Well Played, Posh and Becks


He is seriously really good-looking. I mean, I know this isn’t a giant newsflash. But still. HELLO.


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  1. llism

    If they ever break up, I will be absolutely devastated.

  2. Cat

    Love the dress, hate the shoes, want the Beckham.

  3. glee

    She found a color of tan that actually looks.. um… tan. NOT ORANGE (which would have so clashed with the color of the awesome dress). And he just wears clothes so well. And that face. Yeah, so they look good.

  4. Stefanie

    Maybe he looks irked because of those blind items floating around about him and Tom Cruise getting it on. (FYI… Marriage: Impossible 3 is giving me life right now.)

  5. Francesca

    He looks beyond fine in a suit. The arched eyebrow though… getting a bit too swashbuckling and possibly arched via injectibles. Still. Yum. The front of her dress is so cool and it she looks great in it.

    • Krusticle

      Yep, I hate his tattoos, but the suit makes everything all better. He does carry it off well.

      • Carol

        He rocks the suit … until you get to the cuffs and see the tattoos … why, people, why tattoos? Why … why … why … ?

        • Edith

          Between the suit, the eyebrows, the facial hair, and the beautiful cohort, he looks like a Bond villain.

        • Steph

          Because to those of us that have them, they represent something that is special to us.

          She looks great. That is a great colour on her. Nice cut to the dress.

  6. Kirsten

    Is it really a nude shoe when the skin it’s supposed to match is orange?

    • Shiitake

      How hard is it to have your shoes dyed the same color as you dye your skin?

      Generic tone nude shoes look awful on spray tanners.

  7. witjunkie

    Not usually a Beckham drooler, but I kinda like him in the van dyke. I thought he looked dashing at Wimbledon too. I bet he’s one of those guys who looks better and better the older he gets, like Clint Eastwood.

    Didn’t we just see this dress? It was on someone else…

  8. fritanga

    I dunno. I love him (he and Posh did make the Ultimate Chub That Is Harper, and the boys are all gorgeous) but I think he’s gotten carried away with the manscaping. He also never looks entirely comfortable in those amazing bespoke suits, shirts, ties, etc.

    She is always flawless, though, and wears the hell out of all her outfits, including this one. The are so perfect together that it still makes me sad that Wintour will never truly embrace them (and yet she adores that utter zero Boobs Legsley – go figure).

    • kmdchi

      totally agree re: your Wintour remark…..don’t get the Boobs chick’s appeal….so generic

  9. Dazie

    She looks great, and I’m not a big Posh fan.

    He looks REDONK. I’m with fritanga- too heavy on the manscaping. Go back to the shorter hair, the somewhat scruffy look and eyebrows that look like a guy’s eyebrows. Then we’ll talk.

    • cc

      I don’t think about how good looking he is when I see that gigantic moustache and his the hair combed straight back like Wolfman Jack–also, he looks ill-humored, especially for someone wearing such ridiculous facial hair. But those pics of him with his little baby a while ago were really sweet.

      I like Victoria’s dress, though. See how nicely clothes fit when you don’t get double D implants?

      • Cranky Old Batt

        Holy crap, I thought I was just seeing things or recent photos were just weird angles. Did she have the implants taken out?

  10. Gal

    If I walked around with him all the time, you couldn’t get the smile off my face. I just don’t get her. Yes, she looks great here, but a smile would’ve done wonders.

    • Kirsten

      I’ve heard her say she doesn’t smile in public because she hates her smile, thinks it’s weird-looking

  11. Sandra

    Why is this beautiful man styled to look the the UVA Cavaliers’ mascot? All he needs is that feathered hat.

    Love Victoria’s dress. Even if I can never afford it and it wouldn’t suit my figure anyway, I like that she takes her design work seriously.

  12. ESK

    Am I hallucinating, or does the close up look like Becks is going a tad grey in the hair??

  13. sarrible

    The mustache is killing the hot for me. He’s beginning to look like Ricky Martin in the Evita revival, which would only be okay if Becks would suddenly BURST INTO SONG.

  14. Kellyn

    After seeing that dress on Karlie Kloss in Vogue, it’s hard to think that Posh can pull it off any better

  15. Christian

    I was with the dress until I saw the back. It just looks…half-complete. But all in all she looks better than usual, IMO.

  16. Leah

    Better on Cameron

  17. jerkygirl

    He’s a good looking guy to be sure, but the mustache/eyebrow combo looks like part of a “late 1800′s villain” costume, except maybe he should curl the ends of the mustache up with wax. Then he just needs a top hat and a cape and some train tracks to tie Posh to. Voila!!!

  18. Drive Bye

    Isn’t that the same dress that was on Karlie Kloss in the Vogue Olympic shoot? You need a picture of the back.

  19. Karen

    Have to agree: the first two words that came to mind were “manscaping” and “too much.” OK, three words.

  20. Britt

    I think he looks so much better in his soccer uniform. I have good seats at the Timbers, and I’ve seen him up close when the Galaxy came to play there, and he is just so much more relaxed looking when he’s on the field. Given how goofy he was in that context, I always think he looks ridiculous when he is doing serious-face.

  21. Cranky Old Batt

    Now here is a couple I seriously don’t get. Please don’t kill me for my opinion, but he is not even remotely hot to me and she is supposedly not the person she scowls and dresses to be (meaning, I have heard she is a nice person not a uber-b*).

    That “melon” color is way too close to a safety orange, the exposed zipper needs to be over, and who does his eyebrows?

  22. Kristin C

    Beckham is definitely hot to look at, but I never want to hear him speak. Have you heard his speaking voice, it completely ruins him.

