Well Played, Olivia Munn


So, I must be honest: Olivia Munn has never done that much for me, in terms of her on-screen persona(e). But I have to give it to her: She’s not even close to the worst thing about The Newsroom — in fact, she is acquitting herself very well; the inconsistent writing isn’t her fault — and between getting cast in Aaron Sorkin’s return to TV and nabbing a role inĀ Magic Mike, she’s got an excellent nose for putting herself in buzzy projects. There’s probably very little danger of anyone still griping, “Who is she and why is she getting invited to things?” Which is probably always a relief when half your job involves showing up on the red carpet. So bravo, Olivia, for moving the needle, as it were.

And she’s getting better at this red carpet thing. The makeup is fresh and clean, the ponytail is tidy, the dress is bright and adorable… destroy the shoes and replace them with something that looks less like an orthopedic pump, and the needle might even flick up to eleven. Who knew?

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  1. Stefanie

    Olivia is growing on me. She was on Conan (telling a story about how she sent him Thank you for having her on the show the last time she was on) and I found my self laughing with her instead of rolling my eyes telling my husband how much I hate her. I guess a Thank You card is the way into my heart.

  2. ellenderavenous

    I just can’t with her. Her growing success feels like a personal affront to me, which… y’know, is kinda weird.

  3. Kara

    i have no opinion about her except that she’s not that great an actress (but the same could be said of many people who regularly appear in movies), but the dress is cute. Ugly shoes, though.

  4. Rebecca

    Ugh, it bothers me that she looks totally cute here because I, too, cannot stand her. I’m a huge sucker for that shade of pink, though. Must be from my love of Barbie when I was younger, or something.

  5. Ms. A.

    That dress is so cute. I want to own it!
    I agree that some cuter shoes are needed though.

  6. Melly

    I think she’s almost the worst thing about the Newsroom, but the list of bad things is long. I don’t blame her as much as the directing of her. Anyway, she has a great face and this is a nice dress.

    • Carolyn

      The scene with Dev Patel where she pushed him against the wall made me wince. She is not a good actress. Compare her to Alison Pill who is charming and likeable despite the unnecessary goofiness of her character.

  7. Melly

    But the dress is about as half size too little for her.

  8. menderz

    I guess I’m in the minority because I like Newsroom. But it may be that the bar isn’t set very high, since my other options include Stars Earn Stripes…..

    • Amber

      You’re not alone-I like The Newsroom, too!

      • mary lou bethune

        Me, too… it’s silly but it is my kind of silly. Although I think it was stupid for Sloane to allow Neal to post the slut accusations about her as a ploy. But I like her character and in fact I like all the characters.. Mac ‘s hissy fit was hilarious and believable.

  9. tarasaurusrex

    Even though I kind of knew she was in Magic Mike and is in The Newsroom I’m still one of those people that asks “who is she? why is she being invited places?”

    One of my coworkers rattled off an abridged version of her resume and I was still like “OKAY SO???”

    Basically though aside from that she’s cute here, I just wish the dress was a hair larger.

  10. Jules

    Agreed, that dress does not fit.

  11. Amber

    She’s kind of growing on me. I saw her on Kelly Ripa’s show and I thought she was actually sort of charming. Her acting, though, is sort of robotic.
    She looks cute here–she’s very pretty and I like the dress. The shoes are horrible.

  12. Fat Desdemona

    I have some sort of mental block on her. She’s so nondescript, so I inevitably blend her into Olivia Wilde, whom I also don’t care too much for. I don’t know. I didn’t like her in Magic Mike, but that was probably because she wasn’t a dancing man in sparse clothing.

  13. Elle

    The dress is ordinary at best and the shoes were consstructed by smithies in the set of bonanza. As for you, Fug Girls, don’t even pretend you are still going to your Twleve Step meetings.

  14. Kat

    I think I probably tried that dress on at Limited Too in 1997 (yes, I was 12 in 1998). Love that shade of pink, but the dress itself is just not doing it for me.

  15. vandalfan

    Didn’t like her in Magic Mike. The dress here is fine, cute fabric, but she needs to wear her hair down, and wear strappy black sandals, and even a thin black belt.

  16. Helen

    Totally agree, but for the shoes, she looks great. Love the bold color, and it suits her, too! This is also an absolutely beautiful fit.

    I’d heard she was a terrible actress, but before I dropped The Newsroom, she’d pleasantly surprised me by being rather good, and with Sorkin’s trademarkably difficult dialogue, at that. So I’m all the more glad that she’s doing so well and looking so great! Ms. Munn, you’ve earned this spotlight. Brava!

  17. Sajorina

    I like the dress, but I would love it if it was longer! And, if she was wearing strappy heels with it, it would look a lot better! Her face is absolutely beautiful, though! 1/2 FAB!

  18. Sarai

    She is GORGEOUS. And talented. She tweets really goofy things, so who knows how smart she is in real life. But she’s got great comedic timing. And, again, gorgeous.

    I love this look. Seems like you guys are showing some pretty / nice / attractive looks here lately — more so than we’re seeing in the new stack of fall magazines coming out right now. (Yikes… and, ha! http://imissyouwheniblink.com/2012/08/21/truth-in-advertising-10-lessons-of-fall/)

  19. mochaleet

    The dress evokes Spencer’s gift wrap, circa 1986.

  20. Corriner

    She really isn’t the most terrible thing about The Newsroom… I always find myself rooting for her character. ‘They should be reporting about raising the debt ceiling! You go Sloane!’ (and then I get mad all over again at how ridiculous The Newsroom is..)

  21. Improbable Joe

    I really need her to do something not-straight with her hair. Need, like I would give her $12 towards a curling thingy.

  22. Jax

    I actually strongly dislike the dress, but the shoes are not doing it any favors. Am I the only one who thinks that dress belongs on a 12 year old?