Well Played and Fug or Fab: Mia Wasikowska


Did you know Mia is dating Jesse Eisenberg? I feel like they’re kind of the perfect scuzzy hipster couple (in a good way, although she is wearing TERRIBLE pants in that story I just linked to) and I hope they’re sweet to one another. She cleaned up good here at the Venice Film Festival, although I have doubts about the frock she wore to the photocall. LET’S DISCUSS.

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  1. julyol1972

    Mia will always be Jane Eyre to me. She just seems so “Sad English Governess”, at least with her blond hair. And her clothes have always been plain, and boring and goofy enough to feed that image.

    Now, for the first time, she actually looks her age! And dare I say it, quite beautiful! Great head-space, especially in slide #2. Love the darker shade of the hair, which is making her eyes and skin pop. I even like the photo call dress and shoes. They’re both just this side of intriguing.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      To me she’s forever Sophie from In Treatment. Bravura performance! And yes, she’s grown up to be really beautiful.

      • julyol1972

        Glad you get what I’m saying Helen! Sometimes I think I wax too poetic on this site, and people are all WTH is she talking about :)

  2.  Orange Clouds

    Oh dear, the pants after that link are truly awful, a clown is missing is lucky polka dot pants.

  3. lefty

    Her head looks great? Ehhh…that hair. No. Words.

  4. gryt

    I don’t like the neckline on her in the black gown, it looks like it’s about to strangle her & it gives hern neck/head weird proportions.

    •  Emma

      I actually hate the outfit. I love Mia, but she has quite a square jaw and her very long neck is exactly the same width as her jaw and forehead. This neckline emphasises all that. She needs to wear necklines that soften her angles.

      I’ve thought about this way too much.

  5. Lisa

    Regarding the second dress: Mia has a tendency to wear things that length and it’s a *really* unflattering length on her.

    • Maryrose

      Yes! I was just going to say I think its the length of the skirt that is wonky.

  6. Rowynn

    I do like her with the darker hair – as a blonde she did look rather wan and sad. Those shoes she’s wearing with the black and white dress are fun, but she should have maybe tried just a bit harder and gotten a pedi. Fun shoes like that demand some color on the toes. The dress is meh. Does nothing for her, or me.

  7. LoriK

    About the 2nd outfit: it’s true that the shoes aren’t working, but I think the problem is with the skirt, not the shoes themselves. The skirt is too much in both directions–too high-waisted and too long. Combined with the pleats that’s a lot of material and the effect is really unflattering.

  8. Margo

    “Well Played or Fug or Fab” might be the least decisive hed we’ve seen on a post yet.

    • Heather

      Typo! It’s supposed to be “and,” as in, WP the first and F or F the second outfit.

      • Maria L.

        Actually, I think the original version works just as well. The black dress looks Well Played from the front, but when she turns around it is definitely Fug and looks like a badly made and badly fitted garment. The second is kind of Fug or Fab, as in her head is Fab and the rest is really kind of Fug, so take your pick.

  9.  themis

    Wait, she has brown eyes-? I thought they were very blue in Stoker, with the lovely dark hair. Not that I will ever cross-check that, that movie freaked me out pretty badly.

  10. Fawn

    I think the photocall dress needs a belt and/or a higher hemline.

  11. AM

    Hate to curse someone with a “it’s fine,” sort of faint praise, but she looks fine. Age and event appropriate, some effort put in, cute natural hair.

  12. Emily Houlis

    For the 2nd outfit: hem the skirt at the knee, throw on a statement necklace and she’d be fine. (That is also how I style my own pleated skirt, but it works.)

  13.  HelenBackAgain

    Nothing’s quite right… that bunchy zipper on such a pretty dress, then the black-and-white skirt (which I love) is just the wrong length (I’d hem it up a few inches), then the hair looks like she slept on it, woke up, and just went like that.

    These looks are close to being great. They’re great-adjacent. I want really great for her!

  14. lakin

    Mia often chooses outfits that are plain or aging or just outright frumpy. This is an improvement, no matter what. She is an excellent actress and I also remember her from In Treatment. So I will nod and look ahead positively to what is to come. This is a step in the right direction.

  15. Donna

    I think I’d give the dress a v-neck instead of that round neck, or make the top black instead of white. Throw on a good necklace, and bring the hem up 2 – 4 inches. She’s very pretty, and her hair is amazingly shiny!

    • Jeanette

      Yes the round neck reminds me of a tshirt. Change it to a v neck or sweetheart necline and it would be instantly improved. A colorful necklace and bracelets would help a great deal also!

  16. Claire

    NAB. I’m sad she couldn’t have the black dress tailored. It hurt my feelings that her people couldn’t have her looking fabulous. Surely she deserves it. She looks naturally pretty!

  17. michelle

    I think if she would have done some bolder eye and lip with the second dress, along with the aforementioned pedi, it would have gone a long way to make it better. Not sure the hair styling, while okay on its own, goes with what that dress is trying to “say”.

  18. Tess 

    The second dress makes me uneasy in three ways:
    1. As if the ground is shaking, or I myself am falling down.
    2. As if she is an Exquisite Corpse book come to life, with very mismatched top & bottom halves.
    3. As if a shadowy woman is lurking in that dress, waiting to pounce…

  19. Sajorina

    LOVE them both! The 1st dress is BEAUTIFUL and fits her nicely! She looks great! And I kind of love that she’s dating Jesse because I ♥ him! J’ADORE the 2nd outfit! I love the top and the skirt is like a piece of art! The shoes are cute too! I wish she had nailpolish on and more jewelry, but this is a Well Played for me, especially compared to the pics on the link!

  20. CopyChic

    Sad governess is right. Her black and white dress looks like something Julie Andrews might have crafted, if caught in a pinch with only a shower curtain and bath mat at her disposal.

  21. Esme

    I guess I’m weird, but I like the second look much better than the first, even with that length.

  22. Deb

    I think in the slideshow from People it is not horrible pants, but a horrible, horrible, truly awful jumpsuit. The pants have the same pattern that the top in the first slide has, and so it iseither a jumpsuit or matching top and pants/trousers… My brain is sad for that outfit.

  23. chastity fudge

    I walked past her and Jesse Eisenberg on the street in Toronto a while back, and they are the wispiest people I have ever seen. All I can say is, the camera seems to love her. She is very mousy in real life.

    • Notfanbuneitherhater

      Wow! She is 23 and Eisenberg 29! I thought it was the other way round. Terrible pics, both are nothing without make up. Perfect for each other, as their “Singles”/ the 90′s are back” hideous matchy outfits predict, I only hope next time they shower.
      Wasikow outfits in Venice do no favor to her, she should try color!

  24. Deveny

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