    However, I love them together. So pretty, and they seem like they would be a blast to hang out with in a completely unexpected way.

  23. Billie

    His face makes him look like he was just signed to be the next Most Interesting Man In The World. But he could never play that role, because I whole heartedly agree with Kristin C, his speaking voice is ….. well, just not a man’s man voice.

    • jenny

      They are indeed the perfect illustration of this phenomenon. You project all these nice things on famous, pretty people after seeing them in pics for years and then…it speaks. Don’t speak! (That includes you, GOOP-y.)

  24. HUNTED

    Wow- he needs to have his Botox corrected. That eyebrow!

  25. lindsay

    as a soccer fan, i love me some beckham.

    that said – the mustache is pushing this look a little evil-mastermind-of-the-early-20th-century for me.

    posh, of course, looks fabulous.

  26. Mahastee

    She just keeps growing on me, like she was my LEAST favourite Spice, but now she is Fab all the way.

    Meanwhile, we are stuck with Scary on Aussie TV. Eek!

  27. Miss Louise

    Sorry, but Beckham’s face is one step away from the Guy Fawkes mask in ‘V for Vendetta’ (mind you, I ded find that mask slightly hot…). I think he needs to lay off the botox; he looks like he’s got Nicole Kidman’s old bat-brow out on loan. Plus am I the only one here who thinks his voice is a deal breaker?

  28. Miss Louise

    Opps, sorry, should have read those last few comments more carefully … glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks his voice is like a jockey’s. I’m nostalgic for the days when he was just a hot footballer, not a manbag like he is now.

  29. vandalfan

    I loves me some good beards and mustaches. I love men with facial hair, and men with outstanding figures. But this? That is the beard of a nineteenth century villain costume, and the hair of, yes, Wolfman Jack. Brad Pitt does that, too, with the same horrid results. Like Tatum Channing’s neck and crew cut, I just do NOT see the attraction.

    • Elle

      Hmm, I thought Becks was going for more of a Sir Francis Drake look.

    • Girl in Sydney

      vandalfan, ditto am all for facial fuzz.

      But I am not getting this. maybe because I don’t get Beckham love in the first place….

  30. vandalfan

    Channing Tatum? Tatum O’Neil? Carol Channing? You know who I’m talking about.

  31. Alle C

    HOW. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that even with slicked back hair, the weirdest moustache/beardlet combination of all time and a serious case of crazy eyes, IS HE STILL SO ATTRACTIVE?

  32. Macy

    Umm just coming in on your last comment about seeing more of him during the Olympics. He wasn’t picked for the team. He’s just as likely to be leaving the country in a major hissy fit.

    • Julia

      Yeah, I was going to point this out, too, Macy. It’s a shame, though he apparently is being very gentlemanly in public about it. Still, I bet that the UK asks him to do some stuff in relation to the Olympics. You know, pose for Britain, and all that.

      • Jessica

        Actually, there was a huge press release noting that although he’s not on the team, he is being given an important and highly visible role for both the soccer team and for the country in general, because he was a huge part of London’s push for the games. So actually he’s not leaving the country in a hissy.

  33. Amber

    I have such a deep, abiding love for Posh and Becks. I want to be friends with her, even though she is my complete opposite and would never want to be friends with me. She does over-the-top like no one else and she looks amazing here.
    I love me some Becks, because, hello? Gorgeous. Except this facial hair. This is not working for me. Get rid of it and everything can go back to normal. All will be right with the world again.

  34. thisismrsc

    Uber good looking couple. But more importantly is that Barbara Streisand 20 years younger in the background of the first picture?

  35. lesliev

    He can’t really be on the team, the men’s competition is under-23, except for 3 players who can be listed for the final game only. Hopefully he’ll be in the stands in gorgeous suits!

  36. coco

    yes to clothes hate hate HATE his hair

  37. Sajorina


  38. nonabgo

    The dress looks amazing from the front, but I hate the back. Different color straps, yes, but that middle silvery line – big no no. The shoes are meh… and I hate his hair. I would hate that on anyone below 60 though, why comb your hair towards the back if you don’t have bold spots to hide?

  39. Ms. A.

    They are both so damn HOT.

  40. Mahastee

    So I guess this is from the same VB line as Cammy’s post-Oscar dress. I like them both.


  41. Elly

    Does anyone else think that Becks’ facial hair looks a little on the Guy Fawkes side in these shots?

    • Miss Louise

      Elly, read my post above – I thought exactly the same thing! Gunpowder plot!

  42. Peggy

    Love me some Beckham something fierce,chipmunk voice, botox and all-he is still sex on a stick. The hand tats give off a “mechanic who hasn’t washed up properly”, though, much as I appreciate freedom of expression. Just because you CAN tat up every available inch, doesn’t mean you have to.

    • Franziska

      His voice isn’t so bad anymore actually, I listened to him speak the other day and thought, David Beckham, your balls have finally dropped. I don’t mind the tattoos on David Beckham because his body is in such good shape. Same with Adam Levine. But add on 30 years and 30 pounds and tattoos aren’t so nice anymore!

  43. ML

    I’m telling you, those two are doing Super Secret Spy work. They’re much too fabulous to not be plotting the downfalls of governments.

  44. jca

    He looks like George Michael in that shot…

  45. johnnycakes

    I’ve never really cared for them. They are too much IN YOUR FACE!
    But I will concede that Posh is looking…well Posh. If only the poor dear would smile once in a while. As to becks there… Love the tats—hate the facial hair.

  46. Heidi

    Posh looks fantastic. And I like it when a man wears a great suit with a tie pin, it just looks so put together! Defs one of my fave celeb couples.