Well Played, Nicole Kidman with Bonus Well Played Cover


I was going to put this up to a vote, and then I was all, “Jessica, pull yourself together. She looks great. What are you complaining about? You’re not madly in love with her shoes, and she might NAB (Need A Bracelet, for the uninitiated)? GET A GRIP.”

Feel free to disagree, obviously — always feel free to disagree! — but I’m going to give this one to her. Even if I feel like she needs something that I haven’t put my finger on yet. Something contrasting? A belt? A giant festive sombrero? One giant Bedazzled spat? A bionic hand? Something.

In other news, she’s on the cover of German Vogue this month, and unlike American Vogue, which has a habit of making her look like she’s just stuck a fork in a light socket, she looks AMAZ:

I don’t know how to say “good job” in German, but however you say it, this is it.

[Photo: WENN]


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  1. qwertygirl

    NAB. But a bright clutch or small shoulder bag wouldn’t go amiss. Maybe even a pashmina (since I don’t know her location, that might or might not work–if it’s 110 degrees in the shade, obviously that wouldn’t be the right thing. Plus it’s not really her style). I’m not suggesting all of those things–just one of them.

    • LIa

      Nicole has obviously styled herself and this is the result. It is all wrong.

  2.  ErinG

    I really like the Vogue cover, but is it just me or does the photo look very much like naomi watts?

    Do they look that similar and I’ve just never noticed it before?

    • googler

      I guess they do look alike! The photo is very much Nicole Kidman AND Naomi Watts.

    • x

      In reality, the “well played” award should go to the lighting, makeup and the photoshop crew for creating the above vogue image. An extra “we’ll played” to the doctor who regularly maintains Kidman’s Botox and filler injection regime.

  3. Kate

    I don’t think this length is doing anything for her. I like the shoes, but not with this.

  4. Rowynn

    Her toes are just barely in those shoes, which looks way uncomfortable, and not flattering, either. The dress is a pretty color but I’d shorten it a couple of inches. And yes, a bracelet would have been good.

    • Bottle Ginger

      I’d love the shoes if they WERE actually shoes, those are more like toe-caps with heels.

      Now seriously, how do celebrities deal with shoes like that, the kind that sort of work their way off your feet? I mean, I’ve sent any number of cute shoes to the thrift store because my little toe would creep out. How to stop that – do these women superglue their shoes on, or superglue their toes together?

      • Janice

        There are some women, like my friend Robbyn, who have long, prehensile toes. In other words, their little toes are not so little.

        Those are the only kind of people one can picture keeping shoes like this on their feet.

  5. Krista

    The shoes? They look so uncomfortable, like her big toes are trying to escape. Just….no.

    Otherwise, she looks fab, and that’s saying something for me, since I’m not a fan.

  6. Lils

    I think the dress is beautiful, but the styling is off. All the white and pastel is too Easter Sunday. I think darker accessories, like black strappy sandals and earrings, would be edgier.

  7. Sandra

    Speaking of Aussies in magazines, here’s Hugh Jackman in Australian GQ. http://www.gq.com.au/life/people/hugh+jackman,26160,/a>

    I’d like to trim the hem of that dress by a couple of inches, but that color is craymazing on her!

  8. Tracey

    It’s all just a titch off… NAB, obviously, but the shoes look uncomfortably and unmanageable, the colour is just a bit too pale for her complexion and the length is just a bit undecided. I noticed this length seems to be trendy lately, and it’s REALLY hard to do right. Oh, and speaking of colour, can her hair just be a wee bit darker/redder? See what I mean? Almost… just not quite a pass.

    • leeapeea

      It’s her hair. She doesn’t need a bracelet or a belt or a different neckline- she needs her darker hair back. Her hair here is like nude shoes, but it’s on her head. snooze.

  9. Jen

    Well, I think the cover photo answers the question — she needs a big fabulous hat.

    • Lenny

      Yes. What they needed to do is photoshop her image like the vogue cover and then she will look much better.

  10. Amanda In Austin

    Definitely NAB, and needs to be hemmed at the knee. I just cannot with skirts and dresses that hit right below the knee. It’s such an awkward length. Even on tall, gorgeous women like Nicole.

  11. Deborah Stultz

    Gute Arbeit? I think….

    • Orange Clouds

      Gut gemacht!

    • Em

      Always happy to help out with any queries about German phrases (there are fug lovers in Germany too!), so: Gut gemacht! Gute Arbeit works too. ; )

  12. Barbara

    It looks like her shoes are on the wrong feet.

  13. Bebe

    She looks lovely, but staid – I think she needs to show more skin. A plunging V neck would be nice, I think.

  14.  lor

    Shorten the dress a few inches and loosen the hair from the current school marm style – then it would be fabulous!

  15. Annie E

    Hair down, pink bracelet and shoes to match the earrings.

  16. Rachael

    Does she look vaguely like Naomi Watts on the cover photo, or is it me? I mean, she looks fab, definitely, but also slightly Watts-ish.

  17. Donna

    That cover, everything about it, is fantastic!

  18. Heather

    I agree with the consensus that the shoes are screwing this up. White shoes need to be deployed carefully, and that design is not helping. It’s all very distracting.

