m an American who’s never been to Britain, and normal.
    I hope he and Kate are happy together.

  77. Sonya

    Thanks for this post ladies, I had almost forgotten how good Prince William used to look, he’s still handsome but looks too much like Prince Charles. I used to think that Harry was the not-so-cute, well I might as well say it, UGLY, prince but now I think he has surpassed William in the looks department, by far. As a young teenager with braces, Harry resembled that creepy kid that plays the bully in A Christmas Story. I second the request for a Prince Harry slideshow!
    OMG Carolina Girl – the prince of Sweden is so worth googling!

  78. Sajorina

    I loved this post! “You know what else I love?” You, Heather!!!

  79. amy t.

    I’m glad he likes mud, as few things are as sexy as a dirty footie player, but… why is he wearing two different socks in that picture?

  80. Su-Yin Johns

    oh hot damn! the boy is an advertisement for saville row and i’m buying whatever he’s selling (tho am disappointed you didn’t include any water polo shots!)
    the pic with diana did make me wistful, partially for her amazing fashion sense but also for the sweet boys who had to grow up without her.

  81. Tina

    His mother would never have let him get away with the hideous double-breasted Charles-style suits that he regularly sports now. At least he will be in uniform for the wedding!

  82. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Alas, poor William, I knew his hair well.”

  83. kaybee

    great pics, and you made me laugh. Wonderful pics and comments. You guys are great. thanks for stuff like this!
    But really, who has a sister named “Pippa”? Huh? PIPPA!??

  84. Faye

    Thank you for this! It reminds me I wasn’t crazy — there was a time when my teen crush on William was warranted. Alas, the Windsor genes seem to be taking over now.

    And I couldn’t help cracking up at that last pic — the pose is so Tiger Beat teen-hearthrob-ish.

  85. Beth

    Poor Prince Charles. As usual he’s getting all the blame when really it’s Diana’s fault that William’s balding. Yes, folks, male pattern baldness is largely linked to the X-chromosome, which means that although his father’s genes might have played some smaller part in it, that X he got from Diana is the culprit. Harry appears to be lucky because he might have gotten the one of Diana’s X’s that did not carry baldness. That said, hats are hot.

  86. Sandra

    @kaybee; The younger Miss Middleton’s given name is Phillipa. Pippa is a fairly typical nickname for it.

  87. jean

    You know what ELSE I love? The Fug Girls.

  88. Alena

    Thanks for this. I had a BIG crush on him as a kid. I was far more interested in him than I was in Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s kind of too bad he is going prematurely bald, and isn’t quite as handsome as he was, but I think that Will and Kate make a lovely couple, and I for one am looking forward to waking up super-early on Friday morning to watch the wedding. Work be damned. This is more important than my beauty sleep!

  89. Jenna

    Hey, Pippa is not that unusual! I know plenty of girls called Pippa. Now, what cracks me up are some of the upper-class boys’ names. Tarquin? Farquhar? Dear god…

  90. mrsp

    I was waiting from slide 13 on for what else he loved…. aw c’mon the guy just got married !!!! Couldn’t we have had our cake at the end (excruciatingly making us wait!) with a picture of Kate?!

  91. marija

    gosh! i just realized my boss looks like prince williams older brother (minus the prince charles hairline though)!

  92. lula

    I wonder if it’s a relief to him and Catherine at all now that his hottage has dimmed. If he’d married at the peak there would have been girls screaming and dropping dead at the sight of him at the wedding. There would be deaths and people planning to throw things at his bride. It would be madness I tell you.