Well Played, Olympians

Dear Vogue,

I complain about you all the time. But shirtless Ryan Lochte really makes up for a lot.

Thanks for once,


PS: Hope Solo and Serena Williams look nice too, even if pictures of people running are always a little awkward.  I’d say more but I keep getting really, really distracted. Oh, Olympics. You can’t be here soon enough.

[Photo: Vogue]

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  1. fiatluxury

    sudden urge to buy a shirred gold one-piece. oh, and also be a beautiful amazon with some hot mancandy on my arm.

  2. Lina

    Serena should wear clothes with that shape of bodice ALL THE TIME. Also, yay Vogue for putting a person of color on the cover. It’s all too rare a thing.

    • Christian

      Here here. Also, Hope Solo deserves a gold medal for having the best name ever.

    • ninaveneno

      Yeah, too bad it had to be in the context of an oh-so-common stereotype (that african-americans are good at sports). Let’s see if this leads to a little more diversity in future covers.

  3. amys

    I didn’t realize just how much I am feverishly looking forward to the Olympics. Thank you, Vogue!

    • kelsey

      SERIOUSLY. I loooove the Olympics!

      • Julie

        Seriously? Have you seen the weather over here? I can’t wait until it is all over. The trains will be worse than ever and my poor boyfriend is not even allowed to work from home (yet).

  4. Willow

    But have you seen the photos inside? They’re so very terrible and strange, but the cover is brilliant.

  5. Cat

    Agreed! Is it July yet? I could stare at this cover for hours. Actually, I have this at home so that’s basically what I do anyway.

  6. Megan

    That picture is AWESOME. But, uh, are we not talking about Michael Phelps anymore? (And I don’t mean “we” as in on GFY, but around the country).

    • Maretha2

      The New York Times just did a piece on this very question — and the answer is basically “no.” Michael Phelps is still a big deal (especially since he could break the record for most medals ever by a Summer Games athlete) but Ryan Lochte is THE BIG DEAL, especially for advertisers.

  7. Eli

    Hope Solo and Serena Williams are in that picture? Where? All I see is Ryan, Ryan’s abs, Ryan’s biceps, et al.

  8. vandalfan

    The photos inside are odd juxtapositions of giraffe-like models towering over handsome little fire plug, brick scheiss-house, gentlemen athletes.

  9. Shiitake

    Gorgeous olympians.

  10. Ms. Chanandler Bong

    No gymnast? That’s crazy.

  11. cc

    I think this is a little sad…these people are talented uber-athletes, but presenting them this way seems to just put them on par with every other Vogue model, ie, valued for how they LOOK, not what their accomplishments are. Unless being young and good-looking has now become an accomplishment.

    • Elizabeth

      I disagree – I was excited to see such accomplished people on the cover of Vogue! Would it be better if Vogue only featured people known for being young and good-looking (i.e., models)? I think this is a step in the right direction.

      • Jessica

        It is also the SUMMER Olympics, so it doesn’t seem weird to me to put them on the cover in their swimsuits, honestly. FOR ONCE.

    • Jenny

      Vogue has been doing their Olympic themed issues for the past few Olympics. This first time I recall them putting only athletes on the cover. I think it’s fantastic! . They are beautiful because they are strong and fit! Even in past issues Vogue has always done a spectacular job in using athletes as models.

  12. jlf5

    There are women on the cover? Oh! There are! Silly me. Ryan had me at the t-shirt he wore around at a meet that had Barney Rubble on it which said “I’ll make your Bedrock.” And, yes, some of us are still talking about Michael Phelps, despite the fact that he isn’t going for 8 golds this time…. And while we are discussing the US Men’s Swim Team – Let’s not forget Ricky Berens who made “wardrobe malfunction” a positive thing. Hurry up July!

    PS – In my next life, I want to look just like Hope Solo……

    Have I over-shared?

  13. AmandaD

    http://www.vogue.com/magazine/article/male-olympic-athletes-with-karlie-kloss-country-strong/#/magazine-gallery/country-strong/8 The expression on the middle Bryan’s face is priceless. I too would wonder why a woman in a popcorn foil dress suddenly appeared in my locker room. (also what’s with the pharaoh towel stylings of the other brother?)

  14. TonyG

    Serena looks great here. I must say, though I am gay, my eyes went to her. Her legs looks way more powerful than Ryan Lochte’s. What a figure she has!

  15. Al

    I’ve read that Ryan Lochte wants to be a fashion designer. Mayhaps an internship with GoFugYourself can help him on his way. Move over, Intern George!

  16. TonyG
  17. Dina

    I’d say the Bryan’s look confused in that photo…except “confused” is their resting expression.

  18. Jules

    Sigh, Ryan Lochte – that’s all.
    Can’t believe he is still around. I remember he swam in the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

  19. sarrible

    Glamour has shirtless Ryan Lochte PLUS shirtless Cullen Jones, Nathan Adrian and Brendan Hansen. JACKPOT.

  20. Andrew S.

    I miss Ryan’s longer hair but am VERY glad he’s dropped his ‘Ghetto Fab’ motif.

  21. Robin

    Ryan Lochte makes anything better, shirtless, clothed, whatever. Really looking forward to Olympic Trials in less than 2 weeks!

  22. Dixie

    Can you say “photoshop”? Where did Serena’s hips go?

  23. Jules

    Yes love me a bit of Ryan, but being an Aussie, can I just say I think James Magnussen is going to knock them all out of the water. And he ain’t bad on the eye either.

  24. Alanna

    Wow Ryan! As a Canadian, I’ve never tracked him but I may start. My first (ok, second) thought was how much he looks like Seth Meyers. Check out their Wikipedia pages: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seth_Meyers and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Lochte

  25. Algae

    Can someone explain what’s going on in this picture – I think she’s laying on her stomach, but it really just looks like she’s got a broken neck.


  26. amys

    Both of the women seem to have had their waists Photoshopped. I wish Vogue could celebrate their real-life gorgeousness. Sheesh.

    • Other Emily

      Right? They’re freakin’ Olympic athletes, they don’t need photoshop. at all. Ever.

      Lochte is hot, I can’t argue, but the cover photo makes his head look small on his giant body.

  27. Moya

    Nice photoshopping… Anyone who has watched tennis lately is having their eyes checked. Wow.

  28. jhops

    But Jessica — Steven Meisel has been taking that picture for at least 20 years now. You can’t expect him to quit cold turkey.

  29. May Wendy

    These girls are sexy. I saw many pretty and charming women on agelover./c`o`m. If you take a search, you may get a big surprise.

  30. jean

    It never occurred to me that they would need to photoshop an Olympian athlete! Ug. Sometimes I do wish there was a regulation that stated in small print on the cover that it had been photoshopped or altered. And then photographers could compete to see who could do the best work without photoshopping. I know, I know–the horse is out of the barn. Editors will not give up their magical tools. It still makes me mad a bit. That said, those are very pretty suits on them and they look proud and happy, not empty-eyed and starved. And look! Smiles.