  19. Bella

    Up close, that’s really a beautiful dress. Just ditch those awful shoes. Her earrings are a gorgeous color – maybe a belt to match?

  20. Mirely

    Gut gemacht!

  21. Lucasta

    Shoes and length and maybe the way she is standing are kind of conspiring to make her legs look like they are carved out of wood, to me. Looks great from the knees up though! And that cover photo is GORGEOUS.

  22. Jenny V

    New shoes and NAB, obviously. But I think what’s really missing is her old fabulously curly, gloriously red hair. I miss that hair so much.

  23.  jen

    I want this with a poppy colored shoe and a fab bracelet.

  24. Robyn V

    At first glance I thought that car tail light behind her was a vibrant red handbag, and I thought it was an awesome touch. I was disappointed to scroll down to discover my mistake; also the shoes are icky in that color.

  25. Esmerelda

    I agree with all the comments about the shoes. They are not good. I agree she needs a bracelet. I’d also accept a giant cocktail ring if she has something against bracelets. But what she’s really missing, and has been for a while, is RED HAIR. This current shade is a drastic improvement compared to the icy blonde she was rocking for a while, but I want this color back http://famous-wallpapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Nicole-Kidman12.jpg

  26. Goldfish

    Cover? Art!

    First slide, though? Why do her friends, husband, or complete strangers not tell her that that hem length is stumpifying her?

    Oh, well, I guess WE are those complete strangers. Nicole, beautiful icon of our times, hemming needs to occur. Hemming needs to occur with extreme prejudice.

  27. Hank

    the length is awkward

  28. ceecee

    She needs an accessory. I understand giant furry arm covers are in this season.

  29. LB

    A little hemming and ditching the uncomfortable looking shoes would be a start. I could see a skinny belt maybe too. And of course the bracelet. I never leave home without one!

    I think there should be an uprising against shoes that kill your feet. I’m super tall so I hardly ever wear them anyway but I feel bad for all of those feet out there suffering.

  30.  ohsohappy

    The coif is exceptionally dowdy. She needs to watch the middle part…it elongates her already high forehead. The right bangs would be exquisite on her.

  31. annie

    She always looks so uncomfortable to me, very stiff and self conscious. I like her a lot and think she’s probably very sweet and amusing in person but she always makes me uncomfortable because she looks so uncomfortable.

  32. OH

    Why does she always stand like a school marm?

    She’s so pale that I want the dress the be a richer, bolder colour. Shapphire maybe, or a purple periwinkle. Either that, or she needs the Moulin Rouge red back for this dress.

  33. CD

    She has been hitting it out of the park lately and she looks great in the lavender dress. Though I would have liked to see a pop of color in the form of a skinny belt – maybe a snazzy red or citron.

  34. googler

    I think what’s “slightly off” or “missing something” here is that it’s missing drama. She pulls off dramatic looks SO WELL (I guess it helps when you’re about 6 feet tall and gorgeous). This dress is pretty, but it’s just pretty. The shoes I will ignore.

  35. Vandalfan

    That 2006 throwback makes me glad I did NOT subscribe to Vogue at that time.

  36. Deborah

    No shoe should ever stop at the juncture of the big toe so that the bunions can be seen…whether or not you have bunions, these shoes give them. The dress is pretty, but requires a smack of color accessories.

  37. Bambi Anne Dear

    That hat gives the pic a 60s look for me and I think she looks like Ann-Margaret.

  38. HelenBackAgain

    The outfit’s fine. The cover’s fine.

    Neither has any… pizzazz.

  39. Sajorina

    I like the 1st pic… The dress and earrings are FAB! And Danke, German Vogue! So simple, yet dramatically beautiful! I’d frame that cover and hang it in my salon!

  40. Trace

    I watched Moulin Rouge last week and wanted to cry at what Nicole has done to herself since. The dark red hair and pre-Botox/pre-lipjob Nicole was so gorgeous. I know the film is 10 years old but still!!

    • HelenBackAgain

      She was pretty heavily Botoxed even then. I think that was all she’d done at that point though.

  41. Lisa Creger

    Different neckline

  42. Susan

    I HATE sequins all over a dress that is not supposed to be super formal. It seems grandmotherly and churchish. This dress would have been awesome if it had been just a plain, modern, daytime appropriate fabric with structure, and yes, above the knee. I also think it’s weird how her calves seem turned out even when her toes do not really, although obviously she can’t help that. I actually don’t mind the shoes.

  43. Heather G

    On the cover she’s reminding me of Princess Diana. That is my gut reaction. On further reflection, I can see Naomi Watts too. So, I guess my subconscious thinks NW was well-cast for the Diana biopic.

  44. Janice

    All she needs is pearls, or a tiara, and white gloves, and she’s Jackie in 1961.

    Although Jackie would have it hemmed at least three inches higher, or let down to the ground. As it is, it looks all loose and flappy.

  45. Donna

    I think Nicole looks best with red hair. Blonde hair washes her out.

  46. katie starfish

    About the original photo: her skin is so pale that she looks like she’s wearing white nylons on her legs and arms/hands. Truly. I adore the colour and style of the dress, though, and she looks great.

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