Well Played, Naomi Watts (And Other Lip-Related Musings)


I am digging the slouchy-sexy drop-waisted look here.

It helps that she’s narrow as a finger. Anyone with real hips who tried to wear that would probably look like the fanciest pear in the fruit bowl, but on her body, it’s giving off a really relaxed-glam vibe complemented by great hair, perfectly bold lipstick, and some killer gams. Okay, so it’s not inspiring me to quit sandwiches — not when I had such a glorious day with them yesterday, on National Sandwich Day — but I do kind of want to go do some lunges now, and that can’t be all bad.

Speaking of the lipstick, whoever is shilling the purply pink color is working overtime. Check it:


Alison Eastwood here wore a similar hue — although in close-up she kind of looks like she just drank three bottles of shiraz and is now very cold. And even Ed Westwick got in on the action.

Okay, no. But seriously, his lips do look a touch rouged, no? Is Chuck Bass having an easy, breezy, beautiful moment?

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Comments (36):

  1. PeggyO

    Naomi looks fabulous here. She’s a very casual kind of beauty, and it can be so easy for her to go off the rails. She should have Calvin Klein on speed dial and keep whoever’s doing her hair and makeup lately!

  2. Amber

    “Fanciest pear in the fruit bowl”–Awesome. Thanks, Heather, for the LOL moment.

  3. Geemee

    I was TOTALLY thinking, “man, I want that dress but it would get to my hips and STOP.” You have to be seriously narrow of hip to carry that off as effortlessly as Naomi. She does look fab. Also: nice cleav, Alison. Also, also: Chuck looks like he was necking with a starlet in the back of the limo on the way over.

  4. Stefanie

    Naomi looks fab. Love the whole thing.

    That Chuck dude has the lips of someone who was engaging them in some serious work in the limo on the way there. (FYI-”Work” can mean whatever you want it to.)

  5. that girl

    I would feel more comfortable with this if the trim along the neckline wasn’t sheer.

  6. vandalfan

    She likes her gaping necklines, doesn’t she? This is slit so low it just makes the gown look too big, and it would have been just as stylish if the front closed about two inches higher up. I do not want to see her sternum.

  7. amhp

    Shame about Naomi’s necklace though. It hits her cleavage in a strange way and messes up the clean lines and simplicity of the neckline.

  8. Eva

    Everything about her here looks awesome: dress, makeup, hair… I think she’s really pulling off that extremely low neckline (she should have a talk with J. Aniston on how to do it)

  9. Carol Hackler

    Naomi kills it in that dress! I would love to know what brand that lipstick is. Ed just looks like all sorts of wrong in that photo. Seriously, is he wearing lipstick? My definition of a man does not include lipstick, glossy “chap stick” or anything of that lip color care nature.

  10. Michelle

    Ed Westwick makes zero sense to me. He always looks like he’s been sucking on a lemon – or that Zoolander is his role model.

    Naomi is perfection in that dress!

  11. Amanda

    She looks good, but is that dress more see-through than is strictly necessary? Am I seeing things, or is she wearing red thong or string bikini undies?

    • Sandra

      …and now I can’t unsee it. I think you’re right.

      Also agree with Vandalfan that this is too low. The “neckline” of this dress is a heckuva lot closer to her waist than it is her collar-bone. She doesn’t need to go all turtleneck, but showing under-boob means IT. IS. TOO. LOW!!

  12. Alle Malice

    I’m less concerned about the lipstick and more about the excess bronzer. Did Chuck Bass hire Zac Efron’s former makeup artist? Not saying that dudes aren’t Worth It as much as we ladies, but if you’re going to do it, does one have to be so…orange?

  13. Lynne

    Gorgeous! I am jealous of pretty much everything going on for Naomi. Seriously.

  14. junior

    I love the whole Naomi package, but I would have loved it if the dress was nipped in the waist just a touch so it doesn’t look like a glittery bag. I would have literally just followed behind her with a clip just all “Ms. Watts, I just need to clip the… the dress… oh, hi there, Mr. Schreiber.”

  15. Dee

    I just don’t LOVE it. She looks nice enough -but the dress has two slits which seems a bit much and leaves you with this off piece between your legs. It would prefer a tiny amount of shape in the waist and a little less sheer overall. The extra sheer band at the top must have been working the fashion tape overtime on this one.

  16. Dee

    Heck -are we seeing some pasties?

  17. Aria

    Love Naomi, she looks great! Is it just me, or does Alison Eastwood look like a younger Melanie Griffith here? I mean that in a good way, like before Melanie had duck face.

  18. lisas

    Ed Westwick is the king of the trouty duck pout face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not doing that with his lips. He’s like a dude Keira Knightley.

  19. AM

    I like the lip color on Allison and Naomi. Brand and shade anyone? I love Naomi’s dress, but do think it could be a tad higher in the neckline. Then she would be classy Grace Kelly perfectioninstead of an actress in low-cut dress,

  20. Evalyn

    Naomi looks great, I really like the dress. However, the necklace could be better. This one looks like she dropped her monocle. Everyone knows this dress demands a lorgnette.

  21. Blanche

    Naomi Watts knocks it outta the park. The crowd goes wild.

    This is probably the best-ever ad for either boob jobs or boob wranglers, cause I know she’s had kids and she’s over 19, so that (the roundness, the height) is not physically possible in nature. Oh well. Love dropped waists!

  22. Big Noise

    It’s a beautiful dress, but it’s one good stiff breeze away from Ladybit City.

  23. pidget

    Naomi looks great when she’s pretending to be a mermaid!
    Quibbles: underwear, tarzan panel at the front, but really, she looks beautifully shimmery and relaxed. I bet her heavy necklace helps weigh down the front of the dress, so it doesn’t gape away from the body.

  24. Girlnone

    I’ve just had an epiphany: I MUST see Ed Westwick in a biopic of Beau Brummell. Anyone else with me?

  25. anny

    It would look better with a slightly more opaque lining. The front panel wouldn’t be so obvious (as is, even if I’m not actually seeing panties – I think I might be), and neither would the petals.

  26. Lina

    Oh, Naomi should ALWAYS wear this. She looks perfect! Meanwhile, EW is wearing more makeup in that shot than I’ve worn in the last ten years combined. Wow.

  27. Rebecca

    So, I don’t love this look, but I think it’s because I saw other photos before this where the whole think looked a) like a baggy mess and b) like Boobs McLeggsly, The Later Years. Her face looks awesome though…

  28. Sajorina

    THAT is the best Naomi has looked in a long time! Everything works… Hair is beautiful, makeup is flawless, dress is GORGEOUS, jewelry is pretty and body is banging! Just add Liev and we have perfection!!!

  29. lookingglass

    Naomi has practice rocking the dropped waist wardrobe. I still think wistfully of her dresses from The Painted Veil. Wistful because that movie was so boring and Edward Norton played such a judgmental jerk that alas, I can’t ever bring myself to watch it again so the pretty lives on only in my memories (and in google image search).

  30. Rachel

    “Is Chuck Bass having an easy, breezy, beautiful moment?” That wouldn’t suprise me. I love that dress!

  31. Laucie

    Lovely, unaffectedly glamorous, and big bonus points for posing like a natural, human woman.

  32. Emma

    Love Naomi Watts, and I’m buying some plummy lip color. Time we stopped wearing nude gloss all the time!